Apple Byte: Is Apple making its own television?
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Apple Byte: Is Apple making its own television?

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We'll find out if Apple is getting ready to launch its own branded TV. Final Cut Pro X is out, and people aren't happy about it. Plus, New Mac Pros and Mac Minis are coming in August.

What's cracking, Brian Tong here and welcome to the Apple Byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. Let's get things started with new rumors that Apple will finally be bringing their own branded television set to consumers by the end of the year. Now, Daily Tech is reporting that a former Apple executive, since Apple plans to blow Netflix and others away by binding Apple TV and iTunes inside physical TV sets that would be manufactured by someone like Samsung and re-branded as an Apple product. The said a full launch with a target, but it could be pushed to next year. The question for all of you is you need or won an Apple branded TV. If you already own an Apple TV that does Netflix and streams you iTunes probably not plus a new feature on iOS 5 will allow you to send wirelessly send content from your iPad to your TV as well. Now, finally, Apple also just showed up a fun application from the Cupertino kids for a live widget system that could display content on the fly over programming you watched. For example, we could vote for our favorite singer on American Idol or not or trivia and other information could be displayed and constantly changing while watching the sports game. Oh, ridiculous. Now the fun application also proposes that an Apple TV box would be used with traditional TV providers to access stations and the system could connect to services like iTunes and YouTube. Now, all of this is exciting, but right now it's still rumors and speculation, but the new details in fun applications point to something real coming together. Now, we wanna know what you guys think about this. So, send us your e-mail to the Apple Byte at, and we'll throw them up next week, but the Apple TV rumor is not to be outdone by this report during the week from [unk] report that claims from their own sources that the iPhone 5 will a major update after all. They report the next gen iPhone will support a new radical case design, maybe something like this DigiTimes report that a dual LED flash is coming according to part suppliers and Boy Genius also says, Apple may hold a special announcement in the beginning or middle of August with the availability to follow in the last week of August. Now, we'll see about that, but it might conflict with the exclusive intel I've received from own sources that tell me a desktop refresh for the next gen Mac Pros and Mac Minis will happen on the last week of July or the first week of August with my source leaning towards August. Now, the new desktop line will come preloaded with Mac OS X line and feature Thunderbolt and Sandy Bridge processors. These are the same sources we write on the money with our iMac launch date. So, I'm sticking with them, but bottom line, do not buy these products and wait until August. Alright, let's take a break and get to a couple of your e-mails. Armour82 writes in with Ubee. Yo, what are the odds the MacBook Air will be black in color. Now, looks like slim to none, at least this time around after a black MacBook Air rumor kind of set the internet on fire. According to Mac rumors, a reader who claims to be an Apple employee told them that Apple tried to powder coat the MacBook Airs in black as a test run, but it soaked up too many body oils and Jobs killed the idea because, come on, it made the computer look like crap. So, it looks like we won't be seeing them any time soon, but personally, I don't have a problem with body oils. Oh, yeah. Now, this one comes from welsh dog, hey skunk kid, the next time you do lunch with Jobs, ask him what hell did to Final Cut Pro. Now, you're not alone here and the message words and forms have been anything but stellar for the hardcore final clip crowd. Apple's latest release is changing directions with FCPX. People have described it as iMovie pro. There's no multi cam editing support at the moment and users are even complaining about incompatibility with earlier Final Cut project files. Apple told users they will be releasing updates to some of these issues, but why even roll this out when they had to know users would be unhappy with FCPX in its current form. They didn't have to do this and we thrown out the bad apple to apple for this one especially after there was a lot of genuine excitement for the product. The current app store review 2-1/2 stars. Now, Final Cut Pro is 299. You can only download it from the Mac App Store and Motion 5 and Compressor 4 are $49.99 as ell. In other new products, Apple ruled out quietly this past week where new Time Capsules increasing it stores to 2 terabyte and 3 terabyte options starting at 299, and the new AirPort Extreme with very little difference from the previous version that we can tell is available for 179. Alright to he quick bytes people, if you're curious how people are using the iPad compared to other competitors on the market right now a study [unk] says, in the US, the iPad represents 97% of all tablet traffic And 89% across all markets that means a lot. Now, T-Mobile spokesperson told 95 Mac that the carrier potentially soon to be merged with AT&T is home to over a million iPhones even though they don't even sell them here in the US. Now, some people are using unlocked phones while others are trimming their SIM cards by hand micro SIM card slot, and the summer season is here, make sure you guys get your bikini line waxed guys in gals, but the Adventure House marketing firm is promoting their iTowel with some of the summers hottest apps like iCod, Inner Tube, and Need for Speedo. Not sure I need that, but you can like them on Facebook or tweet them to get a chance on towel or maybe I'll do something with my life and contact them directly and to try and get one for you the Apple vibes. Alright, that's gonna do for this week's show. Send me your e-mail to the Apple Byte at ask, ask away. I'm Brian Tong, thanks for watching and I will see you guys next week for another Byte of the Apple -Okay now, check this out another tip to keep a girl after you find your dream girl, smile at her once in a while. -Yes, yes. -You mean the world is her. -I point and love girls all the time man. -I make every girls day everyday. 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