CNET Update: Is a new Facebook-centric phone coming?
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CNET Update: Is a new Facebook-centric phone coming?

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Facebook just might announce a phone tailored for social-network addicts, Path is launching a subscription service, and the Ouya console leads a new era of gaming.

-Get ready for another take on the Facebook Phone. I'm Bridget Carey and this is your CNET Update. Facebook may soon announce it's working with HTC to create a phone with a modified version of Android that has built-in Facebook features. Facebook invited press to an announcement on Thursday, April 4th, and it has something to do with Facebook's new home on Android. We're expecting to see a phone with software that has more integration with Facebook apps like Messenger or it has more options to share things to Facebook. Back in 2011, HTC unveiled 2 Facebook phones that had a dedicated blue button for quick access to Facebook. They were called the HTC ChaCha and the HTC Salsa, but both phones were a total flop. Path, a social network more private than Facebook is working on a subscription service to launch sometime in the 2nd quarter. Path is an app that's marketed to be the social network for only your closest friends and family. It encourages you more than you normally would on Facebook such as constant updates about your location. Path is following the footsteps of apps like Evernote and Spotify to create a premium paid product alongside the free version. But when I spoke to Path founder, Dave Morin, he wouldn't reveal what users would be paying for. Path started taking payment a while ago with photo filters that cost a buck. In the recent update, the app added cartoon character stickers to be used in private messages and it costs $2 for a pack of those stickers. Morin said, the app made more money in character stickers in the first week than it did with photo filters in the past year. Amazon is buying the book of recommendation network, Goodreads. Soon the network that discusses books will be able to buy the books they talk about and it's another way for authors to find new readers. You might even see Goodreads woven into the Kindle eReader. A change in Microsoft's Windows 8 screen resolution requirements gives us a clue that we could soon see 7-inch mini tablets running Windows 8. The 7-inch tablet market was huge during the holidays last year with the iPad Mini, Google Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire. We're keeping an eye on Ouya, the new Android-based game console. The cube-shaped Ouya costs $99 and includes 1 controller. All the games are downloaded and you can sample all the games for free before you buy. It's officially launching in June, but CNET got an early look. This is a neat system for discovering independent games or if you're looking for a cheaper way to play games on your television. You're not getting PlayStation quality games here. These are simple and low budget. You can also make your own games if you know how to program. That's your Tech News Update. You can find more details at and be sure to follow along on Twitter. From our studios in New York, I'm Bridget Carey.
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