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Apple Byte: Is 4 inches big enough?...for the iPhone

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Apple Byte: Is 4 inches big enough?...for the iPhone

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Size matters in the smartphone world, and new parts hint at a 4-inch iPhone and iPod Touch. Also this week, IBM's not a fan of Siri, and get jamming on the gTar.

Was shaken Brian Tong here to welcome -- little show we like to call the Apple byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. And if you're good today class we will give you make. On to the news and we show you a lot about the parts they get leaked early but this is believed to be the front panel for the next generation. IPod Touch with the Mac -- sources claiming that it will be taller than the current model. With an opening measuring four point one inches diagonally with the view will display to be slightly smaller. It's a pretty safe bet that Apple used the same screen size for both its iPod Touch and iPhone line since they have done that in the past. This is new evidence supported by N 95 -- report. That says there are a few next gen iphones in testing -- Apple locked himself in disguise their exterior design. Now two of them sport -- display that is three point 999. Inches diagonally and a pixel resolution a 640 by 1136. That's an extra 136. Pixels -- longer than the current display. Now the screen is very close to a sixteen by nine resolution so. Videos can fill out the speed at their native resolution and Apple is currently testing builds of IOS six custom build the new display that it's five rows of icons. All is -- juicy stuff but based on the recent reports. And timetables. I think we'll see a whole bunch of OS-X and outline. At WW DC and the hot new hardware will be the new MacBook pros and IMAX we've got to see a preview of IOS six just something. Even for developers to preview -- -- the past. But I don't think we'll see the next iPhone and -- later event. I know a lot of you might be a little bummed out right now but this one -- -- very mentally because. I know -- them yet. I don't like that Apple -- Now we plan on seeing a lot of an outline in a few more nuggets are coming out. Automatic downloads were hinted at earlier and the latest build allows -- to -- able to feature for installing new purchases on multiple computers with the same iCloud account. It's not active right now but it's pretty similar to what happens on -- devices and another feature it looks like to see his voice dictation. Coming to Macs. After nine -- by Mac found resource files inside of safari inside of the latest OS-X build that showed a key command to bring a voice dictation. But not everyone is fond of Apple voice recognition apps. IBM is the biggest fan of scary and is blocking the feature on their own internal networks because of the way your -- recorded then upload it to Apple servers. And then deciphered before being sent back. Another concern that commands and sensitive information. For the company like contacts and more to be potentially stored on apples and but surely all be a little worried about that. Yeah should be now let's check out his school project called -- elastic. -- by using your hand. It's a little small box. The track your hands motions it's similar to Microsoft's Kinect but it's a lot more accurate and track your movements down to 1100 of a millimeter. Leniency to see how this worked with real applications because. All I do with my -- -- dance central. Alone. I myself. Now the people costs you 69 bucks and you can be ordering it on the website alright guys -- quick -- word on the street from boy genius report. About Microsoft. Set to release the full office suite for IOS and Android tablets in November -- image back in February was leaked out and Microsoft said it was vague so. We -- believe everything you name -- And deal -- should know that -- Q point L untethered jailbreak for IOS five point one point one this planet drop this week so keep your eyes open for that. You know me I'm abandoning them he's amazing starter project for we wanted to show some love -- the -- guitar is the first. Digital -- power guitar with a built in iPhone -- It uses sensors to relate what your plane and also has a built an app that -- -- out of place on it's pretty amazing. And finally. Talk about an Apple Store content that's where you can block from the sidewalk to the inside a store seamlessly. It looks like that store is currently being built at Stanford shopping center under a black plot and this concept drawing gives you a -- At -- over 12100 square foot 23 foot tall single story. Store it's expected to be open by the end of the year and is described as making the space between outside and inside almost indistinguishable. Translation. -- idiots walking and all right -- get a -- this week shows an issue emails to the applebyte@cnet.com. And ideas -- things you'd like to see will respond. Thanks for watching I'm Brian Tong and we'll catch you guys next time for another bite of the Apple.

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