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CES 2014: iRobot unveils a redesigned Scooba at CES 2014
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CES 2014: iRobot unveils a redesigned Scooba at CES 2014

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The Scooba 450 boasts that it is better at scrubbing floors with updated features and a new drying recharging station. CNET's Bridget Carey gets a demo of the new machine's three-cycle cleaning process.

-I'm Bridget Carey with CNET here at CES 2014. We're working a bit of a cleaning demo from a brand new Scooba from iRobot, the company that makes the Roomba. This is the Scooba 450. Here on this demonstration its clean up a floor that had a bunch of [unk] on it, some old coffee, some Cheerios, some ketchup. And what's different about this Scooba is that it's completely redesigned from the last model that came out three years ago. This time around, there's a three-cycle cleaning process because let's be honest, sometimes things on the kitchen were kinda stuck on the tile. So on the first cycle it'll go around, clean up all the dry debris like the Cheerios and also lay down a thin sheen of water or if you have the iRobot Scooba solution, it'll also lay that down. And then the second time around the scrub brush kicks in and finally it'll go through once again with the squeegee to make sure it picked up anything that it left behind. The total process should take about 20 minutes for about 150 sq. ft. It's really easy to pop off the tank. You just press the button. It comes off and you can access the clean water compartment and empty out the dirty water compartment. If you need to clean the scrub brush, you can also pop that out easily too. Underneath you'll find a brush that cleans up dry debris and there's also a scrub brush for really getting that clean and it spins out 600 rpm. And there's also a squeegee there for taking up all the rest of the dirty water. On the front of the Scooba you'll see a clean button that will light up to show you the cycle progress. There's also an information button that you can press where the Scooba will talk to you. It'll let you know if something needs to be change or if the water is low and there's also a button that can set the size of the room so it knows to cover a large area or a small area. -I'll clean a large room. -When the Scooba is done and you dumped out the dirty water, you can put it on the dry dock charging and drying stand where it'll give it an air-dry cycle to keep things clean fresh. The Scooba 450 makes its debut here at the show. It goes on sale this week for $600. Here at the CNET stage at CES 2014, I'm Bridget Carey.