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CNET Update: iRadio could be better for music labels
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CNET Update: iRadio could be better for music labels

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Apple's upcoming streaming-radio service could pay music labels better than Pandora, the next Xbox may require an Internet connection to play games, and Bridget Carey explores future tech being worked on at AT&T Labs.

Could Apple's iRadio grow to be more popular than Pandora? I'm Bridget Carey and this is your CNET Update. CNET has learned that Apple is closed to making a deal with two major music labels for its upcoming music streaming service possibly called iRadio. And Apple's plan could pay music labels better than what they get out of a service like Pandora. Apple would offer new revenue streams like a quick way for users to buy a song that's playing which could boost sales on iTunes and Apple might offer share of the audio ads. Sources say Apple is determined to get all major music labels to sign a deal so the service can roll out this summer. There's been a rumor that the next Xbox console will require an internet connection at all times, even while playing games. Well, a tweet from Microsoft Studio's creative director, not only implies this is true but he says it's no big deal and that people need to deal with it. Yeah, because requiring an internet connection to play game has worked out so well for Sim City. LinkedIn is rolling out mentions similar to what you can do on Twitter and Facebook. You can make a mention by typing the name of a connection or a company in the status update box or on a comment on the homepage. There's no symbol required and those mention get a notification. In the future we'll have sensors everywhere. Sensors on the wall, sensors in your shoes, sensors on your wrist even sensors on our foreheads. And they all communicate to help improve your life. Well, that's one possible feature based on some of the innovations coming out of AT&T's labs. The company showcased some of its latest research in New York such as a device that reads your brain waves and will block a call if you're deep in thought. The forehead sensor communicates with the phone using Bluetooth and if you're feeling chill and relaxed, calls will go through. But if you're concentrated or engaged with something, the call is blocked with a polite message. The labs also featured a sensor that could detect when a strong Chemical is in the air that might aggravate an asthma attack such as paint, cleaning products, perfumes, even the chemicals released from hand sanitizer. This is also a demonstration of a live video chat being translated in real time from Spanish to English in both text and audio. And for those of you who telecommute or work in offices across the globe, how about a video conferencing tool that lets you see what's going on in different offices and you could instantly jump into a lively conversation you see happening in another office. It's a neat way to feel more connected, although, I'm not quite sure how I feel about all those camera spying on me. That's your tech news update. You can find more details on our blog From our studios in New York, I'm Bridget Carey.
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