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Tech Culture: Iqua BHS-302

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Tech Culture: Iqua BHS-302

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The Iqua BHS-302 is an affordable and great alternative for those who like the convenience of a Bluetooth headset but don't want to wear it in the ear all the time.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:02 >> -- Nicole [Inaudible] editor for, and this is the [Inaudible] BH 302 Bluetooth. Really more of a [Inaudible] clip than a head set because you wear the clip like so, and then you bring the ear bud to your ear. So you wear it kind of like an MP3 player almost. And then when not in use you can just take the ear bud out and attach it to the clip's magnetic multifunction button, like so. So definitely don't have the wear the headset in your here all the time if you don't like that sort of thing. It's pretty easy to use. There's the multifunction button. There's the typical volume rocker on the side. And then of course the clip on the back. The microphone is actually housed in a small unit on the wire itself. So it's very easy to use, sound quality was great because all you have to do is bring the ear bud to your ear directly and bring the microphone to your mouth directly. This is also pretty affordable at only $49.99. It's pretty comfortable to use, pretty easy to use, overall, we think it's a pretty good idea. My name is Nicole [Inaudible], the [Inaudible] BH 302 Bluetooth head bud. [ Music ]

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