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CNET News Video: iPod Nano gets new features

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CNET News Video: iPod Nano gets new features

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At Apple's headquarters, Apple's senior vice president of marketing, Philip Schiller, unveils new iPod Nano features, including a new multitouch icon screen, new sensors for runners, and the ability to wear the device as a watch. The Nano comes in 7 colors, in an 8GB version for $129 and a 16GB version for $149.

-Good morning everyone. I'm really pleased to talk to you about the iPod. We started the iPod simply because we love music and that hasn't stopped. We still love music and we're still making great iPods. In fact, it's the best lineup we've ever made; the Shuffle, the Nano, the iPod touch. So, I like to give you updates to those lines today. First, iPad Nano. Just last year, we introduced an all new iPad Nano and it's a really fun way to enjoy your music wherever you are and customers love it for its compact design, its multi touch display, it's built in volume buttons and a clip so that you can wear it wherever you go. It is a pedometer and even a built in FM radio. So, we've added some updates this year. First, with is multi touch display, we decided to make it even easier to navigate, and so now you can display big beautiful icons for all of the features on it and just swipe between with your finger to switch between the radio, with the clock, the fitness application. It's really simple and fitness of course is one of the most popular uses for the Nano. You can use it when you go to the gym, when you go out one of those walks. A lot of people like to run with their iPod Nano. So, we've improved the fitness experience as well. Now, right out of the box for the iPod Nano, you can go not only a walk, but run as well without adding any extra sensors or devices right out of the box. You go for your run, you come back. You plug your Nano into you Mac or PC and you can upload all the data about your run right up on to Nike+'s website and track all of your runs over time, look for achievements, compete with friends. It's a really great way to get fit. That's one of the really uses of an iPod Nano. That's a really cool use that some people trade all of their own without us doing this, they created a market of accessories like watch bands to make this watch you can wear. It's an iPod Nano. It has all your music in it and of course tells time and we thought that was really fun, see this around the world. So, with the update in Nano, we've added a software, some new clock faces to make it fun for people who like to wear those as watch. Why not, right? So, here's one. This is a classic great beautiful watch with roman numerals or maybe wanna retro LED style watch in your wrist, a watch with some really cool complications, or watch that's color coordinated with color Nano you picked and this is really fun. We've worked go partner with Disney with some characters you can have on your watch. So, if you want a Mickey Mouse watch, you can now get one, yeah. Yes, the arms move, keeping up with time or can get Minnie Mouse as well. So, it's really cool. The iPod Nano comes in 7 gorgeous colors. It's been priced for 8 gigabyte at 149 and 16 gigabytes at 179. Well, now, the iPod just 149 for 16 gigs and 129 for 8 gigs making it the most affordable nano we've ever had. So, that nano is available today.

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