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iPhone saves lives...literally: The Buzz Report

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The Buzz Report: iPhone saves lives...literally

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This week in Buzz, the amazing story of an iPhone that saved its owner's life, cute puppies are back, and yeah, fine, whatever, Apple tablet.

Hi, I'm Molly Wood, and welcome to the Buzz Report, the show about the tech news that everyone's talking about. This week, it's texting help to Haiti, the iPhone saving lives, literally, fun with Office 2007, and oh for pete's sake. Not the tablet again. Let's begin with the Gadget of the Week, ok? The Gadget of the Week is the iPhone. See, an American filmmaker named Dan Woolley was trapped in the rubble of his hotel in Haiti after the earthquake on January 12th. And he used an iPhone first-aid app to treat his broken leg and head wound, and to keep himself from slipping into shock. And then after 65 hours, he was rescued, and now he's back at home with his family. So, really, his iPhone and the rescue team that found him saved his life. And that's pretty freaking phenomenal. Also ... how in the hell did the battery last that long? And now for the news. Speaking of Haiti, technology is saving lives in other ways, as you've probably heard. This week, text-based fund-raising campaigns raise more than 27 million dollars in relief aid for the country, and the carriers, after a few stumbles, started mostly waiving text fees for donations and forwarding money directly to Haiti without waiting for billing red tape. So, that's all a lot better use of your texting time than voting for American Idol. And we've posted a list of ways and Websites that you can help, if you haven't already, at blog.cnettv.com. Do you what you can. Ok, moving on to tech news and stupid jokes. Apple finally sent out invitations to its tablet-or-whatever event, saying only, "Come see our latest creation." And the invitation is covered with paint spatters. So, I'm thinking it's CLEARLY going to be some sort of e-screen easel that lets you paint using multitouch gestures, and then upload your creations to the newly created iCanvas social network. Right? Oh, god, fine, I guess it's probably going to be the tablet, but I'm actually so bored with those rumors that I'm hoping it's something totally different. Really, mostly, more than anything? Just announce the darn thing already so I can start talking about how silly it is instead of talking about how silly it's going to be. Heh, just kidding. I'm sure it'll be awesome. Speaking of Apple, there were fairly unfounded reports this week that Microsoft and Apple might be in talks to make Bing the default search engine on the iPhone. Like, Microsoft and Apple would be teaming up against Google and YOU would end up Binging on iPhone? That just doesn't feel right. Microsoft did say this week that it has created a new game to make the frustrating and often baffling task of using Office 2007 ... a little more fun! They introduced a game called Ribbon Hero that rewards you for figuring out how to DO things in Office. Seriously. Microsoft's program manager for Office "said the idea came from watching Office users take 10 steps to do something that could be done more easily in one or two." But maybe ... I was thinking just ... instead of like, a funny game, just get rid of eight to nine steps and let people get some friggin' work done! Moving on, Bill Gates is now on Twitter, and I, for one, am thrilled. It's about time we got some REAL celebrities up in this joint. And finally, let's have a look at what's Clogging the Tubes. This has never happened on Buzz Report before ... it's Clogging the Tubes: The Sequel. That's right, everyone, the Shiba Inu puppy cam is back with a new batch of puppies. And the productivity of a nation is once again at a standstill. So ... if I like this and I want there to be more, though, am I like ... an Internet puppy mill? This could really start to feel wrong in a hurry. And that's the Buzz Report for this week, everyone. I'm Molly Wood, and thanks for watching.

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