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CNET News Video: iPhone OS 3.0: Leaf Trombone

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CNET News Video: iPhone OS 3.0: Leaf Trombone

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Ge Wang of Smule and friend show off their amazing musical skills using their new iPhone app, Leaf Trombone World Stage.

[ Music ] >> Today, we're going to give you a sneak peek of the upcoming, some new application, Leaf Trombone World Stage, invites everyone to learn a new whimsical whacky musical instrument and to use that to audition and perform for the world stage. And perhaps the world's first massively online social music and gaming experience. To give you an idea of the instrument itself, a leaf trombone slide on the right side moves up and down controlling pitch [music]. Buttons on the top left shifts the range of the octaves giving the instrument three full octaves on the bottom left, and music box accompanies you while the app gives you hints as to where the position the slide next. All you have to do to play this instrument is to follow along and blow into the microphone at the right times. We've actually added a new exciting face-to-face feature duet player which allows two leaf trombonists in close proximity to stubber [phonetic] and synchronize with each other over Bluetooth. To give you a demo, Dave and I will perform a little ditty for you. This is "Phantom of the Opera" on leaf trombone. ^M00:01:09 [ Music ] [ applause and cheering ]

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