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iPhone 5S details and delays: Apple Byte

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Apple Byte: iPhone 5S details and delays

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WWDC is official, but Apple fans will have to wait until fall for new hardware. Good luck holding out. Plus, we take a peek at the alleged low-cost iPhone and iPad 5.

-The following episode of Apple Byte may contain scenes that some viewers may find disturbing like Brian Tong's face and are intended for a slightly more mature audience. -Oh, it's such a great day and like I told him, "That's not delivery. That's the New York Post [unk] tickles. It makes me warm. -Hey BT. -What's up? -Get a room, right? Or somewhere. -What's up? Brian Tong here and welcome to the Apple Byte, the show where a piece of fruit is the #1 topic. Now, lots of news this week. And we start off with the official announcement from the Big A that the WWGC 2013 is happening June the 10th to the 14th in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. Now, last year brought the debut of the MacBook Pro with retina display, but Tim Cook hinted that we won't see any new hardware any time soon. During Apple's recent earning report, he said our teams are hard at work on some amazing new hardware, software, and services we can't wait to introduce this fall and throughout 2014. We've been aching for just something new, but Cook said fall. Not summer. But that time of the season where leaves change colors and fall. So, maybe we get a peek at iOS7 and OS X 10.9 Hello Kitty and that just might be it. You're just gonna have to be patient and, yes, it leaves plenty of time for analysts to make up even better rumors. That's also the same week as E3 2013. So, I have to decide. Will I be playing with the new Xbox and PlayStation with booth babes giving me constant attention or will I be here for you? The Apple Byters for iOS7 and no new hardware. You guys, these are tough personal promise people. Now, we mentioned Apple's recent earnings report and the Cupertino kids were fueled by strong iPhone and iPad sales that were 88% and 151% better than the year before, but Apple reported their first year over year decline in profits in a decade and lower expectations for this quarter with the lack of new hardware. You know, whatever they're holding back, better be good. Now, we did get some other nuggets from the Q&A session. Tim Cook left the door open for the possibility of a larger iPhone saying he believes the iPhone 5 still has the best display in the industry and competitors have made tradeoffs to ship a larger display. You know, ones like a larger viewing area, less reflective display, and a much higher pixel density. Now, cook adds that Apple will not ship a larger display while the tradeoffs exist or really until the next iPhone comes out. And let's be honest here. 3.5 inches was the perfect size to Apple before 4 inches was perfect to apple. And the next will be even more perfecter. But Apple's behind here and fall means there's a huge window of time for Android phones to make some ground. Now, Cook was also asked about mobile payments and NFC functionality has been a rumor feature, but Apple's CEO said I think it's in its infancy. I think it's just getting started just out of the starting block. He's right and mobile payments still have tons of hurdles. But remember there used to be a company that came up with inventive solutions for technology and just put it out there? I think the name of that company was Apple. Yeah. No, I think it was. So, hopefully they can show us something in the fall and that's after Google shows off what they've been working on in May. All right. Let's take a quick break for our app of the week. This one's just a fun one. I know a lot of you love Instagram, but you should try out 2 apps called Instaweather and Istaplace. They're free with ads where they have a 99-cent version and just find where you wanna take a picture. You can then swipe through a variety of different overlays and pick the one you one. Instaweather gives you the weather details and Instaplace allows to choose your location. Take your picture with the information displayed or customize the text and then you can publish it on your different social media platforms. It's quick and simple and 2 cool apps for you, the picture phone lovers, on iOS and android as well. So, that's a useful one, but how about a personal one of my own that I use. You guys have to check out how to get a girl. It's free and it gives you really good lessons like how to be confident. Tell yourself I must succeed. I don't wanna be alone anymore. Or how to create encounters? Step 1: Even if she's not attracted by you, she might be pleased with your charm and have a look at you. Yeah. And trust me, it totally worked for me. -What are you doing? -No, no, that's what the app told me to do. -It's not the right way. -No, trust-- -What the hell? That's not what I meant by a row. -See? Like I said, works like a charm. All right, let's get to some other stories. We showed you rumored iPad 5 cases from tactus.com last week. And now, they've added a picture of the inside of the rear shell of the iPad 5. They think they've build this thing already. Now, they also revealed an image of the alleged rear shell for the rumored lower cost iPhone. A part appears to be plastic and consistent with how other sites have describes the design with the flat back and curved edges. Tactus claims it will launch on October 15th, but we'll see how that holds up. Reuters also reports that the next gen iPHone is potentially facing delays after manufacturers expect to just start production in June. Their Taiwan supply chain source claims that Apple was trying to find a coating material that did not interfere with their fingerprint sensor technology believed to be part of the next gen design and this may be one of the reasons for the delay. Reuters also says a Japanese supplier has told them small-scale production for the lower cost iPhone will begin sometime in May and Reuters adds the lower cost iPhone will use the same 4-inch display as the iPhone 5S, but will lack the fingerprint sensor and have a plastic case. All right guys, let's get to our giveaway winners for a copy of Injustice: Gods Among Us, the sickest game out there right now. Now, we had over 700 submissions, meaning the chance of you winning was pretty much impossible, but congrats to Mr. Smith on Twitter. He gets the PS3 copy with his love for the Flash because he says he's fast and agile and mainly because skinny guys get no love. I have no idea what you're talking about. Now, we had a few Youtubers also show their love for SuperFox, which, duh, is a no brainer, but our Xbox winner goes to Surya Dayani, if I said that correctly, who e-mailed us a lot of pictures of his favorite character, Asian Batman. Surya also likes him because of his detective skill since finding car keys is a hassle. All right guys, that's gonna do it for this week's show. E-mail me at the applebyte@cnet.com or tweet me at Brian Tong and I'll answer as many as I can. Thanks for watching and we'll catch you guys next time for another bite of the Apple. -I hand it to you, BT. -Yeah. -I like you style. -It's about time, Cooley. -All right baby.

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