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Apple Byte: iPhone 5: Record sales, record frowns?

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Apple Byte: iPhone 5: Record sales, record frowns?

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We'll breakdown one of the worst product launches we've seen from Apple, rumors of carbon-fiber MacBooks heat up, and the winner of our Ultimate Prizepack giveaway!

-We just came for you. -[unk] -What's up Brian Tong here and welcome to the Apple Byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple, and this week friends is leaning a lot more towards bad. Now, sure Apple sold a record million plus iPhones in its first weekend and the release of iOS 6, but this might be remembered as one of their worst product launches yet. Now reports Mac rumors forms started servicing that iPhone 5 owners were scuffs and scratches fresh out of the box and that's a no, no. Now, the iPhone 5's case is made of anodized aluminum, which is lighter than stainless steel from the previous iPhone 4 and 4S, but it's a softer metal that's more susceptible to scratching. Then, even worse, an e-mail confirmed to be from Phil Schiller appeared on [unk] he responded about the scuff and scratch issue and said any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use exposing its natural silver color. That is normal. So, if a buy pair of Jordans, I don't want them scuff out of the box, but now we're talking iPhone 5 fresh out of the box all banged up and that's normal. That's a bad, bad apple. And we're just getting started here. You probably heard about Apple's new maps in iOS 6 and some of the major fails even you the apple byters send in pictures like David Brewster, he's a pilot and he tells me that Canadian runways are not that bumpy. Then there is misplaced location, melting bridges like this one apple byters second99 sent in or the lack of Google's street view and public transit direction. Those are completely gone or areas on maps that just aren't accurate. There's even a tumbler blog dedicated to it and it's a disaster, and you know what, it's worthy of another bad apple. Now according to the bird, apple has decided to bring their own version of maps 1 year before their agreement to use Google maps expired, it took Google by surprise and clearly it was a smart decision. So, what's part this move. Now, Google refused to let the big A access turn by turn in their maps, which is a differentiator for and then Apple decided to go with their own solution. Bottom line, are we going to get a dedicated Google maps app anytime soon. Well, the answer isn't clear. Google said they haven't submitted enough yet, but they're in communication and Apple would to approve it just like the google search up that's still waiting to be approved. Now, google is clearly working on one and reports say they're trying to implement their 3D maps from Google earth with Google maps. We're just going to take some time, so we'll have to wait and see how this all plays out, but what can you do right now if you're not happy or what I've been using is the mobile version of google maps website and you can add that to your home screens and since I've been doing this since the developer version. Now works best for general directions and public transit schedules since that's that I used the most, but there is no turn by turn street view. So, if you want street view, you can purchase an app called live street view for 99 cents or get the free version or there's other app like Garmin map that just made some updates to include Google street view as well, but if you're still looking for free turn by turn, one of the best options for you might be the app Wieze, which plugs to its own social network of users to help you avoid traffic and find cheaper gas prices along the way and this app is pretty sweet. Alright guys, have we talked about maps and app yet? Well, I think we have. So, let's just talk about a few of the other issues iOS 6 still facing. Now, I just recently realized the auto brightness isn't working at all. It just doesn't change and the same should be widespread issue for many iOS 6 users. Bluetooth integration with certain car systems currently isn't working at the moment since the update and one of the biggest ones, users are experiencing painfully, painfully slow WiFi ranging from slower connectivity to even none at all for others. So, we might as well throughout a [unk] of bad Apples and we'll just have to wait for an update until then. Alright now, for those of you who's still waiting for new iMac, some resellers have reported little to no inventory of current iMac models and supply chain hinting that refresh might be on the way and historically with the Mac line resellers are good indicators one [unk] coming so will keep you guys in the no. Also in the latest rumor, website Macotakara repots that Apple has ordered a large number of parts made of carbon fiber that have been in production for them since mid March hinting a potentially a new product using the durable and lightweight material. I know what it is, guys. Apple is making shift knobs. Now, Apple recently had done filings earlier this month detailing carbon fiber MacBook housings and earlier filings describes how Apple could use it as a reinforced device housing for mobile devices as well. Now, in another discovered by Apple insider called dual sided trackpad. It showcases foldable touch sensitive devices with 2 foldable services that could be applied to a flip style iPhone or even a trackpad. Now, the top panel could be translucent so when it's folded over the top of a bottom display that could complement each other like peanut butter and jelly, umm. Now, even cooler the trackpad concept could also be translucent, but when closed it could act like a window where portion on the screen could be used to display e-mail alerts or notifications. Now, I'm still waiting for an iPhone that makes me a sandwich, but let me real with you the Apple byters. Obviously, I've got my iPhone 5. It's fast, real fast and I love it, but real talk right now, I hate to break some of your hearts. The most innovative phone on the market right now isn't the iPhone anymore. It's the Galaxy S3. -You damn-- It's been that way for more than 6 months. Ha, ha. -Alright guys, I get it. You might be a little hurt like Jim over there, but let's turn this thing around because to announce the winner of our crazy to 100th episode gift pack give away that's probably worth over $400 of good stuff. So thanks for all your fun submissions over e-mail and twitter like Jay who said, "His family would feel even more incredible if they won." What about Mr. Felix Cruz who's up in the airforce. He likes sweet rides and has no problem with the line of shirtless guys behind them, but the winner to went to great lengths and is really on the verge of getting his man card revoked is my man Chrislyn Williams who shows us how big of an Apple fan he is with a custom apple watch and strategically Apple. Congratulations Chrislyn and you killed with that one. He also wanna let me know that his wife was not happy about him taking that picture even though she did. Alright, that's gonna do it for this week's show. Thanks for watching, keep e-mailing us at the Apple Byte at cnet.com. I promise, will read some of your responses at this week's show no matter how ugly they may get. Alright, I'm Brian Tong, thanks for watching. We'll catch you guys next time for another byte of the Apple. -Samsung Galaxy. Huh, huh. -Really. -Yeah. Samsung Galaxy.

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