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Apple Byte: iPhone 5: New look, new photos?

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Apple Byte: iPhone 5: New look, new photos?

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Will you believe the leaked photos of the purported next iPhone that matches up with leaked blueprints. Apple TV's OS is looking to get a makeover at WWDC, and Tim Cook drops a few hints about Apple's future.

Was fascinating hey guys and -- Brian -- here welcome to the Apple byte it's all the good and bad inside the world of Apple and -- into a cranberry walnut cookies for lunch. Elie -- with really the story of the week from nine to five Mac. He's been all over -- lately and images of what they claim to be the back panels for the next gen iPhone and there are a lot of details. -- can be pulled from this if there in fact the real deal -- potential images show the black and white version with a larger portion of the backing. Made of metal you'll see the slight difference in color and material could be a stylistic choice or the current prototype design. But it also looks like the metal antenna band from the foreign for -- is -- has now been embedded into the panel. Analysts -- a look at some more booty shots you'll also see the rumored smaller dock connector is part of the case design with a newly designed speaker grills and the headphone Jack. Looks like it's been moved to the bottom as well. There's also a microphone between the rear camera and blast possibly capture better audio nine to five Mac. Also has an image of the frame specials a space for a physical home button so it's it's still be there. And according to their sources. The frame at the same width as the current iPhone but -- longer to accommodate the larger four inch screen with a reported 1136 by 640 resolution. Now full frontal image of what's claimed to be the next gen black iPhone also shows the facetime camera has moved and will be centered above -- -- beats. And the city a blog possibly confirms this. After they received an image from a tipster of what they believe the systematic blueprint of the iPhone 5 that jives with -- parts -- -- we just talked about. Now we told you last week we don't expect to see the iPhone announced at. At WW DC -- -- we kind of know what it looks like. In more Apple rumor -- is a report from boy genius report says. Is planning to demo a brand new version of the Apple TV next week at WW DC. They report it'll be much more feature complete and is the same one. They'll all run on Apple's upcoming -- and TV and that sounds a little like a stretch but it's reported that Apple has also been trying to court. Third party manufacturers to make accessories that are compatible with the new Apple TV OS and their new TV. And the -- is also ready to unveil their new maps app -- genius report says it has a new user interface. And a brand your navigation bar in order to seat a three maps you'll Dziena peel back the bottom corner like you do with the current maps access combine. We'd also like to thank them for the -- top secret spy pictures because. Now I know what it's like to have my mom's eyeballs. Also at this year's. CEO Tim Cook was the headline speaker -- a lot of nuggets I came out of it. Tim didn't say Apple was working on a TV with the increased success of Apple TV sales he did say the this is an area of intense interest Forrest we're going to keep pulling the strings and -- -- it takes its. So. They're making a TV -- -- strength. Now could also talk to Siri as and it has proven that people want to relate to the phone in a different way. People will be pleased with where Apple is taking -- and they are doubling down on it. Which I hope they do. When asked about will be -- agree with him at the help -- so there will be incredible things coming out and Apple is going to double down on secrecy on products. The I think he -- starting this week after the -- I don't Parsons -- leaks. And finally some reflected on Steve Jobs has said he never really felt the weight of trying to be steep it's not his goal -- life and -- focused on being a great deal for Apple. But he offered some insight as -- how -- is mine works. He was the person in the world about doing this he would he would get. High he would flip on something so fast. That you would forget. That he was the person that was taking a 180 polar position on the day before. And he didn't have you believe in Canada -- it staff -- that -- in a statement to but he was it was an art. And he would never know that he thought the opposite. We actually have videotape that that kind of -- thing you've got fruit. I -- -- lately. I thought it really and this is -- gift. Because this is a gift because things do change. And it takes courage to change encouraged to say I'm now wrong maybe -- was right before but maybe not maybe it was never ride. It takes courage to do that I think he had that. Save that sounds just like my Boston but no longer here for future episodes of the Apple by. You'll know why. All right it's gonna deal for this we still send us your emails -- applebyte@cnet.com. We'll get to as many as we can't. Thanks for watching I'm Brian Tong and we'll catch you guys next time for the bite of the Apple.

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