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The Buzz Report: iPhone 4S: The comeback kid

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The Buzz Report: iPhone 4S: The comeback kid

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True, the iPhone 4S debuted to jeers from those who demanded a redesign: but it's selling like hotcakes in pre-order land! Plus, RIM's sad collapse and Google's internal manifesto to the world.

Hey everyone I'm Molly Wood and welcome to the buzz report the show about the tech news that everyone is talking about. This week iPhone four -- had to come back just in time for blackberries collapse. Netflix can't make up its mind and watch what happens when Bravo steals our jokes. First up -- to get the week. The -- of the week is the iPhone four ads or is I'm calling it the comeback hit. The last week I was calling it the iPhone not five and actually even the iPhone four's site. The iPhone four S announcement was greeted with pitchforks and torches because it wasn't an iPhone five. Never -- the fairly impressive -- a dual core processor much better battery life it's a world phone now it has a better wireless antenna. For improved call quality and faster data. And an even more amazing camera. Plus IOS five and all that cool series voice assistant technology. -- that seem to matter because it wasn't a redesigned. Apple well. Until pre ordered time. Apple said pre -- topped one million in just 24 hours. Shipments are now delayed from every carrier and sprint sold out of the low end model almost immediately. IPhone four -- appears to be a hit. Which mean -- you expect it is the new iPhone even if it doesn't look like a new iPhone. That's just what happens. Now it is of course hard not to imagine that sales of the iPhone or as were helped. By the outpouring of sadness and support in the wake of Steve Jobs -- away last week. In fact on Twitter and elsewhere people were calling the phone the iPhone four ads. As -- -- Steve. Even in death He is the world's best salesman. -- -- -- -- Now on to the news. -- -- Research in Motion. -- Blackberry servers suffered a multi day outage this week and no one in north or South America and getting any email at all. That -- has pretty much all -- Blackberry can do these days is email. It's extra bad things that's happening just as the iPhone four comes out a bunch of new phones announced that CT IA this week. And the Samsung galaxy nexus with Android ice cream sandwich is -- Also activist investors are trying to fire rims two CEOs or even forced to take over rim is may -- trying to sell and the really wanna be busted -- -- better -- -- And also they would really like to convince you to buy the Blackberry seven phones. So there's bad timing and then there's I can't even believe this smoking crater is happening right before my eyes timing this is the last. -- -- you know maybe Blackberry could split up its phoney email services and spin off the email services and electric company called next year. Because I hear that names available again. That's right after the -- announcement that Netflix with an off its dvd rental service into the new company called quick -- Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is taking -- -- again. Netflix -- its customers to let them know it it's not splitting into two companies after all and dvd rentals we'll still be part of Netflix. Sorry for any confusion. And fortunately everyone so mad at Netflix now that even this whole listening to the customer news was greeted with theory and -- Possibly because as far as we know that crappy price hike in the -- stop streaming library are also -- with Netflix. I mean you can only listen to your customers -- you know. And FaceBook news this week don't panic it's not another redesign. This is actually good news FaceBook finally launched -- iPad app this week. After a no show at F eight and Apple's iPhone four -- launch of it. Best part about it the photos actually work but they never seem to safari. Oh no no wait that's not true the best best part about the iPad up is that there's no ticker. A Google engineer this week accidentally published in almost 5000 word memo. That was meant to be an internal only note it says that Google plus is an example of Google's quote. Complete failure to understand platforms. It's it says Google plus with a knee jerk reaction that Google is openly hostile to platforms and that they just trying to whip up a FaceBook clone with no outside developer support. And their efforts are doomed to fail. Also that -- Google engineer accidentally posted the whole thing publicly on Google plus. Because it's like impossible to -- -- bigger outlets public and -- not. It's just calls go through Google. Do not fire that got -- And finally something new and exciting a major network -- casting for our reality show about young professionals in the silicon. You don't. One's beauty familiar. Quite put my finger on it. Oh yeah. Watch what happens. -- -- major network if that is your real name when we did we you're kidding. And that's -- department this week everyone I'm Molly Wood and thank you for life.

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