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Loaded: iPad to embrace new name
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Loaded: iPad to embrace new name

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Android apps are getting bigger in file size, Square's mobile payment device takes off, and the iPad 3 may not be called the iPad 3.

It's Tuesday March 6th 2012, I'm Bridget Carrie on and it's time to get loaded. The next iPad will be called the iPad HD, not the iPad 3. CNET has learned that Apple will give the new model the name HD when it is announced Wednesday and it doesn't come as too much of a shock. Early reports indicate this next iPad will have the same look as the iPad 2. Expect Apple to introduce upgrades to the iPad's camera, screen and processing speeds and stay tuned to CNET for live coverage of the announcement starting at 1:00 PM eastern, 10:00 AM pacific. You can now pull up your recent Google searches from any computer. A user just needs to sign in to a Google account on from any smartphone, tablet or computer to see their recent search results. The idea is to make it easier to pull up the directions or phone number on your phone to a place you recently looked up. Get ready, Android users. Some of your apps might take longer to download. Developers can now make apps that are 4 gigs large. Previous, the max file size for an app was 50 megabytes. This was allowed so apps can have more interactive 3D graphics, audio and video and you can expect those larger apps to be high quality games with add one features. More businesses are using the mobile payment devices called Square. The company reports, it is processing roughly $4 billion in payments each year and back in October, that number was 2 billion. Square allows the business owner to swipe a credit card from a tablet or smartphone and it's widely used by traveling vendors like food trucks and even by group soliciting donations like the Salvation Army. Square also announced it's turning the iPad into a fully functional cash register with the new app called Square Register. The app can reward loyal customers and record analytics about the best selling items and times when sales are highest. It also can print receipts to a wireless printer. Microsoft has released a sneak peek at some of the game plan story of the next Halo game. Halo 4 will take a deep look at Master Chief's humanity and introduce the iconic character to new threats beyond anything he's faced before. The game designers say this is a reinvention of Halo but not a reboot or an origin story. Rather, it picks up where 2007's Halo 3 left off. Halo 4 is expected to be released this holiday season. And if you're having an issue with a company or experiencing bad customer service, instead of complaining about it on Twitter or Facebook, you might instead head to a site called Gripevine. The start up is designed for frustrated customers to broadcast their complaints and well, hope for a response. Oh, and the founder of this website is no other than one of the most popular online gripers, the guy who wrote the viral YouTube song about United Airlines breaking his guitar and not paying to fix it. Those are your headlines for today. I'm Bridget Carrie for and you've just been loaded.

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