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Apple Byte: iOS 8 looks to bring new Maps and augmented reality

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Apple Byte: iOS 8 looks to bring new Maps and augmented reality

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You probably updated to iOS 7.1 but rumors point to new maps, iTunes Radio and more in iOS 8. The Apple TV could bring motion controls and our Steve Jobs figure winners!

What's happening? Brian Tong here and welcome to the Apple Byte for everything good and bad inside the world of Apple. iOS 7.1 is officially out and brings a whole bunch of improvements and tweaks. Now, if you've updated to it already, you'll notice iOS 7's animations are snappier and things like the slide to power off or the buttons in the phone app have been revamped. Siri now allows you to manually control it by holding down the home button when you speak and releasing it when you're done. The calendar has an option to display events in the month view. Finally, there's also an auto-HDR setting for the iPhone 5S camera that only takes an HDR version of the picture [unk] that it's optimal to do that. Now, iOS 7.1 also improves touch ID recognition and there's plenty of other smaller tweaks. So far, I'd say this is definitely worth the update. But the most annoying feature is how they change the coloring of the Capslock's button and I might be stupid, but it's actually just more confusing. Try typing the sentence that has alternating words with capitalization and you'll see what I mean, and that's a bad Apple, unless I'm actually stupid. But, come on, iOS 7.1 is all news already after being out for a few days and a new report by 9to5Mac says that Apple will bring a more polished maps app in iOS 8. Their sources say Apple's database for iOS maps will be upgraded with enhanced data so it significantly more reliable. Thanks to acquisitions of several companies like BroadMap, EmBark and HopStop. New points of interest and new labels will make places like airports, parks and bus stops easier to find and the biggest change will be bringing back public transit directions that will be deeply integrated into the new map application. Then the report also says, the big A has begun work an augmented reality functionality that uses the iPhone's compass hardware to visually see nearby points of interests. This feature is likely to surface down the road and not anytime soon. And we shouldn't forget that Apple receive a patent for this functionality in 2011. Now in more iOS 8 news, 9to5Mac also reports that Apple is considering making iTunes Radio its own stand-alone application to boost usage and compete against stand-alone apps. The concern is that, since it's just a tab and the music app, it doesn't have a promoted presence in iOS 7 and that's where its growth for the service because they're not getting enough advertising revenue. Now the number one reason why I use it over Pandora is because its integrated with my music collection, the dums-dums. Now Apple can complain all they want but a report from Edison Research shows that in less than six months after its release, iTunes Radio has become the third most popular music streaming service in the U.S. trailing behind Pandora and just behind iHeart Radio, but still beating out Spotify. They're nowhere close to the top spot but it's a good bet. We'll take over the number two spot in the next six months with or without a stand-alone app. All right, new [unk] from Apple could be setting up future generations of the new Apple TV to include cameras for gesture-based motion controls according to Apple Insider. Available positions for Apple's camera software team revealed that alongside the products like the iPhone and the iPad, they also included the currently camera-less Apple TV. Remember now, Apple required Prime Sense in late 2013 and they're the company responsible for the tech behind Microsoft's first generation kinect motion controls on the Xbox 360. The multiple reports still say a new Apple TV could be revealed as soon as April with the launch in the fall but we'll find out soon enough if motion controls are part of this upcoming generation of the Apple TV. All right, to the quick Byte. CarPlay was all the buzz with its integrated systems for almost all the major car manufacturers. But according to a Mac rumors article. Pioneer is looking at the possibility of implementing CarPlay compatibility with both its existing and future after-market navigation and audio systems. Now there's been an official statement from Pioneer but it would save a lot of headache for a people who have wanted to do a custom iPad installation on their car and I'd be one of those people. Also Apple has received its final approval for its massive 44-foot tall sliding glass door Union Square Apple Store in San Francisco. Apple can now begin the construction just three blocks away from their existing San Francisco store. And in the Wall Street Journal interview at South by Southwest, the big geek, we call him Shaquille O'Neal told them, and he spends about $1,000 on apps every week, a week. Now this week it was Deer Hunter games and he really wants an iWatch as well. But I've got nothing but love for you Shaq Daddy. He was the first verified user on Twitter but he recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to make a sequel to the original Shaq Fu game called Shaq Fu, a Legend Reborn. He is trying to raise $450,000 to make that happen. But, you know, the man has enough money to do it himself especially if he's spending over 50 Gs a year on apps. Come on Shaq, that's a bad Apple. But please, don't do this to my face. -Never seen that. Hold on to the roof. The Shaq attack! -All right, let's get to the winners of our Steve Jobs' figure giveaways. We asked you who were the two WrestleMania seven wrestlers from a couple episodes back and the correct answers were two of my all-time faves, Hulk Hogan and yes the ultimate warrior. Now lots of ladies got it on this one, so congrats to our e-mail winners, Autumn Wilhyde and Dimitri, who says, "After a long day, he will cuddle with Steve and watch the Apple Byte." Dimitri, you have serious issues. And our Twitter winners, Wilson Gil and Jacob Zigaloski, who says, "He will dress Steve like a Barbie doll and replace it with one of his sister's Barbie dolls." which means you actually want a Barbie doll. All right, congrats to all of you and we will be in touch. That's gonna do for this week's show. E-mail us at the applebyte@cnet.com or tweet me and I'll do my best to get back to as many as I can. I'm Brian Tong. Thank so much for watching and we'll catch you guys next time for another byte of the Apple.

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