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Introducing iPhone Not-Five!: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Introducing iPhone Not-Five!

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Missed the big Apple announcement Tuesday? Re-live it with the Buzz crew as we recap the live feeds of Apple's iPhone presentation. Spoiler alert: there's no iPhone 5.

We laugh. Hello Aaron. Facts welcome to special coverage. The iPhone whatever it's going to see it now. Let's not even dividend number -- now because let's be honest no one really -- subject I'm -- lead and I'm -- song Stephen beat -- at the controls fellow and did -- not familiar that's where the buzz out -- team to slaps us CNET special coverage team special correspondents for all things big announcements and events in the tech world and I like it by the way you look great and. -- -- -- All of the total -- -- Let's and I don't Obama fundamentally Alter drastically different people you know you're you're dress like -- prototypical alike -- Diet you know -- data management and if you like or do you Sosa landed Nazi you're doing great so now are just -- -- now our live blog is already going they are at the event now the actual event proper is not going to -- -- -- 10 AM Pacific time. We hope the last time there was a 10 AM Pacific time started with a little later not -- oven door is will not open at the Cupertino location for about fifteen minutes or -- but He basically standing outside in the rain but we thought we would come on air a little bit early. -- -- about some of the rumors that we've been hearing a little preview of the universe they know -- haven't had enough preview right. Yeah you know just -- want to -- -- -- there's a lot of people that are here that really desperately just wanna see an iPhone five but really that. Has not been confirmed in any way shape -- form. And if there's a lot of up in the air is it -- -- be -- for us is it gonna be a five sure if you read the latest article hey things are appointed there will potentially be no five. And it'd be a four -- type phone and the biggest thing rate we've kind of heard this but Apple who typically seems to have some source bash relates to -- the Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal post an article this morning that said according to. People familiar with the company that the Apple iPhone that will be announced they will not be -- on any kind of four GL TE network -- And that's actually not a huge surprise I mean we've speculated back and forth about whether it would be a four -- phone. Or in LTE phone but that isn't really Apple's. And twelve to jump on boy I mean your memory Ellington go three -- even but in my mind that is a little bit of a letdown. I understand the reasoning I really do I mean I have come to understand why Apple does that's why they -- are slow to jump on -- these things. But I do think they have so much competition now that it's a little it would be a little bit of a let down for not before it now are are longtime Apple tipster. Rob red is back in a chat room this morning -- -- angry -- is from a of the data films I -- we haven't seen it yet we haven't in airline time Robin glad -- -- here especially because. -- -- -- -- No one of the reasons why everyone was speculate okay maybe this phone. We'll actually have four G or some sort of WiMax LTE support is yesterday. There's an article that that pretty much we -- every -- that sprint had secured. And a deal. Twenty billion dollar deal. Secure -- approximately thirty million iphones running from now and through the future. With Apple -- and led to speculation that will sprint. How some sort of exclusivity. With may -- this iPhone five and everyone was all over it just sounded. It's weird because it sounds a little ludicrous that I won't -- -- -- sprint wanted to do or change the game anyway and help elevate their position in the market. We've seen Apple go exclusively for what was it wasn't even viable at that point as -- -- there -- So. And it -- than that led to a flurry of speculation like. Could the iPhone five B department exclusive to sprint and that's why we haven't really seen it on other carriers and there might be an iPhone forecast for everyone -- That the latest last minute rumored to is that it that the iPhone four acts might launch October 14. -- -- -- -- -- To me the idea that they would all of a sudden have an exclusive with sprint isn't. That just makes no sense at all especially because many people are now reporting -- -- that they've seen AT&T CEO Ralph -- at the Apple and but no sign of Dan -- although presumably they would keep him. The other thing about that is let's just talk about Apple's -- any of like one phone every carrier that can use everywhere. If if they decided to fragment their market analysts and have an iPhone five exclusive for lets say any period of time six months -- you have to be at least six months for a deal to even be worthwhile to jump into. Then what all those are the people on other carriers they might consider O. I might jump to sprint but let's be honest like relatively fragment their users if there were some features on an iPhone five and some on this. Rumored for S. That that's not gonna cut it sold whatever we see here would. Pretty much in our mine mine mine and writers would have to be a phone that every carrier's going to be able to have -- -- and and you'll get the same feature set and it thinks it would just be a little ridiculous that analysts. At this point especially because of that I mean so some of that that interesting challenges that Apple's facing now right -- RR this this. This huge this huge and -- competition like it's they've got a million different options -- million different phone options. On every carrier so the idea of doing a an exclusive deal like that does seem a little -- the -- -- like bad time like they don't you know at this point you wanna get the phones in the hands of as many people at. And when you talk about -- you just alluded to the competition that's out there. Let's just say Apple releases an iPhone four arrests and let's just say. It's more of a software upgrade. People are not gonna be happy it's been a year -- a -- since the last phone -- Keep consumers -- general general mainstream consumers not even the tech savvy you know the -- techno files. First -- all the techno files will not be happy. Ray are in -- -- you kinda have to pleas for secondly. The general consumer can -- had an iPhone three G 3GS for two years yet and is waiting for an iPhone five if they hear it's a national forest. That's not gonna -- -- for them either so. You know we don't no one knows exactly what's gonna be announced here today. It's. They did got to deliver I'm totally in -- boat I've had a 3GS from a few years and I'm ready if I'm ready to move up since the fuel it can slow Norman battery life dying so yeah gimme a five B would you be -- that would you be displayed with anything. Other than a five yes. Definitely over the four asks you not known and unknown like a better camera now because I want all odd numbers -- started with the -- You know well live it up all that reasoning -- not -- -- saga. Okay and combine rob -- terms of the deal with the iPhone -- is that it's tied to IOS -- its new voice control which we talked about the voice assistant technology. That it may that is enough of -- challenged. That we might see IOS five today on the iPhone four acts now that's -- that's reverence. Possible prediction -- or possible little insider update. I mean everyone's talking about how if they use this voice assistant -- that. It needs -- -- or some of the new features that'll have it -- require more ram because it's gonna be doing some more background tasks now. I did pointed out as they're like oh someone like. Of course -- and they were being series of course you need one gig of ram support that you also didn't need more ram for multi media messaging. Back when the iPhone. 3GS a let's let's bring that point up but. Okay there are probably will be somewhere there better be this voice assistant if they do only bring iPhone for -- this voice this is -- better rock. The socks off -- Now anything. I have to say that for my perspective. If they'd just view four -- saying noticed it -- -- -- listening though let's say that your possibly a switcher. Or you're getting the -- think that expression. We'll still still decide well really it's really -- -- -- possibly -- I'm just saying if they do come out with an iPhone four because. The world is so much more price consciously get it definitely would be -- and not to -- and I absolutely agree. However if they did an iPhone four acts and it -- was an upgrade it can't because the cameras amazing. So those are like an upgraded camera. Maybe bigger screens -- -- like that are and then all of that cool software stuff including. The killer feature for mean that I must -- or -- will not be able to say it does turn by turn the Newton. If all of that is in there and it's like -- 299 dollar from. You know instead of a 600 -- I'm talking about the non contract off contract yet the full press -- That to -- could be a little bit -- -- -- it will still be perceived as a letdown no question let me personally I'd be like loosely. Yes. Another another thing another factor that's -- part -- this is you know Apple has created this culture. There's this whole this whole upgrade within a year tree -- -- new models all the time deliver something better. And now that you have companies like -- pretty much dropping almost new phones every three to four months. We know that life cycle of a new phone and something fresh. They have to deliver on that in a year and a almost a year and a half. -- it's the same form factor -- and that alone right I mean does is it looks exactly the same. Someone like my mom's gonna be like what's so different about the Apple for -- -- what what's the big deal so. -- I -- definitely I mean it's it's been outlined in a while there's just too much competition and enough the problem there's too much competition now to just. Do enactment RS yeah and not have it be a -- and especially. Because. All eyes are an Apple now posting jobs mean you know the big elephant in the room it's like how is Tim -- and even though this is -- I going to be is one of his times or. Now one of his times it is time to shine and show. You know. You've got -- imagine no matter although Steve's DNA is the.

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