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CNET News Video: Interview with the man behind Nintendo TVii, Zach Fountain

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CNET News Video: Interview with the man behind Nintendo TVii, Zach Fountain

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Jeff Bakalar goes one-on-one with Nintendo of America Director Zach Fountain on some of the technical specifics surrounding the Wii U's Nintendo TVii feature.

Hey everyone I'm Jeff Bakalar for cnet.com we're here at the Nintendo Wii you -- and New York City. I'm joined by Zak found director at Nintendo of America powers -- -- area excellent is tacky helped -- debut Nintendo TV. Lot of questions that we have on our minds specifically. How is it going to work in terms of connecting with cable riders what it -- that process going to be like. Well it's gonna be as simple when you can think as the Wii U game -- as -- remote. So with a combination of infrared codes -- change the channel on the cable box. And on the other side just putting your basic program guide him though so what cable provider you have. Basic location information. In what package you have that's the guy -- And in change in the channel the remote control aspect and integrity can so that we -- gonna have some sort of infrared blasters that how that's gonna work. It does how will -- work in terms of receiving the TV signal is or is there would what does that interface going to be like we talk and coax is there's some sort of bypass. Well at this point -- in -- TV as is it brings. The data that -- of what you can watch what's on your TV channels into the guide portion. And then when you select program it is using -- for it to change the channel to the proper channel and the source of the TV to the proper source. There's no actual. Signal coming into to that we -- it's basically just using -- and -- TV remote similar to universal remote. So there's so you're saying there's no signal from a set top box entering the -- -- at all but that's right. We saw a lot of critical stuff about the whole timeline thing I think that's awesome -- it mean we think of sound -- we can sort of tank little segments in a song and comment on it. Where's that infrastructure gonna be hosted where all that being maintained. Out there in on the Internet. Well we don't have details are on that yet -- and than to say it'll -- the accommodation -- development partner I don't TV. As well as some Nintendo and perhaps even those that produce shows and networks themselves very cool. On so now were pretty sure that this will be compatible with every cable router out there. On there was a lot of Tivo branding is gonna work with any DVR that I have because now -- -- Verizon files want to be able to control my DVR. Through my idea Nintendo to get. -- village controlling your Tivo DVR and -- we expect compatibility with every cable -- satellite provider. On and you said the -- guide information will be sourced from some -- cloud based. You know. Read that gets the TV guide information. On that would normally -- your cable locks down and translate just buying drinks and details. On to the Nintendo to me that's right so we have in a public data around that XP license of course around. What's on television and we also work with some of the video service providers to get their -- of what's on their services so we combine -- together at the most accurate guide possible. Last thing I wanted to talk about introduced some of the portals that we're gonna be able to enjoy Netflix Hulu plus Amazon. -- can you tell us anything about what's gonna be coming down the road sports is a big deal I know about the demo teased us sort of college football on and that. Are we gonna be able to see things like that and -- -- TV in an intentional -- -- that. -- F for a launch bed -- services that were announced today are Netflix Amazon. Instant videos Hulu plus YouTube will also be integrated as well. We don't have any additional announcements at this time unconditional video services. All will -- -- you be able to send the tablet any separate video information for example if they thought someone's watching. Set top box cable on their television could I then get Netflix streaming to my -- and as a separate source. The game pad and intended TV can handle video directly in the game pads that today in the presentation and it shows the ability to watch a movie trailer on the game that. But as far as the question about. What sources are coming in after -- actions and those details -- right now it's sort of just locked into. The main contents aside from trailers and -- like that that we'll just be locked to ma and that we use displaying that content on -- television. That's rights and intended TV is. Almost entirely on and then the game pad until the point where the program is initiated in -- beacons and experience. Com another thing we saw was sort of digging deeper into information about the content -- watching. On we saw a few links for I -- DB can you go into detail about what that experience will be like for a Nintendo TV. -- there's a couple different areas where that information can be accessed them what I showed today is with in the context of discoveries so I'm on the modern age and money. A -- page in that information available to me. I'm but also in the social aspect the services -- -- later about the moments that are flowing in on live TV. There's tags in there that are related to the moment as well -- -- -- -- information sources so both in broader context and Discovery Channel surround these moments on live TV. And how does that work with the tagging -- because that is really by far my favorite part of this whole experience Alden. Booth to screen shots that are -- is that like a real time thing it can you only comment on demand or live television. When the viewing source is one of the application such as Netflix or Amazon instant video or Hulu plus. And into -- TV actually turns over both screens to those applications. So -- that the experience around moments is for live TV or Tivo DVR experience. Through the tagging and that's up only live for television. Yes DVR and life fever outbreak -- okay I think that's it -- found director at Nintendo of America thank you so much for a taking the time I'm Jeff Bakalar for CNET -- season.

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