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CNET Update: Internet doomsday averted, ISPs save day

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CNET Update: Internet doomsday averted, ISPs save day

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Internet service providers offer cure for DNSChanger malware, a Canadian hotel puts new tech in guest rooms, and pigs may soon fly.

We get news on windows creator python's flying pig now -- -- stock average scary and this is an update. Monday was said to be an Internet doomsday for anyone infected with DNS changer malware. But it turns -- wasn't all that your -- this wasn't like the Y -- K. If -- one of the few that still had this virus reward to get a fix or the major Internet connection. Government run servers have been working as a late support for these infected computers. It was a temporary solution to get -- a few months to get their computers cured of this debilitating code but now. Time's up an -- on the left about 64000 computers in the US. Are forced defined effects but not all is lost Internet service providers like Comcast -- T and Verizon are -- and helping those affected. Microsoft announced that windows eight will be available and October we still have an exact -- -- -- -- keep them from each of our seats. Microsoft has sold 630. Million Windows 7 licenses to date. If you are have windows an update will cost about forty bucks but that price will go up -- and January. Twitter just got the overdue improvement with several new search features we search for -- you can now limit the results to be just the people you follow. It also ought to crack your spelling in a search like Google that. And show you related links and user names that found it also shows popular photos and -- is tied -- -- search were. I think that's still in knowing is trying to find old tweets. Block and me iPhone and iPod charging docks in hotel rooms these days some upscale hotels -- tethered to the desks but one -- on Vancouver. It's taking -- step further. USA today reports that opus hotel is replacing landline phones with iphones and every -- guests can take that iPhone around town during Thursday. It's almost the school at hotel indigo in England replacing its bibles that -- And the Galaxy Nexus mark on his back on sale to Google -- store last week that on the looking down because of -- US district judge. Granted Apple an injunction against selling the phone. Alleging that it infringed on patents well the new version of Android four point one should expect conflict. The phone is set to ship in two to three weeks and we're ending today with some huge epic astronomical. News the next Angry Birds game may you play as pigs this -- comes from the blog pocket -- Few details are available but this report is true -- -- higgs at the birds. It could be up for Christmas. Common happy. That your tech news update we're today for more the stories and today's -- visit cnet.com slash update. -- -- -- -- -- --
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