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CES 2012: Intel looks to 'wow' with concept Windows 8 ultrabooks

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CES 2012: Intel looks to 'wow' with concept Windows 8 ultrabooks

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At CES in Las Vegas, Intel's Mooly Eden updates the company's "ultrabook" efforts, including a concept transparent touch screen on the back side, coupled with the Windows 8 Metro user interface.

Speaker 1: So let me show you some of these touch screen and how it's done and two things, if you believe me, say wow and if you don't believe me, go later on to this Notebook, try it, touch it and then tell me, wow. What do we have over here because I believe this is something that we actually... we stretched it another level, right? Speaker 2: Sure. So this again is the same Intel concept of Ultrabook. This one actually is running Windows 8 and it also has sensors. Everyone's used the sensors... Speaker 1: You must let me do this although I didn't practice it. Okay. Speaker 2: I'll let you pick it up and do it. Speaker 1: So we've got a sensor that we added to the Ultrabook. So first of all, when you need to speak a location, it will not ask you where you are and you need to put your address... your address, it will be done automatically. But more than that, if I take it and I believe it's Google, I can navigate it and use all the great compute parts that you've in i5 and iCore and I'm not sure that many other thing will be able to deliver such an application at the same time enjoy both worlds. So we can see over here and again, you'll be able to try it later on, how the sensors are working with this Ultrabooks and I can see already people asking cynical, yes, but it's a clamshell,so let me promise you two things. First of all, it's comfortable to do it if it's a clamshell. It's beautiful, but some of the systems are gonna be clamshells like this. It's an... based... but if you would like to do it, you'll have it as a tablet. Thank you guys. By the way, this section, did you hear what they just said? But what you can see over here is the way that I'm using many of those, we call it sliders or convertibles. We just open it, we do get and then we can take the compute part that we've got in the core processor and use all the greatness that you can do on a PC, but if you want to do it as a tablet, you can have your tablet with you and then you can have the touch that you've seen, you can have the sensor although my personal belief, is that people will use touch screen with their Ultrabook even in a clamshell and people will use the sensors and after few weeks that you use it, you'll be surprised, you will not be able to do anything without it. So what you see over here is the Ultrabooks and we've got it on Microsoft Windows 8, but you all have seen the tiles and it will run even better. So the first example of an Ultrabook is Windows 7 and once we are working with Microsoft to Windows 8, we'll be able to get even better experience and having the tile experience with the rest of the applications. The other thing I would like to show with you is the Nikishki. Nikishi sounds like a very strange name, I agree. This was a concept with the guys in our... had thought about and I disclosed in Computex and what I showed is ... this is Nikishki, this is how it looks like. Let me go on stage if you would be able to see it. And the idea was the following, it's an Ultrabook that you can type everything on a normal way, but over here, we've got a touch pad that you could move the mouth using the touch pad, but the interesting thing is that when you are on the go, you can close the Kishkey, the touch pad is transparent, let me show you how it's transparent. Can you see my finger? Yeah, it's transparent and you can see the data that you now need. What is my next meeting? Did I get an e-mail? And when you've got something urgent, you don't need to go immediately to your phone or to your tablet or to another device, you'll have it on the go, so you'll be able to enjoy both world, a very powerful notebook, but when you're on the go, you'll have all your data with you.

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