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CNET News Video: Intel CEO previews new handheld gadget

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CNET News Video: Intel CEO previews new handheld gadget

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At the Web 2.0 Summit, Intel CEO Paul Otellini demos an unnamed handheld device in early development. The always-connected device uses a "smart" camera to translate Chinese text into English almost instantly, and gain product information and reviews when hovering over a toy sale. There is no release date set for the device.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:05 >> Paul: Today when we use the Internet, for the most part, we're going somewhere, we go to a search engine and we go find, through that search engine, something we want to do. Yeah there's some news feeds and RSS feeds and so forth but for the most part we're going to find things that we need. The personal Internet turns that around, it says we can use the power of computing, we can use the information that machines know about you, where you are, who you are, what your interests are and so forth and bring relevant information to you when you need it and that's a much more proactive environment. And I'll show you two examples here; one is traveling on the road in China in this case, and one is in commerce so let me bring up Craig from Intel to walk you through the first demo, hi Craig. >> Craig: Hi Paul. >> Paul: So, first of all let's just pretend that we're now sitting in China in front of a store front in Beijing, right? >> Craig: Absolutely -- >> Paul: Take it from here. >> Craig: basically what I want to do is with a mobile Internet device, something like this, I can go ahead and take advantage of all the tools that are available out on the Web delivered to me automatically and then be able to have, basically everything that I need to be the most productive business traveler and maybe take in some of the sites as well Paul, so. Let me go ahead and show you a couple of the cool things here right away. Paul, how's your Chinese? >> Paul: Not good. >> Craig: Yeah, on a scale of 1 to 10 I would say I'm probably about a 1 or a 2, however, if I had a device that could do this. >> Paul: That's pretty cool. >> Craig: Yeah, pretty cool, huh? >> Paul: Yeah >> Craig: So, actually what I've done here is with some computing power in this little device I'm able to go ahead and bring down from the Web automatically with an always on mobile Broadband connection and bring down whatever tools I want, so as far as in a other example it looks like we have a restaurant here, let me go ahead and see if we can find a little bit more information about the name. ^M00:01:56 [ Silence ] ^M00:02:07 >> Paul: There's glare on it, huh? >> Craig: Yeah, we've got a bad glare, one second, there we go, okay. >> Paul: Good home-style cuisine. >> Craig: Alright, so -- >> Paul: Great >> Craig: you know it's gonna be excellent if they put good in the title -- >> Paul: Double good. >> Craig: twice. Maybe we could find some more information about it, so again, utilizing the Internet let's see if I can go ahead and bring down, and I'm always automatically through my wireless Broadband connection connected to my social network, so not only can I see some of the dishes that are going by here, some ratings and reviews but I can see actually looks like one of our connections here has put a video blog up so let's go ahead and take a look if this place is any good. >> Paul: Okay >> We really like this place, check out all these specialty dishes especially the Phoenix Claw. >> Paul: Phoenix Claw, huh? >> Craig: Big on the Phoenix Claws there -- So, well, let's go ahead, and I usually go with the sweet and sour chicken so I'm a little unfamiliar with that dish, why don't we see -- >> Paul: Yeah, what's on the menu? >> Craig: if we can translate the menu, okay, looks like we've got Phoenix Claws right there at the top. >> Paul: They're cheap but what are they? >> Craig: Pretty inexpensive, maybe we can find some more info, oh, does that look familiar to you Paul? >> Paul: That looks like chicken feet. >> Craig: Chicken feet, that's exactly right. >> Paul: I think we'll pass. >> Craig: You're not hungry anymore. >> Paul: Not anymore. >> Craig: Alright, well, maybe we could try something a little different, so while I'm able to go ahead and translate everything that I see, why don't we use another usage model, 'cause maybe I need a little bit more. >> Paul: Sure >> Craig: Particularly maybe something in the area of speech, so while I go ahead and, let me bring up my speech translation application here, now the GPS knows that I'm in China so it automatically downloads these libraries the second that I move off the plane so this guy's ready for speech and maybe we can interact with our restaurant something like this; table for two please. >> [speaking foreign language] >> Craig: Not bad, so someone with a, ya know, a Mandarin level about a 1 or a 2, you can see how this is going to be amazing business tool for us to be on the road. >> Paul: How about in the area of commerce? >> Craig: Well absolutely, we definitely don't have to be in China to go ahead and take advantage of some of these great Web 2 point 0 features so what I have here, if we wanted to go to the Mall pick up some stuff for the kids, I have a just a Connects box toy but this could any product that you want to go ahead and take a look at on the shelves, but maybe I can go ahead and get some great info from that I bring up a little menu, now I can go ahead and get pricing, some information on the SKU and maybe even check my local area if there's another store that has this for a cheaper price but I bet you weren't able to see some info like this before. >> Paul: That's pretty cool. >> Craig: So with this technology I can actually see all the pieces as they come together, I can see the fan start up there and give it a little rotation, we're gonna see the wings are gonna be flapping around and some truly, ya know, some amazing info that we probably wouldn't be able to get before. Now I can go ahead and take a look at the back here and do some alternate views, okay, this is an alternate configuration for the device itself, so I can make a spaceship or maybe we want to go and utilize our Internet connection to find some more information in the fact of video; this is actually the top YouTube selection for this toy product. [music] And even from there while I go ahead and see them building some pretty cool Connects toy models I can go ahead and click again and get the entire product web page, so truly amazing stuff and we're, ya know, really seeing that we're leveraging all of the truly amazing tools out of Web 2 point 0. Again, I have another box and I can see another alternate configuration but because all these tools are persistent and delivered to me seamlessly as the user it's really going to get particularly businesses in relating to consumers some incredible business models that we haven't even seen before in a way to innovatively market their products. And let's go ahead and maybe even have two of these guys together do something pretty amazing. Oh, so, we got a little -- we're gonna actually have this race car picked up, so as you can believe with just these tools here -- >> Paul: That's very cool. >> Craig: We'll be able to do some stuff we've never seen before. >> Paul: And I think these are just really examples of what I was trying to talk about earlier in terms of using the technology to give you the information you need, where you need it in a seamless fashion, ya know, he didn't have to go program things, ask for things and so forth, they just came to him. However, there's one little trick that we're playing on you in that device. >> Craig: There is one catch, now while all of these applications and usage models are very, very real Paul, we're stealing a couple of cycles for some Core 2 Duo machines that I've hidden back stage, however Intel engineers never sleep Paul so it's not gonna be too much longer before we'll have the power and performance and the power savings in a device that size. >> Paul: Right, great, thanks Craig. >> Craig: Thanks very much. ^E00:07:18

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