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Inside Scoop: Apple and Samsung's patent battle: Inside Scoop

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Inside Scoop: Inside Scoop: Apple and Samsung's patent battle

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Apple and Samsung are about to enter the courtroom over several patent disputes. They're the latest tech giants posturing over intellectual property rights. CNET's Kara Tsuboi sits down with Josh Lowensohn to discuss the case and the difficulty in deciding patent lawsuits.

However when I'm car as tsuboi cnet.com and here with Josh slowed since staff writer also at CNET and -- we are talking Apple vs Samsung the trial is about to start. Given sat at the -- and that's not what we're talking about here so this is really Apple and Samsung fighting for market supremacy. Apple's basically -- Samsung ripped off our stuff and -- thing well you could -- the iPhone iPad without our technology. So these two really and head to head do you -- court. This comes down to patents that's what we're talking about. Yeah let a lot of it's just about the technology Samsung's. They do word and been able to use like they do -- that our tech -- And some examples of that might be and the pinch to zoom for example that you see on iphones ipads. -- Clinton attempts and ripped off some of that those design details right and that really all comes back to Google's Android operating system to -- these products were on. Apple went over after HT scene after Motorola and they're going after other companies besides -- -- But it's really kind of the biggest face to face in terms of of the phones that are attacking. What is potential consequence of this trial Nancy say Apple -- what happens all -- Samsung products and we're talking dozens of Samsung products that supposedly use this technology. Right so in the cases. This matter it's really all about getting Samsung's us stuff off the shelves -- Apple wants to keep it. From being on sale -- the -- and make. Samsung changed their products to be more friendly. And not infringe -- the patents at the same token Samsung wants to keep Apple's them off the -- you at least get some sort of royalty payments. I'm was probably happens -- they're gonna shake hands and make a side deal settle in to -- you can use our patents we can use yours hi everybody gets little bit of money. Right because at some point I know some patent experts have said it's really hard to stake your claim on this technology that is really just evolution of. Where the technology has it I mean is there any ownership to that it is but it's also really deep -- only go into I mean when you start talking about things like interface elements you go back these kind of computing concepts that -- -- needs. So it can really kind of stretch out -- We don't really know if that's capitalist -- yet but there's a lot of potential. So right -- -- consumer is not a whole lot and I mean if you own your current Samsung phone -- gonna be fine with it. But as far as that next model you may not on store shelves yet that's that's kind of what makes this case interest things we don't really know what's gonna come out of it and turns -- change you know it properly gets. In a position where they can make -- and changes products. I'm WB when they also changed the course the device has to come. A lot riding on this time and middle -- -- the -- over the next couple months they just us that just -- staff writer for cnet.com on cars to voice thanks for watching.

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