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Mailbag: Inside info on Buzz Out Loud

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Mailbag: Inside info on Buzz Out Loud

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Plus what car Tom drives and why he's bad on Buzz Report.

Hello everyone, I'm Tom Merritt and welcome to the CNET mailbag. Molly Wood is on holiday, so I've agreed to step in and suffer your slings and arrows, and occasional compliments. Let's dive right in shall we? Thomas Creighton the third who writes --------- Dear Molly, I am concerned about the new format of Real Deal. I am afraid that it will "cannibalize" the show and turn it into something you already had called Cnet Live. Why did you (cnet) decide to get rid of a show to then force it into another show. I have nothing but love for both the Real Deal and for Cnet Live, however, please do not change what is not broke on the Real Deal. Also, in recent BOL episodes Tom has mentioned his hybrid and I was wondering what hybrid does he drive, and that made me start to wonder what car out very own Car Tech host, Brian Cooley drives. ------------ First let me address the CNET Live question. The half-hour call-in show took around 17 people and around 4 or 5 hours to produce. We realised we had all kinds of podcasts like Dialed In, MP3 Insider etc... that could handle questions on specific topics, and we could produce them with many fewer people and much less time, and get more video content out of it. Simple math. We've always answered questions on The Real Deal so we figured that was the most logical place to start taking a couple calls. Shouldn't change the format of the show much at all except to have a few live people to ask questions instead of just emails. Hope that helps allay your concerns. Oh and I drive a 2002 Ble Toyota Prius. Brian Cooley drives... wel crap what DOESN'T he drive? Next a question for Jason Howell! ----------- rzanotti asks What kind of microphones do you use for recording shows like Buzz Out Loud and Gadgettes? Is it the Electrovoice RE-27? Thanks and keep up the great work... ---------- Well I just happen to have a Jason Howell right here. Jason, what's the scoop with our podcast mics? [[JASON GIVES SCOOPAGE]] Thanks Jason. That man is one of the reasons we can replace the 17 people that do CNET Live. He is a monster when it comes to podcasting. OK, time for an ego check. rafael1reyes writes he completely idiotic "Point-Counterpoint" thing Molly takes part of is just not necessary. The Buzz Report is almost good enough without it- since it strays so much from the real point as it is nowadays; and then you bring in this geek to debate with Molly... And they both suck at it! Stick to the news! Nobody cares about your point-counterpoint! ------- OK, that geek's me Rafael. First geek isn't an insult in the tech world. And yes, perhaps I suck at the point counterpoint, you're entitled to that opinion. But thankfully Mailbag producer Sarah Harbin found this email. ---- Hey Molly I was wondering if you could do more point counterpoint on the buzz report? If so that would be really cool cause I think Tom Merritt is a good addition to the show. Okey-Rokey Abdul ------ Hey! Maybe that should be our next Point-Counterpoint! OK, Let's finish with some Auto-Incorrect -------- Our submission comes from Will in Chicago. Will says, I had just blown out a front tire on my bicycle and had texted home to let them know that everything was fine and I had walked the rest of the way to work. In her most comforting manner, my mom responds with "the portamt thong is that you k." Very comforting indeed. ------------- If there's one thing that's not that comforting, It's your Mom saying thong. Wel unfortunately that's all the time we have for this Mailbag. But the portamt thong is that you enjoyed the show. You K? Molly will be back next time so keep those cards and letters coming. email goes to mailbag@cnet.com and cards and letters go to CNET TV c/o Molly Wood 235 Second Street San Francisco CA 94105. Thanks for watching!

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