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Loaded: Inner space

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Loaded: Inner space

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An official PlayStation app is set to launch soon on iPhone and Android, Hotmail lets you surf the Web inside your e-mail, and the Google Body Browser lets you float inside the human chassis.

-It's Friday, December 17th. I'm Natali Morris and it's time to get Loaded. Facebook went down briefly on Thursday but the site came back up with a few redesigns. The site now has Photo Tag suggestion feature, the one that we've discussed here before. It also has new photo layouts and a few other graphical changes. If you don't see them, you will soon. The Apple Mac Store will be open for business on Thursday, January 6th. This brings the iPhone App Store to the Mac, letting you run your apps on your computer. It will be available in 90 countries at launch. Yahoo! is going through a pretty significant round of layoffs. Unfortunately, this means that several Yahoo! services will be shut down as a result. Daring Fireball reports that the bookmarking services Delicious could be just one of many Yahoo! casualties. So, where am I going to save my recipes then? I guess I'll move them to Evernote, but I will shed a crocodile tear for Delicious for what it's worth. Meanwhile, Google is increasingly in hot water in the European Union. The EU is said to be increasing its inspection of Google's practices based on complaints from Germany. The investigation has to do with whether Google gave preferential treatment to its own services when ranking search results, blocking out competitors. Google Maps for Mobile on Android has a few new goodies. First off, they come in 3D. You can also navigate them with lots of cool multi-touch gestures. And they work in offline mode. This means that the maps will cache when you lose your connection and you can still use them. You do need a connection to start the guidance, but if you lose your connection along the way, the map will help you keep easing on down the road. Android users, to get these features, get Google Maps for Mobile 5.0 in the Android Marketplace. Google is not only working to map your world, they also want to map your body. The Google Body Browser takes you on a tour of your own anatomy. Well, not your own anatomy obviously, but a general human anatomy. Imagine if Google launched your own private anatomy out of the blue with images they had taken with that mapping truck. Now, that would be a privacy lawsuit worth following. You can find the Body Browser at bodybrowser.googlelabs.com. An update to Hotmail lets you surf the web from inside your e-mail client. This feature is called Active Views. It lets you visit websites and perform functions like booking travel or ordering movies on Netflix from inside your e-mail messages. And finally, the official Play Station App is coming soon to Android and iPhone. It will let you do things like keep up-to-date with your friends, games, and statuses; find new games; read Play Station announcements; and post to your social networks about your gaming life. The app will be free. Those are your headlines for today, and that wraps up your week of getting Loaded. Remember, you can find links to anything we discussed at CNET.com/loaded. I'll see you on Monday. I'm Natalie Morris for CNET.com, and you've just been Loaded.

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