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CNET News Video: In the TechCrunch Demo Pit

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CNET News Video: In the TechCrunch Demo Pit

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With 50 companies on stage, even the companies that didn't qualify for stage time get attention at the TechCrunch50 event. Webware's Rafe Needleman explores the Demo Pit, where the runners-up pitch to the passers-by.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:10 >> Hi, this is Rafe Needleman from CNET. I'm here in the Demo Pit of the TechCrunch50 conference. This is where the companies who didn't make the cut to present on the main stage get to present. They get one day each, but some of these companies here are actually pretty good. Let's go check 'em out. So, we're at the Rate Surfer booth. This is a product that will move your money for you? Mitch Calderwood tell us about that. >> Mitch: Yes it is. Rate Surfer is a credit card management desktop software application that manages all your credit cards in one place and it keeps you at the lowest interest rate you're qualified for all the time. It does that through a number of means, but mainly through timely balance transfers. It'll tell you when you need to transfer your money. We've got a balance transfer opportunity right here -- it's gonna save you $5,718 over probably a years period of time in interest. We're gonna click on that balance transfer, gonna look at this granular information -- say okay I accept these terms of that balance transfer, and now I'm gonna run that balance transfer, and this is a graphical, it shows you more or less what's happening. >> Rafe: So, it calls up the credit card companies or the issuing companies and takes money from one account and puts it in the other? -- >> Mitch: Exactly -- >> Rafe: Shows where the balance is? -- >> Mitch: One of your other accounts, exactly, and it does that on-line and it does that -- it logs onto the bank sites automatically, it puts in all the correct information, you don't have to do anything and its -- in sub seconds you literally can make a balance transfer. >> Rafe: And, how do you make money? >> Mitch: We have 4 revenue models, but I'll give you the basic one is, we'll have a download from a website of the software, it'll be a subscription base maybe micro fee based, as well. And, also, we have an affiliate marketing program built into the software which will find you a new credit card. So, if you say, "I want to get a new credit card." You go to the new credit card function -- >> Rafe: 'Cause we don't have enough debt already we've got new credit cards -- >> Mitch: Yeah, and -- >> Rafe: Excellent -- >> Mitch: and you can go on-line and get a new credit card and we get paid for that if you do that on our software. >> Rafe: Excellent -- well, thanks very much. >> Mitch: Thanks for your time. >> Rafe: So, Allen Clary JIBIDEE -- looks like a product for simple data, so what's the simple pitch? >> Allen: Right Rafe it's real simple. This is the place to organize and keep track of all the little stuff in one's life. So, the little things in life like to do lists, simple notes, important documents -- the key is -- ya know -- with Google Docs you have to -- it's basically a lot of big complicated documents for business. This is all the other stuff the little stuff in life, so that's what we've designed here, and we used kind of a Windows desktop model inside of the browser. You basically have all these little documents that you can move around on top of your WebTop. >> Rafe: Now, why would I want this instead of just storing things on my desktop or -- >> Allen: The most important one is you can take any of the sheets and share them; it's something you can't do with your local PC on the desktop. I can take a sheet like this and share it with all my friends, so this is a gift ideas list -- right? -- And I want to share this with -- let's say with my wife -- I just add her to the share list -- hit okay -- and I can also type an e-mail address in if I don't know their e-mail address -- hit okay -- it says here that an e-mail has been sent with a link to this sheet and only this sheet. So, that's one thing. The other thing is I can access this from anywhere in the world. Comes complete with over 100 prestarted templates to get you started, so everything from tracking your cholesterol scores to writing down your travel membership numbers to gift ideas wish list and shopping list. >> Rafe: That actually looks useful. >> Allen: Kind of gets you started. >> Rafe: Yeah -- great -- thank you >> Allen: Thank you >> Rafe: Good luck >> Allen: Thank you very much. >> Rafe: Sure. I am here now at the Givvy booth now with John Treadway. This is an application that helps us give our money away? >> John: And give it back >> Rafe: Okay, tell us why we need that. >> John: Okay, so, it starts with there's 1.4 million charities in the US and it's hard to find and research and do all of this. So, what we do is help you research your charities. We help you create a charity plan for all of your giving and then we help you execute that, so we help you create and execute a plan for giving so that you can give better, feel better about the giving that you do, and have a broader or better impact on society as a result. >> Rafe: So, is this a data base or is there a social angle to this as well? >> John: That's a great question? There is a data base underneath it we call Givvy Base, which is our open source charity data base with 1.4 million charities, but on top of that we've loaded a bunch of tools and the ability to create friends and discover charities through what your friends, family, and, actually, total strangers are doing with their giving. So, you can actually see all of the activity on the system and learn from it and find new things to give to. >> Rafe: And, does this help you with your end of year taxes as well? >> John: Sure, because we're going to record all of the giving that you do as well as the ability for you to add donations that you make outside of Givvy into the system to get a complete giving footprint, and that will allow you to also then print out reports that you need at the end of the year that show you who you gave to, when you gave to them, how much, and a total to put on your tax return. >> Rafe: Charitable giving company, how does it make money? >> John: Okay, for consumers the site is free, including the data base which we're gonna license to anybody to use for their applications etcetera. Where we're gonna make money is by providing solutions to businesses to be able to offer this as a benefit to their employers -- employees with support for matching donations and things that you do in a company around giving. >> Rafe: Doesn't the United Way already do that? >> John: Well, the United Way does it -- they partner with some companies at the very high end of the market, so much larger companies. We're gonna -- we can take this down to somebody that's got 20 employees and do it quite cost effectively. So, we have a market of 100,000 companies we can actually deliver this to versus maybe 500 to 1,000 companies that the other vendors -- >> Rafe: So, you sell it to those in HR service? >> John: Yeah, it's a benefit, it's an employee benefit. >> Rafe: Great -- >> John: And, it's a great one because people like that because it helps with moral, recruitment, and retention of their employees. People come to companies now asking, "What's your commitment to giving back? What's your commitment to sustainability? What's your commitment to the community?" Young people want to know that, so this helps companies give a really great answer. >> Rafe: Thanks very much. >> John: Rafe, thank you. ^M00:05:54 [ Music ]

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