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In Depth with our Best of CES winners: Tech Industry

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Tech Industry: In Depth with our Best of CES winners

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Donald Bell and Bridget Carey sit with three of our Best of CES winners to take a closer look at their products.

-Hi, everybody. Welcome back to the CNET stage. We are live at CES 2013 and this is CES In Depth. Joining me today is my colleague Bridget Carey and three of our Best of CES 2013 Award winners that include Avi Reichental, CEO of 3D Systems, Vladislav Martynov, CEO of Yota Devices, and the Best of Show winner Razer Edge represented by Heathcliff Hatcher. -Congratulations to all and- -Thanks. -thanks for being here. We want to take a closer look at some of these award-winning products, so let's start with 3D Systems. You bought a quite a few different examples of what your machine can do now. -Yes, and we're thrilled to have won. Thank you very much and it's- we're absolutely passionate about 3D printing. We think it's gonna change how we learn, how we educate, how we create, how we make, how we treat and the ability to bring home and to the tech enthusiasts to be able to print professional grade parts as big as the basketball in 3 colors, in intricate detail is something that we're- we have been passionate about for some time and to be able to do it and be recognized for it, it's amazing so we're really thrilled. -And it's been interesting for us at CNET to watch the 3D printer market grow and become a little bit more competitive this year. -Yup. -And now with your particular system- you can correct me if I'm wrong- one of the- or a few of the things that really differentiated- the volume, right? You have I think the highest volume 3D printer that we've seen at the show. -By far. -By far the highest volume. Printed basketball is a first, I mean. Now that is a true-to-scale basketball. -Absolutely. Regulation size, yeah. -And then the ability to print- is it 3 colors? -Up to 3 colors at a time. We have 30 color choices and you can do 3 colors at a time, which nobody else has been able to do yet, and at the same time, do nice micro-details so that you can begin to get at home professional grade resolution- -That's been- -and quality into different materials, in 30 colors, big size and precision. -Sure, and we even have- you have the mobile printer version of this too, right? -Absolutely. -I love this. -We have- we launched here at CES a second generation of the Cube which is faster, more accurate and also now prints in two colors and is so efficient that it can print on a battery for 6 full hours. -Wow. -That's like the Burning Man 3D printer. -You got it. -Yeah. Is it [unk] proof is the next question, and I think it's almost done printing up with the little- -Little chess piece. -Little chess piece. -Yeah. -My glasses today, I printed [unk]. -Vegas baby. -Vegas baby. -I love his glasses. -So. -Very cool. -That's great. -Thank you. -Yeah, all right and so very excited to have you guys here. Congratulations on your win and we now want to talk about the YotaPhone. This is one actually our executive editor is been raving about. She's very excited that- tell me about the YotaPhone concept. I don't want to spoil it. You go for it. -Okay. Well, this is a premium smartphone, Android smartphone- -Uh-huh. -but this got one different thing 'cause electronic paper display it on the backside of the phone, and the whole idea came up when we looked two years ago on all constraints or user gaps with the current smartphones which is- for example, when you're running out of battery and you have your boarding pass in your phone- -Let's show this- -you can't- -off here. -Yeah. You can't go for the security or you're using the maps and suddenly it's out of battery, you're lost in the city. -Right. -Or for example, you have your picture of your love ones but it's pop-up only for the few seconds. It doesn't stay as you wish during the day and also we looked at the all kind of notifications which pop-up in a current smartphone for few seconds on the black screen- -Uh-huh. -and disappeared so if there is important message you need to react immediately and you might find out that in an hour or two which is already late and it's not relevant, that's not good. So for electronic paper display because it [unk] and the main reason is it's actually power consumption- -Sure. -and the battery constraints. So we look what may be a one single solution for the most current user gaps and that was electronic paper display, and because it doesn't consume as much power as LCD display. -Yeah. -And it consume power only only when refreshed the image. -When Brian and- Brian Cooley and I were talking about, he- the first thing he thought of is like it would be great for e-ticketing. Like if I got my boarding pass- -That's right. -and I could just keep that on the e-ink side and not have to reference it and diving some e-mail and panic- -Exaclty. -on my way to the flight. -I can show it right away. So you do just one simple gesture and you move your e-tickets on the backside of the panel and you are safe if battery complete out, you can good to go. -I also love 'cause I feel like all year we've been so distracted by the screen size wars of different smartphones and not thinking of other, you know, more significant, more out of- outside of the box ways to improve that smartphone experience. And multitasking, we always think about multitasking with phones but oftentimes you are kind of jumping back and forth to one specific app that you want to keep always present. -Yes, exactly. -That's a- I'm really excited to see that. I hope that catches on too. -And it's always on. You can put a Facebook page. You can put a Twitter. It's update on real time. You can't miss what is important there as well. -What was driving you to want to do two screens? I mean where did this idea come from? -Well, basically again, most of us are smartphone users. Most of us found ourselves on a difficult situation as explained. -Yeah. -And we want to bring fresh new user experience and by the way, I think for the last 6, 7 years, most of the smartphone manufacturers, they're focused on the text-spec race. I mean bigger camera, like biggest screen but we lost to kind of focus on the user experience- what is good for user and sometimes they need most simple, better solution to make their life better, not just to have a better kind of biggest screen or better camera. -And you got Gorilla Glass 3 on that too and it's curved. -Yeah, on the backside- curved and curved was actually was also idea behind it. Because we want- this is the personal space for the user- -Uh-huh. -All important information is there so we want to convince user to put it on the flat side of the panel. So this is the- they spent- the user spend more time interacting with the backside of the phone because what is important is there. And by the way, another thing is people start using more social media for the last 5, 6 years but they become less social. So because our batteries constraints, the phone is- current phones are off. They're always black. So we wake up every minute to check what is going on in the social virtual life there but usually you lose me. If I go there, you lose me from eye contact point of view from just regular socializing type of thing and you [unk] in the cafeteria and the business meeting, people going there- -Uh-huh. -and don't pay attention what's happening in real world. We followed [unk] because it doesn't consume much power. You can bring Facebook. You can bring virtual world back and will bring back to the real world in this- in the kind of in a sense. -But if you did need a case, you could print one out in 3D with the 3D Systems [unk] for that. -We can print on a 3D next generation of our phone, which we're already working on and which will be thinner and will be much better, but that's another and that's another question. -All right, now let's make sure we move on and talk about our Best of CES [unk] award-winner, best of the best. -Best of Show. -Best of Show- -Yeah. -Best out there. We're excited to have. -And best in gaming- -And best in gaming- -'cause that's a given. -by a category of course. Tell us about the Edge. I mean- -It's a Razer Edge. -that sounded like a more [unk] question than I meant to- I meant it to be. Tell us about your system. -Well, I mean last year and this year, we won People's Voice Award for Project Fiona, and Project Fiona was the concept product for what is now the Razer Edge and we started of- and one of the things for us is we are- most of us are totally focused on our community and our programs with the community through Facebook or through our eSports team and really learning what they want so we did a crowd sourcing program for the Edge. We went to them to get their feedback and throughout the year, we, you know, we went and provided that feedback into the product. You can see here now- -Yeah, yeah. -with the handles- -If you like to turn it around for the camera too. -So. So in its original incarnation, [unk] it did come from a dock or whatever. We received that kind of feedback and you can pull the tablet out. And now [unk] tablet- -[unk] full-fledged Windows 8 tab. -It's a full-fledged Windows 8 tablet. In addition to that, it has a dedicated graphics card so it has the kind of power that you really need to drive the games that you want to play- -Uh-huh. -So it's a tablet. It's a PC as well so you can use it in a keyboard dock just like a Notebook and it's a console, so and the- we have 2 modes for the console dock, so we have a gamepad and then we also have a dock. You can hook it up to your television, you know, with Steam Big Picture that we're showing here or we have a launcher program of our own. You can really, you know, pretty much do whatever you want, you know, so from office to, you know, playing a Call of Duty. -Is there- do you see a hole that was in PC gaming that you were trying to fill that just wasn't there? I mean obviously you're going around asking people wanted in gaming, so is this filling a void? -I wish we- I could say we do like focus testing or whatever but we kinda just make what we want to play. -Okay. -And so we put the concept out there to get the critical, you know, get the feedback and then we try to make the best toys for us, you know. -Right. -Yeah. -And I should diminish the fact that you guys also won the People's Voice Award- -Yes. -for this year as well so [unk] and we don't know that until the very last minute- -And the last year. -for the last 3 years. So you definitely have a lot of people, a lot of fans behind this product waiting- look forward to come to the market. -Yes, we're shipping in quarter one and it starts with the i5 version of the Edge. We have Edge and Edge Pro and that starts at 999, and then we have a multitude of gadgets and peripherals and stuff you can put in it. -And actually I want to pull up a game on here if it's possible. -Yes, truly. Put it back in the dock and we'll let you play some Dirt Showdown. -And this is great [unk]. Have the Microsoft people seen what you've done with Windows 8? 'Cause this actually seems to me beyond its gaming capabilities a real competitor for the Windows Surface Pro. -I'm pretty sure they've seen it because of you guys now so I definitely am sure I'll get a phone call. So it's launching. So let me turn it around. See if I can turn it so there's no glare. -And try to get it. -There you go. -Now we saw a number of Windows 8 devices here at the show. Everything from gigantic 27-inch tables down to full-fledged Windows tablets but this one really stands apart especially with the graphics process that's built into it- made for gaming, made for gamers. -Yeah, I mean for what we want to do with it, you have to have that kind of performance so, you know, it can replace your gaming Notebook. It can replace, you know, it could be the one thing that you take with you. I always like to use the- there you go. [unk]- -All right. -All right. -Get some game on there. I like to use the analogy that, you know, you're always putting your content on to something and taking it with you before you go on a trip or whatever, this is your one device so all of your content could be right there. You can have all your pictures, your movies, all of your games, everything you want all in one device and then move it through the experiential marketing. I mean the experiences that you have so. -Right, if you wanted to have a keyboard with it, you can. If you want to take it with you [unk] with the handles on top of it- wow, those are some great graphics. -Yeah. -What is the screen resolution on this? [unk]. -This is 1366x768. -Oh, wait. It's not 4K? -No. -Oh, come on. Didn't you get the memo? Everything has to be 4K this year. -I'll let our engineer, who's standing right over there, know. Yeah, I mean we're really impressed with it. We'd, you know, we've had a lot of support from our partners at Intel to bring this product to market and so, you know, with that and a dedicated graphics card, you really see the kind of performance that you want from a full on- you know, it's kinda like if you had a 14-inch gaming Notebook and you just took the keyboard off, and then we jammed everything in there. -And that's a trend too we're seeing where laptops are becoming hybrids but in this case, you also have a gaming hybrid into it, which is a different twist on everything. -I mean- -I mean tablets have the keyboard [unk], you know, everyone wants to be able to take it with you, you know- -Yeah, I mean- -as you go. -I love Angry Birds as much as the [unk] then I also want to play like some full [unk], you know, AAA- -You're not getting this back, I'm sorry. This is too much fun. This is actually- you feel the haptic feedback in it too. -Yes- -It really has that- -force feedback. It's got, you know, we're known for our peripherals and our-for our keyboards and mice and all the other accessories but, you know, we really want to prove that we're a hardware company and we'd show you guys what we can do. -I think you're gonna do it this year. Thank you, guys- all of you- -Thank you so much. -for joining us here, talking with us and congratulations again on your awards.

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