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CNET News Video: Impending Internet darkness for thousands
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CNET News Video: Impending Internet darkness for thousands

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On Monday the Internet may go dark for tens of thousands of computer users here in the US. That's because several years ago hackers sent out a debilitating virus that affected several thousand users worldwide. CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports on how the DNSChanger malware works and what you can do to protect your computer.

Server not found. This is the computer screen thousands of Internet users could wake up to on Monday morning if your computer's. Then -- not gonna be able to connect to the Internet even if everything else is -- In this case the malware is called DNS changer and it's wreaked Havoc on hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide when you type in a URL like You think that it's going to CNET and it's actually going to a different IP address which is serving up malicious ads. And they're trying to basically fish you -- personal information. Or just get you to click on hands and give them money the FBI brought -- on the ring -- Packers last year but they couldn't completely disable the operation or the Internet would have gone down for thousands of affected users including some fortune 500 companies. So the government created a safety net to correctly direct Internet traffic. The fact costly program ends at 1201 eastern time Monday morning it could've been a lot worse could -- a huge exposure to too. A very large number of people. I it might have -- -- that if law enforcement and acted when they did so I think I think it's more crisis averted rather than. Rather than into that -- now. The easiest way to know your computers infected is to log -- to DNS dash okay dot US ideally before Monday morning. And differences go on cars who -- for CBS news yeah.

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