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First Look: iHome iH15 LED Color Changing Stereo System
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First Look: iHome iH15 LED Color Changing Stereo System

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The iHome iH15 may not sound all that great or have much in the way of features, but its capability to change colors and set a mood in a darkened room is a unique and appealing trait.

>> David: Hi, I'm David Carnoy, Executive Editor for and I'm gonna give you a quick video tour of the iHome IH15, a very simple iPod audio system that has a small but brilliant design twist, it changes colors. Now with the lights on this isn't all that exciting to look at but it is dare I say it kind of cute. It's got a bit of that 70's throw back thing going for it and 3 small speakers adorn 3 of its 4 sides. One of those speakers is a passive subwoofer that's supposed to deliver some extra bass. As we said this is about as simple as you get the unit just has 4 buttons 1 for power, 2 for volume and 1 for toggling color. You also get a line-in jack for other MP3 players or audio devices but that's it no radio, no alarm, no remote control. The IH15 doesn't sound all that great either. It's a step up from your basic clock radio but not a big step up, there's some bass and the little cube can play somewhat loud but the whole thing sounds quite unrefined. But if all you're looking for is some casual listening and charging your iPod the IH15 is a perfectly acceptable solution. Clearly the added value here is the IH15's chameleon-like quality in the dark. Touch the color button and you give this iHome a new aura. You can choose between 7 colors or have it cycle through all the colors in a rainbow mode with a short pause between color changes. Like iHome's other iPod music systems this one's compatible with virtually all iPods. You can also dock your iPhone but this model doesn't offer GSM shielding so you'll have to put your iPhone in airplane mode, that means you turn off the cell radio, a risk having the speakers pick up some interference. In some this iHome's all about setting the mood with a little ambient color. Of course, some people may not find that all that neat but at least the IH15 offers something to differentiate itself from the rest of the $50.00 iPod music system pack. I'm David Carnoy and that's the iHome IH15 LED color changing stereo system. ^M00:02:05 [ Music ]

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