First Look: If an Android QWERTY slider is what you crave, the Photon Q could satisfy
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First Look: If an Android QWERTY slider is what you crave, the Photon Q could satisfy

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Running Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and driven by a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, the Motorola Photon Q will certainly surpass Motorola's Droid 4.

Hi this is prime benefit for and today we're taking a first look at the Motorola photon Q4 GL TEU. Now available on sprint for 19999. This very capable Smartphone packs a lot of features to match its ridiculously long name. First off this handset runs Android -- -- Ice Cream Sandwich and will connect to Sprint's fledgling four GL TE data network. That is if you're lucky to be in an area where it exists. And fortunately in New York I'm still waiting. Another big feature is the full time -- premium -- keyboard. Sliding out with -- spring the phone's physical keyboard looks to be identical to the one and loves in the Motorola Droid four. It has everything but the kitchen -- such as five full rows including a dedicated one for numbers up top. Along space bar and even four arrow keys. Also included on the Motorola photon Q4 GL TE is a eight megapixel camera with only the flash the photon Q4 GL TE's four point three inch QHDLCD. Isn't the sharpest or biggest. Out there but thanks to Motorola's -- whose technology. Does get -- bright. Powering the photons Ice Cream Sandwich OS is they one point five gigahertz dual core snapdragon S four processor. As a result the device feels happy even handling fancy animated widgets like this circles one which shows time whether battery and settings info. As a world phone the -- Q4 GL TE also connects to global GSM networks along with Sprint's CDMA network here in the states. You do have to ask sprint to activate this feature them. Now the Motorola photon Q4 GL TE -- certainly isn't for everyone the phone weighs a hefty six ounces and -- over half an inch thick. -- we really need to decide how badly want a keyboard before committing. I'm Brian Bennett and this has been a first look at the Motorola photon Q4 GL TE be sure to check out our full review at

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