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First Look: Huawei M735

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First Look: Huawei M735

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The Huawei M735 takes us back in time to earlier days when stylus navigation was all the rage. Despite some high points in the phone design, we're not sure we need the re-run.

-Hi, I'm Jessica Dolcourt for CNET.com. Today, I'm taking a first look at the Huawei M735 for MetroPCS. Unlike so many cellphones these days, this one is not black. It is actually white. So, it kind of stands out from the pack a little bit. There is a splash of color with the talk and end buttons, and a little bit blue here on the navigation array. So, it earns points for style, definitely, and it's got this 2.8-inch touchscreen, some silver trimming around the side. But what is this? Tucked neatly in the back corner is a stylus. It's about 2 inches tall and we haven't seen one of these in years. What this means is that the screen technology is not capacitive where you can lightly drag your finger along the top. So, you either have to press down rather firmly or you have to use the stylus. That does mean that texting and composing e-mail is a little bit harder since you probably have to use the stylus. It might slow you down. It's not quite as convenient as sitting and using your thumbs. There are 5 home screens on this phone. There's also an app tray that's really reminiscent of the Samsung TouchWiz interface (not a big fan of that) and there is a little bit of a learning curve if you are not familiar with dragging and dropping widgets on and off the tray onto a home screen. For photographers, there's a 3-megapixel camera on the back that does take pretty good bright and colorful pictures for the megapixel strength. There's an MP3 player on board and a matching 3.5 standard millimeter headset jack, so, it's fine for playing music. The M735 is $99 at MetroPCS without a contract. That is a fine price for what you get. But the real story is if you're gonna like the stylus or if this throwback will slow you down. I'm Jessica Dolcourt taking a first look at the Huawei M735 for MetroPCS.

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