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First Look: HTC Imagio

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First Look: HTC Imagio

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The HTC Imagio scores two firsts for Verizon: it's the first Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone and the first smartphone with V Cast Mobile TV, Verizon's live mobile TV service.

[ Music ] ^m00:00:03 >> I'm Nicole Lee, associate editor for and this is a first look at the HTC Imagio from Verizon Wireless. The Imagio marks Verizon's first ever Windows Mobile 6.5 Smartphone. It's also the first Verizon Smartphone with Verizon V CAST mobile TV, Verizon's live mobile TV service. As you can see here, it's a very slick yet sturdy design with a 3.6 inch WVGA touchscreen. Surrounding it is a matte black soft touch plastic, so it's really comfortable to hold in the hand as well. The HTC Imagio also has an accelerometer, which rotates the screen from portrait mode to landscape mode, depending on how you hold the phone. We found the touchscreen really responsive and intuitive to use, and there's also a zoom bar at the bottom of the display which makes it easy to zoom in and out of web pages just by sliding along the bar. Even though it's not a touch device by branding, the Imagio does have HTC's TouchFLO 3D interface, which will send info to other HTC touch devices. Underneath the display are the talk and end power keys, as well as a manual launcher, a back button as well as a media key, which can be mapped to any of the phone's media applications. On the side is the volume rocker, and on the back is the camera lens as well as an antenna that can double as a kickstand when we pop it out. We like this kickstand because it allows for hands free viewing of video when the Imagio is on a flat surface. With Windows Mobile 6.5 you also get support for Windows Office Mobile, and of course Microsoft direct push technology that allows you to sync your Outlook email, tasks, and calendar with the exchange server. Windows Mobile 6.5 also brings with it a new and improved Internet Explorer Mobile, the Microsoft's My Phone backup service, as well as Windows Mobile Marketplace for applications. You also get GPS, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and EVDO Rev A. The Imagio is titled as a multimedia Smartphone, and that means it finally comes with support for V CAST Mobile TV as well V CAST video streaming and V CAST music with rhapsody. Because Mobile TV is Verizon's live mobile television service, which is broadcast over a special flow TV spectrum, separate from cellular airwaves. So you don't get any buffing type at all. It is as close to real time television as you can get. Like we said, you also get V CAST on demand video streaming and V CAST music with rhapsody with over the air music downloads. You also get a great 5 megapixel camera that takes great photos with auto touch focus. There's also a video recorder that can record VGA quality video. Last but not least, the HTC Imagio is also a world phone that supports quad band GSM in 2100 megahertz HSPA, so you can use this phone abroad for both voice and 3G data. The HTC Imagio is 199 dollars with a 2 year service agreement and 100 dollar mail in rebate. I am Nicole Lee. This has been a first look at the HTC Imagio from Verizon Wireless. ^m00:03:18 [ Music ]

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