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First Look: HTC Evo Design 4G gives Boost a 4G boost

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First Look: HTC Evo Design 4G gives Boost a 4G boost

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Boost Mobile gets its first Android Ice Cream Sandwich and 4G phone in one wallop.

Hi everyone. I'm Jessica Dolcourt from Cnet here at CPIA (??) where we're taking a first look at the HTC Evo design 4G for Boost Mobile. This is a very similar phone Evo design 4G that we saw for Sprint. There are wonderful things that we thought stands out. There is no keyboard. So it's a pretty thick phone in the hand. Definitely has HTC's signature, classy looking field to it. So one great thing about this phone is that it will run Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich on it and it has version 3.6 of HTC sense and that's HTC's (??) interface. There is a also a 5 megapixel and frost module here on the back. And the front facing camera here on the front. And this is going to be the first 4G wi-max phone available for Boost Mobile. It's gonna cost $299.99 on May 31st. I'm Jessica Dolcourt for Cnet. Once again, this is your first look at the HTC Evo design 4G for Boost Mobile.

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