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The Buzz Report: HP Spectre haunts us with its beauty

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The Buzz Report: HP Spectre haunts us with its beauty

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On this week's Buzz Report, the HP Spectre is a gorgeous, smudge-magnet of the thing. Plus, iPad 3 goes on sale (yawn), and dude, where's my phone!?

Hi everybody I'm Molly Wood and welcome to the buzz report the show about the tech news that everyone is talking about. This week I know your watch in this from an iPad line but hey at least and lose your phone. That would be -- Plus the end of the encyclopedia age but first gadget of the week this gadget of the week is the HP envy fourteen. To -- And men is this thing pretty. It does not and -- cryptic brand new in the laptop world and that is -- and something. The -- is 100% gorilla glass. The body is a fourteen inch ultra book and once you open it up it looks just enough like a MacBook Air to make sure you feel like one of the cool kids. I do wish it had a standard 256 gigs solid state drive -- -- -- 128. Don't get me wrong that they know netbook the spektr's starts at nine B nine so planned to pay extra for the design. Although it is the kind of design worth paying for. If you're not a fingerprint -- of course -- balanced centro. And after the news the only gadget will be talking about come next week is of course. The third generation iPad which goes on sale on Friday. Apple has cleverly stopped taking online orders so that they can guarantee big lines of excited people out front. And that's actually really all we have to think about it. -- up to now. Expect the normal like the big -- that excitement and way to mini news story is that the iPad actually seems to warrant. And of course our fallen in depth review on cnet.com. It's pretty amazing iPad hysteria is getting category. While no Android tablet has really made it off the ground yet. -- -- In other news this week Wal-Mart will allow you to bring your old dvds into the store and buys -- digital access to them. So you can stream your own movies back to yourself for a small -- about two to four dollars. Wal-Mart is using the new movie studio DRM and digital distribution scheme called ultraviolet. Or as -- like to call it pay me again. This is why they won't let Netflix have any good movies really. Speaking of coming into the digital age after 244. Years the encyclopedia Britannica. It's going out of print and it's going online only. The president of encyclopedia Britannica said the web is just a better tool for information it's constantly updated and it's much more interactive. And some other things like huge news I mean I really thought -- get rid of a an encyclopedia. -- before they would go digital. -- And finally let's have a look at what's clogging the tubes if you on your phone constantly. And still connected. That you're actually afraid to be without your phone. A new study finds that a fear called no homophobia. Is on the rise -- homophobia. Is the fear of being without your cell phone. This digital password company did a study and reported that 66%. Of the people polled said they were terrified. To lose or be without their phones. And women were more -- than men. Also 77%. Of people aged eighteen to 24 reported feeling -- phobic. Treatment includes gradually spending more time away from the phone or just imagining spending time without it. It's just ridiculous I -- on people ridiculous. And that's about it -- I think everyone I'm Hollywood and for what.

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