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First Look: HP ProBook 6360b

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First Look: HP ProBook 6360b

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The solid, no-surprises HP ProBook 6360b is a well-priced 13-inch laptop with up-to-date specs, but it's nothing that a consumer couldn't get in a better-looking design somewhere else.

Hi, I'm Scott Stein, senior editor at CNET.com and this is the HP ProBook 6360b. Now, every once in a while, we find a small business or business laptop that's cool enough that we recommend that it could even be used for consumers. This is not that one. No, no, no. This is a laptop that looks like a business laptop. It is really fuddy-duddy looking, no offense to HP, but they put some effort to give this a nice clean look but it's thick. This is a 13-inch laptop that's extremely thick, especially since we just reviewed laptops like Toshiba Portege that are very thin and at the same price range. At about $800 starting price, this is not really a bargain per se. It does have up-to-date second-generation Core i series processors inside. We had a Core i5 in ours. That's great. It's got an anti-glare screen so that's nice, too, some people appreciate that, and the keyboard feels really good, but frankly, look, it's not a laptop you're gonna wanna be caught with in a coffee shop and, hey, that's what matters, right? If we're gonna be paying this type of money for the design because under the hood, a lot of these processors now are the same. Bottom line, the features in this are really meant for business deployment, the software, the security and hardware, et cetera, and the ports, you got DisplayPort instead of HDMI. Save yourself the trouble, this is a business laptop, this is not a consumer laptop, but, hey, if you get-- given this by your IT department, it's not a bad laptop at all. It's got a good battery life. I'm Scott Stein and this is the HP ProBook 6360b with a screen lock hinge.

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