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First Look: HP Mini 5101
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First Look: HP Mini 5101

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HP's Biz-minded Mini 5101 is a worthy successor to the Mini 2140 (one of our all-time favorite Netbooks). It looks and feels great, but for a premium-priced Netbook, we expect it to have more features, not less.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:03 >> Hi. I'm Dan Ackerman, and we are here taking a look at the HP Mini 5101. That's the latest netbook from HP's business line. And when we heard HP was kind of remaking their business netbooks, we were a little concerned because the predecessor to this system, the Mini 2140, is probably one of our favorite netbooks of all time. Now, this new version, stylistically, actually pretty different, it's black instead of kind of a bronze-ish metal tone, and the keyboard, they made the keys a little bit smaller and with some more space in between them. It's actually still very comfortable and easy to use. The touchpad is now more of a traditional touchpad instead of the longer version with the buttons on either side that the older version had. We actually like this a lot better, a lot easier to use. One thing that remains the same is the solid, metal construction. This is one of the sturdiest, most durable feeling netbooks that we've ever checked out, and that's great, especially if you're a business traveler. Our system has a, you know, pretty standard 10-ince, 10 by 6 display, but there's also an option for a higher resolution 1366 by 768 display. And I think you're gonna see that on a lot more netbooks going forward. Now, one thing that this system is lacking that the predecessor's system had is a full express card slot. HP took it out of this one. It's not something that a lot of people would use, but that's kind of one of the problems we have with the new 5101. If you're gonna charge kind of a premium netbook price, which is what they're charging for this, even though it has standard netbook components, you expect them to add features, not take them away. I'm Dan Ackerman, and that's the HP Mini 5101. ^M00:01:35 [ Music ]

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