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CNET News Video: HP debuts two WebOS handsets

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CNET News Video: HP debuts two WebOS handsets

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During a press event in San Francisco today, HP shows off two new WebOS-based smartphones. The Pre 3 updates the previous model with improved display quality and HD video recording, whereas the Veer is the company's smallest WebOS phone to date.

-This is the HP Veer. The Veer has all the features even the most sophisticated smartphone offers coupled with the unique functionality of webOS, so it's everything a smartphone should be in one powerfully small design. In fact, it's just about the size of a credit card. Me, I never leave home without it. Its slide out QWERTY keyboard is one of the best most usable keyboards we've ever made. It has a vivid 2.6-inch capacitive touchscreen and a gesture area for navigation. With the Veer, you get a high performance web browser. It gives you access to the full web included support for Adobe Flash. And it comes with a built-in GPS that integrates with location-aware apps to help you find your way or find cool things to do. The Veer has full multimedia capability including a 5-megapixel camera and it comes with a USB port and audio jack using a really, really cool magnetic connector. Veer supports HSPA+, 802.11 b/g, and Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR. It's got 8 gigabytes of storage and the same memory as the Pre 2, so it's got more than horsepower to play even most intense 3D games. The Veer is one of the first smartphones to use Qualcomm second generation Snapdragon 7230 processor and it comes with all the sensor you'd expect from this class of phone. Its performance stands up to any device on the market. And with HP's mobile hotspot, the Veer can act as a mobile Wi-Fi router for up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices. Never before has a smartphone done so much and felt so little. All of us and especially our CEO can't wait to get HP's first webOS device in the user's hand as soon as possible. The new Veer will be available in early spring. The Veer is just one way with HP are thinking beyond. As I said before, customers want a device that works well for them and a lot of people out there spend their time on the go while they're on the clock. They want a smartphone that makes it easy to do e-mail, view documents, and have video calls with colleagues. But they also wanna browse the web, watch YouTube videos, and play Assassin's Creed on the same device, and they wonder why is that so much to ask. Well, it's not too much to ask of HP. Today, we're introducing a smartphone for professionals who want a powerful productivity without giving up their personal passions. Meet the Pre 3. There. Come on! Yeah. Finally, a phone you can use for business that you don't wanna leave at work. The Pre 3 is a full-sized, fully-equipped office on the go. It's a thin, portrait slider with the largest QWERTY keyboard we've put on any webOS phone to date, so it easily handles business class e-mails. It has a gesture area for navigation and a gorgeous 3.6-inch WVGA display. It's okay. It's okay. That's two and a half times the resolution of the Pre, so it really accentuates the webOS experience for both professional and personal use. Pre 3 has full multimedia capability including a 5-megapixel camera that shoots HD video with video stabilization and a forward-facing camera for video calling. Pre 3 comes in 2 versions, HSPA+ and EVDO Rev A world phone. It supports 802.11 b/g/n as well as Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR. It comes with 8 gigabytes or 16 gigabytes of storage, and again, the same memory we have in the Pre 2, so running even the most demanding applications is a breeze. The Pre 3 includes the standard suite of sensors you'd expect in a phone with this level of performance including a compass. Its Qualcomm processor runs at a stunning 1.4 gigahertz. It's got great performance. All these and more, makes the Pre 3 a professional work course designed for today's increasingly blended mix of work and personal life.

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