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The Fix: How to take incredible pictures with your phone

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The Fix: How to take incredible pictures with your phone

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In this episode, it's all about making the most of your smartphone camera. We show you how to determine your camera's image quality, give you insider tips on taking better photos, and feature an affordable do-it-yourself project that can be built within minutes.

Welcome to CNET that -- the show about do it yourself tech and how to I'm Donald bell and I'm Eric Franklin. And this week we take a look at the top of the other Smart -- -- and got some tips on how to take better photos. And what that would do it yourself project that'll take your Smartphone total gamer top notch but first. Eric Franklin here is gonna break down everything I want to know about your Smartphone camera. When it comes a Smartphone camera quality -- megapixel -- seem to dominate the conversation. Megapixels are determined by multiplying the number of horizontal pixels the cameras -- -- capturing but of vertical ones. For example the iPhone 5 -- takes thirty to 64 by 2448. Resolution images. That's roughly eight million pixels or eight megapixels. But just because one camera has more megapixels and another. Doesn't guarantee higher quality images the size of the camera's sensor also plays a huge part. The larger that sensor the bigger -- pixels can be. Bigger pixels means more light can be captured which eventually leads to more accurate and colorful images from. And with a larger -- there you can also expect better low light performance -- always -- more dynamic range. Before light keep your recent -- -- created -- the have to pass through the lids. And a good lens to make all the difference in the quality of the picture. And his aperture controls how much light actually -- the sensor. Listed as an -- number -- -- -- a larger aperture can lead to better low light pictures and potentially less motion work. They'll be confused with temperatures keyboard -- number of the larger the actual opening. And that you have what happens after the images captured the actual processing of the picture. How well an -- -- process really comes down to the manufacture of the phone. Bottom line the camera is more than just as megapixels we'll plenty of other factors from the -- firmware -- how well it handles. Image processing to the quality was delete the flash that ultimately determine the cameras image quality. All right time for a quick break but when we come back we're gonna don't photo shoot that's right you and Sharon vaknin -- -- it's -- -- Photo into a masterpiece. Men -- a masterpiece that plugs. Welcome back. Smartphones these days have so many camera features crammed into them that you don't even know what they are -- use them. Yeah that's kind of like HDR mode and your -- -- we all have this vulnerability but we don't really -- -- -- to. As well in this next segment we're gonna -- insider tips that will help you figure -- all out. -- -- -- refiners in San Francisco a beautiful setting to show you some photography tips. That'll help you maximize the modes and features that are already on your Smart about it and additionally these tapes I am using the iPhone 5 -- I'm using BL GG -- For example HDR mode almost every phone is gonna have this maybe you know it is maybe don't. It's -- high dynamic range is a great way to take really great looking photos. But this winter season -- he should probably avoid what is here is doing is -- taking three photos consecutively and then combining the best. Aspects of those three photos and no one's super image so it's gonna be great for landscape photography it's gonna really bring out the detail and -- is things like that. -- the key thing about HDR photography is that you need to hold your camera very steady taking three photos if you're moving -- you're taking those. It's gonna look -- Yeah you've already know about that feature about lets you -- your screen and to set the focus and exposure for your shot. Well if you want to make sure the settings don't change all you need to do is tap and hold. A -- those settings. That's great I mean I think that's another great way to take closeup photos still especially if auto focus is having a hard time locking out -- I think the picture of be able to really locking down your finger is a good way to go. Another great -- this and know that there's more ways to take your picture than just hitting the shutter button on your screen and a lot of time to get shaky shots could depressing -- been so hard. Now on the I phone you might already know that you can use your -- volume up button snapped the photo. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And when your hasn't won anything you can use the inline -- of the volume up to also snap a photo and music -- server. Remote shutter that's cool and then you're you're totally erasing any kind of vibration amity -- -- -- the found. On the LGG flex it has a -- feature where you can actually activate the shutter with a voice command I can say. Cheese. And -- to the picture and you can also say whiskey Christy. -- now. Where Steve. Another great thing about today's Smartphones and -- super fast processors is that you can enable a burst mode. That allows you take a rapid succession of like twice shots all at once. I need to pick out the best one later on. It's really great for taking pictures -- -- Of their heads are sporting events anything more than that fast paced action shot you wanna capture you just take all the shots all -- and and pick up the best. One later on hopefully you've got some that aren't worried can't get -- I turn all you have to do is -- and a whole not shutter button. And you'll just see that number of shots climb superfast. And when you're done it -- -- on the five -- the -- the fun we'll create a thumbnail you can tap. And then choose your favorites that you can keep as their primary photos yeah on the LTE -- I've yet to hit the mode button and going to burst mode so pretty quick. And then we'll do -- rapid fire. -- -- shot straight there. -- not a charity is more of your -- modes and features hopefully he'll be taking more creative and interesting photos to upload and program hey I'm pretty -- is -- camera again and have an excuse to shut whiskey and public. -- -- -- It's just been applied to luck Rick. Really cool -- this includes photos are gonna finally look decent. Right but if you -- -- get even more advanced. Sharon vaknin has a DIY project how to make your own tripod mount we're Smart -- Here's what does your primary camera -- there are lots of good reasons amounted to your tripod. In order to do that -- you'll need a Smartphone tripod mount. -- sure cost thirty bucks but today we're doing it ourselves for this project you'll need a few simple materials. You'll need a Smartphone -- hard shell as fast like this line. A quarter inch is -- And L shaped brackets. Some at double sided he's and a car rentals and finally -- -- so the first thing we need to do is press the L shaped bracket first all I wanna give it a cleaner look. But also I want it to match my iPhone case so they have some black could spray paint. And it's really -- simple as putting on -- -- of pain. So let's do it. Pretty -- Now all we need to do is let -- dry for about 25 minutes and when we come back. Putting together the rest of the -- is it really -- it. So our bracket is dry and now it's time -- -- Smartphone on our tripod so what we want it is our double sided. -- spent all tape one side on and stick it to -- -- -- that side of the L shaped bracket. This happens to be the perfect size for my bracket but if he -- you just go ahead intra -- so that it's not nice clean look. And we'll take a copy other side here. And it -- sit in these sudden turn on your iPhone case. -- -- of our brains. Wanna make sure it's scary and next we'll bring in our phone and -- put into the caves. So with -- -- bracket in place security barricade is. And now does pretty much -- and you're ready to put it on your tripod so. Check out how simple it is I already have my quick release -- on the tripod. So I'll take bell shaped bracket put it over about screw. Then -- our quarter inch -- Ban that sick here it. It was true maybe hands high command but if you want a little bit -- security and just use that -- -- -- -- -- -- That's perfect it's an hour and super cheap and DIY tripod mount it -- diamond want -- we -- -- -- advertising drive. -- Scenario I'm pretty super simple and very -- now for your -- -- And by the way all of these materials may only cost me a few bucks at the local hardware store. Optimus Smartphone can't whenever you wanna pay is up to you -- you can find them for -- really affordable prices online. That's it for this week's show thanks for watching if you have any ideas for a date feedback can be just on Twitter I'm at the home and need -- and check out next week show is all about home security thanks for watching CNN.
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