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Quick View: How to play an LP without a turntable

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Quick View: How to play an LP without a turntable

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Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg demonstrates the Soundwagon (also known as the "Vinyl Killer"), a toy minivan that can play an LP record.

>> Steve: Hi, my name's Steve Gutenberg [assumed spelling]; this is a vinyl killer. It's a toy that plays records the sound of an LP. I used to be a HiFi salesman in the 80's and I used to sell these for 20 bucks. People bought them just to amuse their friends. I bought this one about 10 years ago 'cause I thought they weren't gonna make them anymore and that may or may not be true. So maybe you go into a bar with this thing and you say, "I can play a record without a turn table," and then you start this baby up and -- ^M00:00:29 [ Music ]

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