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Mailbag: How to get a job at CNET

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Mailbag: How to get a job at CNET

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In the Mailbag today, someone finally noticed that Veronica Belmont left, someone else wants her old job, and the return of Auto-Incorrect.

Hello, everyone! I�m Molly Wood and welcome to the CNET Mailbag, the show where we take your feedback, try to answer your questions, and offer CNET-related information and humor, and do not in any way answer specific technical questions. Also, we do not want to exchange links with your fireplace and mantle company. No offense. Ok, let�s do some CNET-related mail, shall we? Michael sends my favorite kind of email � the kind that busts someone. He says: Most of the CNET video podacsts are "sponsored" by a different CNET show which gives us a chance to see whether another CNET show would be interesting but sometimes the same podcast that you are watching is sponsored by that show. A recent example. Car Tech this week which reviewed a Lexus is sponsored by Car Tech !!!!! Please could you make sure that each show is sponsored by something different Michael, thanks for sending this note! I�ve seen a few others, and I finally asked Jason Howell, the podcast producer, about it, and he did this: And then he told me that is specifically NOT supposed to be happening, and he ran off to crack some skulls. So hopefully that�s all done with! We�ll get it fixed. Kenneth from Hawaii writes with a question that � made me chuckle. He says: Hey Molly! I really love the segments you're in. (They're the only ones I watch) But I'd like to ask you something. Where's Veronica Belmont? I've seen past Prizefights with her, and (sadly) prefer her over Brian Tong. Just want to know where she went. :) Wow, dude. You really are only watching the segments with me in them. Veronica left CNET in 2007 (yeah, sorry) to work for Mahalo. She�s now co-hosting Tekzilla at Revision3, and is the host of Qore, a monthly gaming program on the Sony PlayStation Network. And yeah. We miss her, too. And now, a heavily edited email from my friend Aric, aka phatemokid. Dearest Molly Wood, Hope all is well. I'm contacting you in reference to the wonderful cnet store. As I was browsing (during non work hours of course) I noticed cbsi carries the horrific ipod nano and shuffle with a cnet logo on it. I've also noticed there is no zune with the cnet logo on it. Why is that? I could go on and on about how mac is wack and apple is the devil, but ill spare you little people. Anywho with the new zune hd's coming out soon should I be looking forward to the best mp3 player to ever grace this planet with the most awesome looking logo ever? If not � and here�s where it gets kinda crazy, so I�ll move on to the answer, which is � I don�t know! But I have passed along your request to the person who interfaces with the people who run the store, who are weirdly uncooperative about things like stickers and shipping prices. But I�ll keep trying. Ok, moving on, Joseph wants to call me out. He says: Hey I was wondering why on the "commercial" or mailbg you say" ...where we read ALL you emails..." yet you don't read ALL the emails! I really think you should change that. Oh, I READ them all, Joseph. Believe me. I�m scarred for life from reading them all. They just don�t all make the show. Speaking of which, here�s one I get all the time, so I�ll throw you guys a bone. RonTheTvGuy says: I hate that Iam not working for you all. send me a place to send my resume. Ok, here�s what you do: go to CNET.com or any CNET site, scroll all the way down to the bottom under More Information, and under this drop-down, click Careers. Then you can either search or just filter by city, full-time, whatever. Cool. See you at orientation. And finally, let�s return to our new segment, Auto-Incorrect. I got a lot of good submissions here, including the one from Jeff who told his friend he was turning his kids into real �doodies� � instead of �foodies.� �Doodies� is an autocorrect word, but not � ok. But my favorite, BY FAR, comes from James, who says: My wife and I were discussing plans for our anniversary tonight (9 years) by email. I asked her if she wanted to do something special for our anniversary. I think she meant to reply saying we should get a "babysitter" for our four year old son, but she must have punched in a typo somewhere because the reply said she wanted a "baby sister" for our son. Needless to say, I was a little shocked. I told her that a casual email conversation was not the best way to initiate major family planning decisions. I will let you know in a few months how things turn out! Autocorrect � makin� babies. And that�s it for this week, everyone! Keep the feedback and questions coming! Email me at Mailbag@cnet.com, or send your snail mail to 235 2nd St., San Francisco, CA, 94105. Thanks for watching, everyone.

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