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CNET UK Podcast: How the £100 Nokia points the way for Microsoft in CNET UK podcast 398

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CNET UK Podcast: How the £100 Nokia points the way for Microsoft in CNET UK podcast 398

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Microsoft has revealed the cheapest Nokia smartphone yet, but how does the 530 point to the future of Windows Phone. Plus, the Breville turns 40!

[MUSIC] Hello and welcome. You're listening to the CNET UK podcast, this is episode 39845 of 26 of July 2014, It's 5:30, time to down tools and meet the cheapest Nokia [UNKNOWN] yet as we ask why Microsoft is sacrificing possible the biggest name in mobile phones. Plus we meet the life changing invention vied to be the next Dyson and celebrate 40 years of the humble postie. I'm Mix [UNKNOWN] joining me on our high tech London studio this week is Luke toast-of-the-town Westaway. Hello. Hello, good to see you. What a wonderful introduction. What a wonderful introduction. And also joining us Andrew Talkie-toast Ohoyo. Oh, hello Hello, how ya doing. So if you want to see the effects of a surplus of toasties on human beings then you. You can see this video, and all our videos, on YouTube or CNET sorry, youtube.com/cnet, or on CNET. So, but for now, let's kick off with the latest news. [MUSIC] 'Kay, let's start off with some good and some bad news from Apple. My favorite kinds of news. Bit of both. It went up and down, man. Yeah. [UNKNOWN] of two extremes. Yeah, exactly. [LAUGH] Why toast, and brown toast? Exactly. Both of those things. Thanks Luke. anyway, yes. So, they have posted a very impressive 7.7 billion load of profit for key three. That's profit. That's a lot of money there. That's not just how much money they've made, That's profit. That's a lot of money. Good job everyone involved. Yeah. Good job. So the [UNKNOWN] east side of it, [UNKNOWN] and the iPad sales have continued to go downhill a bit. That was actually the second year in a row that they've been. Less than impressive. Now that's not, that's not, they're not like falling. Or are they falling? Are they falling or are they decelerating. Decelerating. Right, okay. They're not hitting expectations and it's looking a little less rosy. The iPhone is definitely the thing that. Really propping up all of Apple's own profits and max sales. [CROSSTALK] iPad less so. It's just a bit less excitement. Mm. From people about the iPad. Well, well this is, I mean, Apple is making money hand over fist. They're selling phones. They're selling tablets like they're going out of fashion which, you know, some would say they are. But, yeah. So they're, they're, I mean, they're absolutely, **** they're flying off the shelves. They're selling like, warm cakes and, yet somehow people are still disappointed in this. When I say people, I mean. Are industry watchers, analysts, observers, that kind of thing, which I think says more about the expectations of the market, and the scrutiny that's on Apple, than it does about Apple sales, or anything like that. Yeah, it's the whole farce of the analyst industry aswell. You know, Apple haven't put these, these, oh we're gonna sell this many, and we didn't hit that target, analysts are the ones saying. They even retain the iPhone itself isn't doing quite as well and yet it's made 7.7 billion like it's done incredibly well, but analysts are like, oh nope didn't hit expectations. Mm, didn't do as well. They're not happy. Could've done, could do better. I'm sure Apple's overjoyed. Yeah. I'm sure they're very happy. I'll say there's always kind of like you know, stock brokers and analysts and that kind of thing, they're all going oh well b plus could do better but I guess what this also point to as well is the fact that they have these guys who, they're now looking. Looking to the next thing, right? The iPhones and iPads that's, yeah, that's old hat. They're now looking to see what's next. They're thinking iWatch, they're thinking when's that coming on? iPhone 6 iPhone 6, yep. Yep. Absolutely. Well, I mean that's a lot of money to make considering that yeah, that they haven't released anything new. Have we fallen out of love with the iPad, though? I mean it's the Fablet eating into the iPad, that's that's the, I guess that's what something we'll be seeing over the next year or so. It's the cheap tablet, I think, that's eating into the. The world of the iPad. The Nexus, the Nexus's Mm-hm. [CROSSTALK] Yeah things like the Argos tablet, the Tesco Hudl in the UK. Of course, the Hudl [CROSSTALK] You know they're, they're so cheap and so easy to get that people just aren't really thinking, well why am I gonna spend 400 or more pounds on an iPad when I've got a really good phone. And all I want is a big screen and the Tesco Hudl [CROSSTALK]. If I was gonna guess, I'd say that people are buying. Not cheap as tab, other tablets instead of the iPad, but no tablet at all. So I, I think, I think it's less to do with like the Hoodel and like the Nexxus 7 instead of the more to do with maybe just people, any one who's going to buy a tablet has got one. Hit market saturation. Market saturation, yeah. Everyone already has an iPad Mini. No one needs anything No more [UNKNOWN] It's Apple reception [UNKNOWN] I mean we've had some thoughts from our readers Yes, that's right. stchum or soontchum, however you want to pronounce it. Section says, still on the top and still climbing without any new iPhone or iPad to sell when others are falling down. This is quite an achievement. I see your point, actually, because, like Samsung's [INAUDIBLE] sort of paled out at this point thing. And they've [INAUDIBLE] DS5 within sort of the last few months or so, roughly. Yeah. So bench on the patron saint of Fanboys over here. Yeah, patron saint charm. Cool. All right. Well, speaking of Apple, not to dwell on Apple, but Yeah. There are some other Apple things happening. Well, pay very close attention if you are fond of live music because the iTunes festival, that is Apple's well, it's a festival, [CROSSTALK] lie to you. [LAUGH] What more you do you want to know? It's free. It is free. Well, let me tell you what is actually, what is more to know. Mm-hm. Is the line up has been announced. And we've got acts like Pharrell Williams, Maroon 5, We've got Kylie Manoe, Kasabian, and yes as you say, it is free. Not a Kasabian fan [INAUDIBLE]? I heard that [LAUGH] little. More exciting. [CROSSTALK] Derision. More excited by Kylie to be honest. [CROSSTALK] Yeah give me the locomotion any day. [LAUGH] Also new comer, Sam Smith, and jungle. Don't know who they are, [UNKNOWN]. They're newcomers. They should be so lucky. Lucky lucky lucky. [LAUGH] Yeah, so Richard is free, what you have to do is register on iTunes and then cross your fingers, toes, legs, and any other body parts as possible to. Because the venue only holds 3,000 people which when you compare it to venues like the O2 and Wembley, which holds like 80,000, it's really really small. So there aren't really very many tickets available for each act. But you can register to get tickets for all acts across all 20 days, Hm. And, and more. Will be held, in due course. Absolutely, and the reason we're mentioning this aswell, is that, you don't have to be in London, it's being held in Camden, North London to do this, you can actually watch, live through Itunes, one your Apple TV, on your Iphone, if you have an Apple device, you can watch live, or you can watch the gigs later, and there's some quite good acts going. I mean I don't think it's hard to get tickets. Have you been? I've won tickets before, yeah. What did you go see? I went to see, well, I mean like, a couple of my mates have won tickets for it in the past, and also, if you look out for some apps, like Y-plan they have apps, or they did last year, and they had tickets made available at the last minute. So, if you're prepared to com down to London, and you know, you could see some good bands, there's gonna be more bands now aswell. Is it actually any good though, the first, I've never been to the Itunes festival, but it sounds like. You guys have one's voice, is it actually any good or is it rubbish? well, actually the one thing I noticed, having been a couple of times. I went to see My Chemical Romance and it seemed like there was a very different, which who, who I really like. And it was a great show as well, they put on a great show. But the makeup of the crowd I think was slightly different too if you'd been to see them at a festival, or if you'd been to see them a paying gig. Because they, well It was great. Well there is a lot of makeup on the band. There is a lot of makeup on the hand. That's it. But this I mean I know I'm probably far too old to be doing this kind of thing anyway. But I went down to the front to crowdsurf and the crowd looked at me absolutely appalled, as if I had just kicked on them on the head. Which to be fair. Pretty much just had. [CROSSTALK] [UNKNOWN] what you were planning. [LAUGHTER] There was more, there was more people who had just won tickets to anything rather than people who wanted tickets to- I, I, possibly. [CROSSTALK] But its it's fun. It's worth checking out, if, you know, if you like any of these bands. They should when they allocate tickets to who wins we should allocate to the people who have like the most. Play counts of the band. [INAUDIBLE]. So you know that only the, only the top fans are gonna see. Cuz I went to go see Muse. Hm. It was absolutely amazing to see them in playing such a small venue. Mm. You are a top Muse fan. [INAUDIBLE]. I am a top MUSE fan. They are the best band in the world. And I'm not gonna hear any words against that. Other bands are available. But none are as good. Oh, all right and [LAUGH] So yeah, so what else is going on? So the James Dyson award, you know who he is? That's the guy who made the vacuums and the Dyson airblade which is the worlds best toilet fan. Toilet hand drying. Other hand dryers are available. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Like you're a kangaroo stuffing something in his pants. And obviously if you're listening to this, this won't mean anything, but if you're watching this we are all doing the [CROSSTALK] Everyone can mime it! Mime it now, where you are! [LAUGH] Especially if you're on a train, actually. Kangaroo, stuffing a youngster. You're a mother kangaroo drying your hands in a train, train. station toilet, yeah. So yeah. Can't believe we're talking about this. So, he has award to sort of, find like the new tech and new ideas- - Innovations! Innovations! That's the word I was looking for, of course, thank you Rich, and the, entrants are in, and Rich you've been taking a look at some of them. Coolness, slash all of them. That's right, yeah, there's some really cool ones. So I mean, some of them address, very kind of like big ideas. Like, for example, there's a six-legged robot that follows you along the shore as you Hoover up pollution and oil spillage and rubbish. [LAUGHTER] Why are you laughing? This is important stuff. This is changing the shape of the world. Why can't the robot do it? [LAUGHTER] Why does the robot follow you while you vacuum? If you just like, missed a bit. Alright. Serving a purpose? Joe, you've got a good point, actually. Yeah so the robot follows you kinda hard Oh yeah, you haven't done a very good job there. I could do a better job. There's a whole seagull there. But the robot's basically got the bag in it. ANd the robot, you hoove it up and attach, it's like a tellitubie machine on legs. And then you've also got a fire extinguisher that never goes out of date, because it doesn't mix the materials in that kind of thing. You've also got a supped up wheel chair that has two speeds which. Is pretty cool. One of the ones that I I really like is a is a repurposing of a costabon rocket. So, instead of firing local bombs, it fires local life jackets. So, yeah Equally lethal. Depends on how hard you [UNKNOWN] obviously. If you, if you have a ship wreck, a place could always fly over and just drop loads of life jackets. That would also work for gigs, when they want to use those T-shirt cannons so they can just fire multiple T-shirts into the crowd. Exactly. Speaking, speaking of the tee shirt one in fact. Was a service called sea burial plus, which is exactly what it sounds like Yeah. It's like the most sophisticated sea burial for the modern age. A smart sea burial. Basically it's developed by someone from Singapore, and it seems to address the problem of limited space for burials, and so it's a water soluble urn that spins while it's sinking, so that it sinks on a fixed projectory. Like an alka seltzer. Yeah basically. Yeah. So like yeah. Yeah only a little bit more respect for the dead. [CROSSTALK] Pop it into a drink. Yeah. Yeah. So if for example I wanted my, um,.final earthly remains to be in the Marianas Trench. Mm-hm. Which I do. You can position a boat over there. Drop it. And it, it, sort of stays like on the line vertically. It sits on a fixed trajectory. So it remains in place. And what about if people want to come and pay their respects, or if they wanna know where you're interred. Well they can, because the GPS coordinates are saved in an app, that shows where many people have, over time, been buried at sea. So, you know. Okay, I quite like this idea, this is very. [CROSSTALK] Viking long ship where they fire a flaming arrow into it from a distance. I've already planned it. Anyway. Absolutely. Well,on a slightly less maudlin note Yes, it is the 40th anniversary. Of the Breville Sandwich Toaster. Ooh. That classic, oft forgotten kitchen gadget that we all like. Slash. The student staple. Yeah. Forget that we own. Yeah. Until. We are the children of the Breville-ution. [LAUGH] It's corny. Well the, The Breville's in the details. But, Ooh. So, yeah. So apparently a, almost a fifth of Brits eat a toasty a day. There you go, that's pretty impressive. But to celebrate this, they at [UNKNOWN] have introduced a new deep sandwich [UNKNOWN], which we have taken out for a test run. We do this kind of thing so you don't have to. Yeah. The good thing about this is, you know when you have. You have to clean your brevel, and you've gotta get get all of kind like melted cheese. Clean your brevel? Clean your brevel. You know when you look at your brevel and go I should probably clean that. I think it's good for another few toasties. Exactly. [LAUGH] That toasted cheese will taste great will taste stuck to the outside of my next sandwich, well it will. It melts, when you toast. Yeah. So all that cheese [LAUGH] goes into- [CROSSTALK] So the good thing about this new one, this new deep fill one, you can get more filling in that but also you can take the plates out and you can put them in the dishwasher. They are dishwasher safe. That's really pretty. It's 35 pounds. Anyway we've also with also looked at some of the favorite. Toasty flavorings. But I'm a big cheese and ham fan, personally. Yeah, one of these we've been kind of given this list of what are apparently- The nation's favorites. One of them is salmon, egg and sour cream. Oh, la di da. Which is supposedly extremely fancy, and what I just, what I don't understand about that is. Who would take the risk to find out if it was good. Cuz you'd be like I want a toastie, salmon, egg, and sour cream might be good or I could do ham and cheese. Yeah. Like everyone else and get a toastie that I know is gonna be a solid performer. Who has time to experiment. Well another one, another one that's on this particular list is that steak and cheese and that's made me wonder who cooks a steak, [LAUGH] And then thinks, you know what, the one, the one thing that would really improve this. Steak. I mean, I love a steak. Yeah. But what would really improve this steak is if I stuck it in a toaster. Yeah. [LAUGH] Now, here's why I disagree. Sliced lean steak Yeah. with, with brie slices on top and a sweet onion marmalade, which I normally do on a toasted ciabatta and then flatten it Mm-hm. Mm. with a lot of it inside and you can grill the brie on top. But I think inside, altogether, it would actually be delicious. Okay. Sounds fair. As long as you chop the. Stay [INAUDIBLE] well enough. It was, you kinda just pull one big strand of [INAUDIBLE] Slap against your chin,and. [LAUGH] Or, alternatively. Just put the brie in your [INAUDIBLE] Oh, wow. It might not work. Don't try that. [INAUDIBLE] No, no, no. You're doing [INAUDIBLE] So you're just. Slap the cheese on top of the steak and then. That would just, all of the debris would just, that would be a bree nightmare. that would be a bree-pocalypse everywhere. I was speaking of bree, one of the other mentions on here, another one of their flavors is bacon and bree, which is basically a posh [UNKNOWN] we are on to you if you eat bacon and bree. Yeah, anyway, that's enough about [INAUDIBLE], let's move on to something that's a little bit easier to swallow. So yeah, let's move on to this week's big picture. [MUSIC] So, this is the part of the show where we take the multiple fillings of news and opinion, whack them between two bits of tasty context bread, and then squash them into the [UNKNOWN] of journalism. Serving up the result in one piping hot toasty of truth. With bits of stringing analysis dripping out the sides, and burning your chin. Anyway. Microsoft has revealed its first new Nokia phone, since last weeks announcement of [UNKNOWN] job cuts. Lumia 530 is the cheapest smartphone yet, said on the shelves for less than a 100 quid. And building on the success of the cheapest chip 520 before it. Microsoft's bought the Nokia name this year in order to take control of the destiny of Windows Phone. Bill Gates' mates want to establish a foothold for Windows Phone in the market dominated by the iPhone and Android and it banking on doing that by getting rid of Nokia's existing cheap phones like the Acer and the aging Series 14 lineup and replacing them with cheap Lumias. So far so good. Like I say it's working for the 520 in emerging markets like India and CHina. Those markets and you're friends probably already have a mobile phone, and if you're thinking about getting a new one it's hard to persuade you to try something different. Whereas untapped developing markets are ripe with new customers. And when it comes to the budget end of the market. Windows Phone has a big advantage over Android. Low end Windows phones run basically the same as high end Windows phones. With the cheaper price coming from taking out things like the second camera or ditching the high definition screen. Sadly though, for anyone who grew up with Nokia which includes us and probably includes you, Microsoft is also weaning us off the Nokia brand. Although Nokia will continue as a company, Nokia phones are going the way of the dinosaur and the dodo. Probably sooner rather than later. Will Microsoft save Windows Phone by sacrificing the venerable Nokia name on the altar of progress? Time will tell, it always does. So, Andy, do you think Nokia is do, sorry, do you think Microsoft is doing the right thing? yeah, Microsoft is doing some, some good things, with Nokia, referring to specifically talking about the 530 which with. Sure. We've been looking at today. It's a nice bit of kick, it's got some fair stuff for a really, really low price. And, and it is doing, it's having all these different colors it's got these this green and orange back. But I actually think when I look to that the one of the things that it could really do well is to pair that phone maybe with a hundred different color variations. Okay. All these different bright colors because. That was the thing that really set Nokia aside in the early days. When you could take your Sure. 32 ten and just customize it endlessly. With all these different, with different covers and different buttons even you could get. And that sorta really appealed to particularly the younger market. Which is again, what the 530 is aimed at and developing market. Right. Having something like that, which just isn't available on any other phone, that level of customization would be this, this fantastic way of, of selling more phones and just making it more exciting. Okay. [CROSSTALK] More generally then. So more generally, so the thing that Windows phones still has against it, is, is lack of apps, and particularly just the lack of any love from developers. But recently what we're talking about is that the CEO. Has been talking of the next version of the software is actually going to be one version of the software which will run across phones, tablet, and desktop and it's kind of what they talked about a little bit with Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 that you could have some shared. Application and sort of architecture. [CROSSTALK] This is kind of what they promised, this is apparently what is going to happen. That will mean that Windows Phone will suddenly get a lot of love from developers because it will be able to, their apps will run across so many devices. This isn't going to be a problem which, you know. Good news. Good news. It should be good times. Good news for Windows Phone fans like me and the other two or three people watching here. You know who you are. Luke, what do you think about Microsoft and Nokia. yeah, it's, it's a bit weird because I mean, Nokia is yeah, as you say, like you said, beloved brand and stuff and. Mm-hm. And that they've never been seen as like the cheaper alt, alternative. So, it'll be interesting to see Microsoft take them in that direction. And the other thing is, Microsoft, I think has to be a little bit careful with it's brand image because Microsoft I don't think has a terrible brand image as it is. I don't think people think of Microsoft as being like the cheap, budget technology company. But with Windows 8, we've seen Windows 8 devices get cheaper and cheaper and cheaper and cheapter and the Microsoft phones and let's not forget the Illumi phones really are very promient like Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft. [CROSSTALK] Yeah exactly, so I do think there's a chance that maybe there'll be this interesting sort of byproduct where Apple is seen as like the luxury version of Microsoft. Okay Or, or, or at least Microsoft is seen as the, you know, provider of cheap tech. Which isn't generally how it's, how it's been. Yeah, okay, that's interesting. I mean, of course it would be sad to see Nokia go, after years hunting around for Nokia charges at, friend's houses and that kind of thing. I know. It's weird as well, cuz in Europe, we're really nostalgic about, about Nokia, cuz it's a European company and it has such a huge presence there, I think more so than it does in the US. You were, wrote, something earlier Rich, this week about old phones reimagined, like old Nokia phones. Yes. It was quite cool it's sort of old Nokia mobiles and old retro phones as if they had sort of modern smart phone interfaces. Exactly, yeah, gi a 310 with a giant touchscreen, that's yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's nice. And yeah, speaking of nostalgia, a couple of people have chimed in. Understanding18 is in the comments, saying, I bought my first cellphone in 2002 when I was 21, and it was a Nokia 3310. I wish I still had that phone. Understanding18 then goes on to say, I would start using it again, and I wouldn't care what anybody thinks of it. Do you know, I think we've kind of come full circle, that people wouldn't actually have to have a problem with that- Yeah, I like it. Ins, Interesting as well, Understanding18 is probably an American cuz they said cellphone. Cellphone- yeah, that's, that's- Yeah, interesting. Having said that, it's big. Yeah, I know that the 33 term in particular was a big deal in the US. Renegade Knight says cutting Android phones out of Nokia just lowers the potential of Nokia as a brand. It means Microsoft's strategy for Nokia is something other than maximizing Nokia's profit. Which makes the question, could Mark software pay less for someone else to make Windows phone Hm. That's interesting. I mean, no one else has really gone in, gone all in with with Windows [INAUDIBLE] as much as he has. No. I think that this, I think what he is talking about is, or she. Renegade might be a she. illustrate, this kind of illustrates how Microsoft is playing this sort of tricky game of intangibles. It's not that they're making decisions based on some proven sales in the way that some servers say you can, can sort of look at their sales records and then work, act accordingly. Instead they kind of, they're trying to grow their, their user sort of, their user base by basically making these bets on these abstract concepts like branding. They're kind of like betting on how much people care about the Nokia name and that kind of thing. Yeah. I guess they're betting that people don't care about the Nokia name. Yeah. Well that is a brave bet because, as we've seen, a lot of people do care and when you think Microsoft, you think Windows and you think 90s computers and office stuff which A bit boring, eh? Yeah. which yeah, which is not the fun, colorful, interesting. Side of things that knock your phones has always tried to done for. Again, there were lots of people sort of on these nostalgic pieces that you've been writing, Rich. Kind of saying like you know if lucky I can't keep up then basically it doesn't deserve our sympathy. True, True, Yeah, Yeah. [UNKNOWN] bribery. We don't have sympathy for bribery. Yeah, well bribery is a little bit different. I mean who knows, maybe he lived in Canada, which is where now Blackberry is are based, maybe you've got a bit more sense than he does. So nostalgia isn't selling phones so slowly, But that doesn't mean that we should [UNKNOWN] Exactly, true underscore and underscore steady says nostalgia on iconic brands is a stark reminder of how quickly things can change and always a valuable lesson to many, especially the younger folks who may not have been aware of it's history. So there you go. Completely. Well there you go. Good good to the more you know. The more you know. Then they'll probably be a lot of listeners now who are terrified at the idea there are people who don't remember like Nokia. It, it, it is terrifying. Like the thing. You know. I tell you what, there's probably gonna be a better shock to you then in that case in this next section. Because while we're in a [UNKNOWN] project mood, we're gonna move on to the quiz. [MUSIC] Yeah, so this quiz looks back through the myths of time, to old phones, our leaderboard, and the grid stands at Jason has 3 points, he's won 3 times, Andy has won twice, Luke has won once, Oh yeah, so Luke's going to try to crawl his way back, Luke sounds something like this. Andy sounds like this. Good stuff. Fingers on buzzers. Fastest finger first. Question one. Nokia was born in 1865 from the combination of two companies that produced what? They produced paper. Yep. Do I get a half point for that? You can have a half point for that, yeah. And, Wellington Boots. I'll give you that, they produce rubber and paper, so yes that's one point to Andy. Got Em' Question two. The Nokia 7110 was the first phone with a WAP browser. It was also a Hollywood star, appearing in which 2001 blockbuster? Andy? The Matrix. Is the wrong answer. Luke would you like to buzz in? Yes please. Can I ask, can I ask quiz master what was the year you mentioned again? 2001. Hm. Yes, 2001. Hm. I actually have no idea. [LAUGH] Nokia phone Minority Report? Very close actually. Can I have a, can I. Was that 2001? No, that was like 2004. That is not the correct answer, I'm afraid. Oh well nevermind. But that was leading into the next question. The answer was swordfish. Oh, swordfish! I was going to reguess Mission Impossible, so that's fine. No, the Matrix was actually eighty one ten, so that was a bit of a trick question. [LAUGH] That would've been a good guess, though, the Mission Impossible. Yeah, yeah. They know all about swordfish. And, question three. Nokia saw into the future with the Nokia 7650, the phone from Minority Report. But, which now ubiquitous feature made its debut on this phone? Luke. [INAUDIBLE] What appeared for the first time in the Nokia 7650? Was it a touch screen. It's the wrong answer, Andy would you like to buzz in. You want to steal this round. Was it, was it, some sort of voice activation? It was, that's the wrong answer I'm afraid. Oh. No, no, but, yeah. Can I buzz in again? Okay, go on then. Can we just keep going like this until one of us gets it? Well, Andy's won but you can keep going. Go and have a go. Go again. Oh man, was it a front facing camera? It was a camera, actually yes, it's, it is correct, but unfortunately Andy has already won with one point. Oh, well. So, well then Andy, that means Andy now has. A sweeping victory. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] how I feel. I have dominated the round. [LAUGH]. Definitive stuff, that means. Nuts to the guy who won with one point. [LAUGH] So that settles it, definitive stuff. So, Andy and Jason are now neck and neck on three points, so, there you go. It's all for them for them to play for, I can't wait to see which of them takes the crown. [LAUGH] Come back next week to see if Luke can finally, finally try and win one of the quiz, quizzes, but there you go, I hate quizzes anyway. Alright, cool. He's not even, not even trying now. Are you? Anyway that settles it. Why don't we see what you guys been saying in the C-Bank. [music] Alright. Ian Banks say's, I'm thinking of getting a Playstation 4. Should I take the plunge? Or wait for a price drop and possibly some more released games. What do we think? I would say the, the latter. Of those things really. [ttt] Oh gotta pass for it. They're quite good. And Nick. I I would, I would, a sub editor. What Reed doesn't have. Cheese sub. Cheese sub. He's bought one. He's happy with it. He's not a man who spends his money lightly. No. That's true. He's a pretty wise investor. Yeah, Destiny is coming up. Destiny is going to be on the Xbox1 as well, but. Yes, the beater is on the Playstation 4. Yes, look at the the thing to do always, is look at the games, look at the roster of games out there, see what's out there now, and if you wanna play any of them. But, I think Playstation 4 is unlikely to be a bad investment, because it's gonna be around for years and years and years, and if you attempt it now, there's gonna be some great games. So, if you've got the cash now. I say. you may as well, legitimately, one, it does it's own back-up. [LAUGH] Towards Christmas there'll probably be some holiday deals. A few bargains, A few little, little why not buy this, also get some free stuff. It is also a Blu-ray player, it is,. Yeah, and you can play your CDs on it. Remember those? [LAUGH] You can play your CDs. And you can use it as an attractive bookend, for all your books. I say, what else is happening? What else can we do today? [UNKNOWN] says Walker's Cheese and Onion or Golden Wonder Cheese and Onion? I personally don't stray from Walker's because well I'm, I'm not mad. [LAUGH] You know, I, I know Walkers [CROSSTALK] I'm not an animal. I'm not an animal. Walkers takes care of me. I know which side my bread is buttered on, crisp-wise. Yeah. So I. Which ones come with the little blue salt packets? I think that, that was Walkers. That was the 80s. Not for a while. Yeah. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Yeah It was [LAUGH]. Certainly, that's not happened in a long time. [LAUGH] Yeah. Salted crisps with extra salt. Now we've got sodium guidelines. [LAUGH] You can get, you used to, Walkers used to give you a, a like a prize or like something you could win in little blue type and it was sometimes in the back. With a green crisp. [LAUGH] You should be able to get pogs in Crisp packets as well. I got some [UNKNOWN] of pogs. So you used, you used to go around in the shops, squeezing the Crisp packets seeing if you could find the one that has the little, little blue, I heard an amazing fact about what pog stands for and I can't remember it. Let's just cut that bit out. Okay. Okay alright. Andrew River chimes in on that note, saying I still get confused. Cheese and onion should be in the green bags, salt and vinegar in blue, always. That's right, and what's weirdest about this though is they claim it's always been like that, that salt and vinegar has always been green, which is clearly some kind of Matrix-like editing of history. I'm sure that that's totally not true. I mean, salt, salt and vinegar. Strongly evokes the sea, because salt is in the sea, Hm. In, in great volume. Yes. And vinegar goes on fish and chips. Yep. Okay. So you know, it, it just, it, I cannot imagine the mind that, that thinks, cheese and onion, blue. When salt and vinegar to me is so obviously a blue thing. Exactly. Hm. Definitive. Definitive stuff. I only eat Tyrrells crisps anyway, because I'm Well, [CROSSTALK] Regular fitness! Cool.>> Allister on email says, I've just discovered your podcast and have listened to your last twelve weeks of shows and I find you hilarious.>> Nice one. Thanks Allister. I'm now officially a fan. Good news.>> Just the right of blend of technology insight blended with humor. [CROSSTALK] I didn't know that was there in the script, that I carefully curated. I'm really fascinated, says Alistair, by the emergence of the low cost handset providers, wow wait, things like Tyzon for example. Have you any insight, on low to mid-end Android devices, he's thinking sub-50 pounds, being released over the next six to twelve months. Best wishes. Are so yeah super, super cheap Android. Not under 50 quid yet, no. But last year one of us said, 100 pounds others said no way as well then we've got the Moto G which is brilliant and we've all see a lot of the tech trickle down the Moto E is only about 70 quid and that's you know, to buy brand new you, you can get a second hand really old cheap phone for 50 quid but I don't recommend it cause it'll be pretty useless. Mm-hm. Not yet basically just. Get the money. That's not far off, though. Yeah. But, though you mention [UNKNOWN] .Tyson has had a bit of a troubled history and has been delayed a lot lately. So, yeah, Tyson I wouldn't hold your breath for that one, but there you go. Oh well. [UNKNOWN] says what would the perfect Game of Thrones video game. For next GenCon sales look like Well, I imagine it would take a year to load, and as soon as you start, you'd get your head chopped off immediately. That's what a Game of Thrones game would look like. If it was very realistic, it would basically be, it should use, take advantage of the Xbox 4 and PS4's graphical capabilities to simulate subsistence farming for about fifteen years, and then one day some Wildlings ride in and. And kill everyone. Right. And you never find out why. And then it's just the credits. Okay. Yeah, but I've actually thought quite a lot about this. I would like, I would love a Skyrim style game. So it has to be free roaming. You have to be able to roam more over West [uuu]. And their source. And, yeah, you should be able to do things like you can be a Hedge Knight if you want. Or maybe be a Mayhedge Knight. Yeah you're, that's hilarious. [ttt] A Hedge Knight is not hilarious. A Hedge Knight is a, respectable and, and old tradition. Are you thinking of hedgehog? [LAUGHTER] I bet you [UNKNOWN] That's a respectable [UNKNOWN]. That is Skyrim, really. I mean, Game of Thrones basically is Skyrim on tv. Or the other way around. It's a better Skyrim. Yeah, but you should be able to like, swear fealty to an army if you want. You can. You should be able to, yeah, that's true, you can, yeah. It'd basically be Skyrim, but in, in. Okay. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Either that, or. Or a Kinect version where you just bash people's heads in and squash their faces. Yeah. You do horrible things with axes and heads. Yeah. alright, thank you everybody. Please keep the feedback coming by e-mailing us at, at cnetukpodcast@cbsi.com. And that's it for Feedback, and that's it, that's it for everything. Great, thank you everybody. Okay, well thanks. [CROSSTALK] Most of all. No, no one ever thanks me. Well, I just did. Yeah, that's true. I appreciate it. It feels, it feels curiously underwhelming, actually. Thank you as well. Thank you Andy and thank you Regi [INAUDIBLE] That's all right. In your house. You're welcome back anytime. Also, thanks for [INAUDIBLE] Right, we're off for a [INAUDIBLE] sour cream toast. See you next week. [MUSIC]

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