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CNET News Video: How Facebook could integrate with Ford Sync
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CNET News Video: How Facebook could integrate with Ford Sync

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Ford engineers are exploring ways to tie Facebook into the voice-controlled Sync system. Ford's product manager for Sync AppLink visits CNET's New York office to demonstrate how that can be done with Facebook events.

Speaker 1: We learn that almost 70% of all smart phone owners use their phone while they're watching TV. 50% use their phone while they're getting ready to go to bed at night and what we're seeing is is a huge trend in people using their devices outside of their vehicle. This is about expanding the things that you do in your digital life. You listen to Pandora internet radio. You listen to iHeartRadio. You're going to use Facebook Speaker 2: Facebook, please say your command Speaker 1: Events Speaker 2: There's event at American Museum of Natural History on January 29th 2012 at 9:00 Speaker 1: One of the new products that we've been exploring is the ability to socialize the vehicle and by socializing the vehicle, we mean really re-enabling right our products to become a little bit more social on leverage to your social network. For a lot of people, that means Facebook integration. Address Speaker 2: 200 Central Park West New York, New York Speaker 1: We know that taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road is where you can get into a bad situation. Voice in a vehicle is the natural and safe way to be able to interact with it and having conversations with your vehicle is not too far off

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