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CTIA Super Mobility Week: Hot cell phone software from CTIA
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CTIA Super Mobility Week: Hot cell phone software from CTIA

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At CTIA 2007, Jessica Dolcourt sneaks a peek at Guitar Hero Mobile, Spiderman, and Wii-like games for your cell phone.

^M00:00:01 [ Music ] ^M00:00:03 >> I'm Jessica Dolcourt from and I'm here at CTIA 2007 in San Francisco bringing you some of the most interesting software for your phone from the showroom floor. Let's go see what's here. Now Guitar Hero Mobile isn't available here in the US yet or even in Japan. I'm here with J.J Leckliter [assumed spelling] from Hands-On Mobile and he's going to give us a demo. >> J.J: This is a mobile game that's based on Guitar Hero 3. It's the console game that's going to be released. We use 15 tracks taken from Guitar Hero 2 and Guitar Hero 3 in this game. They're all available with the original download. You'll notice here that these are very similar graphics that you'll see on the console version in Guitar Hero 3. Because it's mobile and we wanted to make a game that works properly on a handset, we reduced the number of frets [assumed spelling] from 5 to 3 so that anyone could pick up and play it; it's very intuitive. Each month we're gonna be releasing three new songs so if you stay as an active subscriber you're gonna get eventually accessed up to 50 songs over the first year. >> Jessica: Awesome. So when are users gonna be able to get this wonderful news? >> J.J. Well it's gonna be launching first in December on Verizon Wireless and then shortly after on all the other carriers. >> Jessica: Great. I can't wait to get it. ^M00:01:09 [ Music ] ^M00:01:12 >> Jessica: Emdigo has come out with some really cool ways to personalize your phone in 3D. I'm here with Chris Henner [assumed spelling] he's Emdigo's CEO and he's gonna show us a brand new way to personalize our phone. So Chris show us what you got. >> Chris: Certainly. So I'm gonna flip open the phone here. I'm gonna show you a Marvel Superhero popping up just as you flip open the phone. >> Jessica: Ah Spiderman is my favorite. >> Chris: Spiderman, yeah and so if you press the OK button, Spiderman's gonna shoot webs or he's gonna climb the wall or do little interactive actions, but the cool thing is you can also just dial then if you just start dialing then Spiderman is gonna be in the background. >> Jessica: When is this gonna be available to users? >> Chris: It's already available on Verizon Wireless and Alltel right now; and other carriers will be available the beginning of next year. >> Jessica: Okay great thank you so much. ^M00:01:53 [ Music ] ^M00:01:56 >> Jessica: Speaking of cool interactive games Juster [assumed spelling] Tech Mobile has created a software that uses the camera as an optics to give your phone [inaudible] light power. >> In this application we're going to be scrolling a map so I'm able to press a button and enable zooming. And then just by tilting the phone I'm actually able to zoom right into that map, okay? Press another button and you're able to scroll across the map so you've got a huge surface there that you're able to move very intuitively and get across. >> Jessica: And then what's this one over here? >> Okay so in Japan we've already launched some games and these are coming to Verizon very soon and particularly the Demo I've got here is a very Wi like game of bowling; so you're able to pull it back and bowl. >> Jessica: And there it goes. Awesome. So when is this available? >> First two months of the new year. >> Two months of the new year. ^M00:02:39 [ Music ] ^M00:02:41 >> Wouldn't it be cool if you didn't have to type in all that information each time you want to enter a new contact into your phone? Abbey Software has a digital shortcut and Kyle [assumed spelling] Marim [assumed spelling]. What we are showing here to you is Abbey's VCR software. It extends for business card readings software and I simply take a photo of the card. And you see we find the names, the company, phone number, e-mail addresses and web addresses. >> Thank you. >> Thank you. ^M00:03:08 [ Music ] ^M00:03:11

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