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CNET Update: High-end TVs come with frames, back lights
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CNET Update: High-end TVs come with frames, back lights

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The IFA 2013 tech show reveals televisions bordered by soft glows and picture frames, cases that put e-ink screens on smartphones, and a new line of extra-flexible laptops.

Televisions are getting so fancy that they come framed like [unk]. I'm Bridget Carey, and this is your CNET Update. This week we're learning about many new gadgets, computers and televisions at a tech show in Berlin called the I-F-A or IFA as some say. Lenovo is rolling out with new PCs and major updates to its Yoga Tablet laptop hybrid. There's the Ideapad flex 14, which bends its screen back by 300 degrees so you can prop it up just to use the touch screen. If you want more flexibility, there's the Ideapad Yoga 2 Pro and the Thinkpad Yoga, which both fold flat or you can go big with the Ideapad Flex 20-inch portable all-in-one. We're seeing more computers act like oversized tablets. Lenovo is also making a 7-inch Android tablet called the Idea Tab S5000 and that's coming out in December. The latest television technology is 4K or also known as ultra high-definitions. And Philips just unveiled its first model and it also glows from behind the sides with technology called Ambi-light. It involves rose of small lights around the back of the TV, casting a soft glow against the wall that compliments the colors on the screen. But like most ultra-def TVs, you'll be paying more than 5 grand for one. And if you're going to show up big box for a high-end TV, there's also LG's new OLED television, the Gallery, which comes with a picture frame and speakers nestled behind it. You can see the speakers when the canvass is cut away. OLED screens are in some smartphones and tablets but only now is it being made for televisions. So if the picture is this good. I guess LG figures you want to frame it. There have been some interesting add-ons for smaller screens as well. Unveiled at the show was a new type of case for Samsung's Galaxy S4 smartphone. The new pocket book S4 case has a built-in E-ink screen, which could be handy for people who frequently read on their smartphones but don't want the eyestrain and is on battery life. But no price or sell date was given. Outside of the show, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will launch on November 22nd and stores are taking pre-orders now for the $500 game console. It will be out exactly one week after Sony's PlayStation 4. We're continuing to learn little details about the PS4 and the Xbox One. For example, it was revealed that the Xbox One can support 8 controllers at once. But the PS4 will only work with a max of 4 controllers. And that your tech news update. For more new stories head to from our studios in New York, I'm Bridget Carey.
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