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Apple Byte: Hidden features in Mountain Lion

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Apple Byte: Hidden features in Mountain Lion

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We'll show you some of the new bells and whistles Apple didn't announce from Mountain Lion. The rumored iPad 3's display gets exposed and its another free giveaway from Gelaskins!

What's happening? Brian Tong here and welcome to the Apple Bite for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. Now last week, we showed up the Mountain Lion but this week, we're gonna give you an inside look at some of the hidden pictures that you haven't seen yet. So let's jump into them. First off, cosmetically, there has been a few UIN systems tweak. The dash board app that allows you to add a variety of widgets has changed, so you wouldn't have to scroll through a bar the bottom anymore but instead, you'll be able to choose them from a launchpad like view. You can stack widgets on top of each other like an IOS folder if you want and even widgets like Suck have a new way to flip the information and we might see more like this in the future. Now on the system preferences, you also have a new line up of screen saver animations like photo mobile. Look at how that flies in or the weathered age look of the scrap book theme or vintage prints. Now clearly, they're adding a higher production value to Mountain Lion. You also have a notifications preference to manage them just like you do in IOS. So you can set how many are displayed, which app notifications you wanna view, but apps like mail also take advantage of it now. So let's show you the mail app and one of the new features is VIP. It lets you mark the real important people that you interact with and you can make someone a VIP by clicking on the star icon to the left of their name and then e-mail. Now once there are VIP, you can select to read only e-mails from them. But even better, if you go into the preferences of mail and then into the rules section, you can create a rule that send you a notification every time that specific VIP sends you an e-mail and you'll never miss it. Now the party combined the address and the search party together while also making the reader bun a permanent picture that ships away all the adds and distractions when you're reading a story, much like in IOS. Also, Apple talks about share sheets but the flick edition is share sheets to the quick look mode. Now I know plenty of people who aren't even familiar with quick look where you press the spacebar on a file to instantly preview it. But now you're able to share files directly in the quick look mode so that's pretty flick. So there's a look at some of the additional features and tweaks at Mountain Lion you haven't seen. People are truly flared this summer. And I can tell you guys right now, I'll be waiting first in lion for it. You get it, line and lion. That's not funny, uncle Brian. Oh, really? Well, I guess that means no more uncle Brian pillow jumps for you. All right. Back to the actual show because that's why you're all watching and I pad 3 news. Mac has acquired what they believed to be the rumored I pad 3 retina display that's been circulating on the internet and this week they have confirmed with I flick that with the help of microscopes that the next gen I pad will have a resolution of 2048 by 1356 and 4 times the pixels compared to the I pad 2. Keep drooling, Apple biters, the unofficial March 7th date is just around the corner. Now I've also up taken a peek at Apple Pads and there's some good ones that recently surfaced on Pad in the Apple. One of them is the feature to create DJ style beat match cross fading between 2 audio streams for Mac and IOS devices. So creating a seamless transition to some of your songs you might have in a genius playlist. And another discovered by Apple insider shows Apple's ambition to reinvent the keyboard with a thinner and lighter design with a single support lever keyboard design with a travel range of 0.2 millimeters. That's how far it goes when you press it down. Now, the golden new design would be to create a slimmer keyboard that eliminates that rattle noise and slimmer products and accessories in the future. All right. Let's take out our Apps of the Week. This week's app is on live desktop plus for the I pad. Now it's made from the creators of the on live video game streaming service, but this time they've created a way, a real clever way to access Windows 7 in a touch screen environment directly on your Ipad with touch support. So why should you guys care? Now in addition to having access to the entire office suits, you also have the ability to watch flash content through the internet explorer browser that streams to your Ipad over a 1 gigabyte connection. Now the lag between your finger touches and the responsiveness of the app is really minimal. It's pretty amazing and it's one of the first examples we've seen of a cloud computing solution that works really well. You'll also have 2 gigs of storage space that you can access with the cloud. It's $5 a month and it will be coming soon to Android, Macs, Monitors and TVs and it left me very impressive. You guys should check it out. Now back to the stories earlier this week. Apple gave ABC's Night Line behind the scenes access to the Fox Com Production line during a fair labor association review that was paid for by Apple after the overloading reports about the poor working conditions on site. Now it's worth mentioning that ABC's parent company is Disney as Steve Jobs was Disney's largest share holder. So no conflict of interest there. But overall, the report reveal nothing new but it did show that it takes 141 steps to make an Iphone and it takes an Ipad 5 days to build and passes through 325 hands during production. Workers are paid $1.78 an hour. They pay roughly 70 cents per meal and pays $17.50 a month to share company dorm with 5 to 7 other people. Now the next day, after the segment aired, reports from factory workers claim that underage workers where transferred to other departments or were not scheduled to work overtime during the inspection. Talk about a bad Apple. Now it's really a story that won't go in no matter how much Apple wanted to and we'll keep you posted if anything new happen. All right. Let's wrap things up on a happy note. You know we're good friends of Jelly Skins here on our show. It's the scene you always see on my I goodies. Now they launched their new hardcase line that recently bring the same awesome design on a real protective case. And to celebrate, they are hooking up 5 of my favorite Apple biters with a $40 gift card. So how do you win this thing? Well, did you guys know that a cougar is a mountain lion. Okay. Okay. I know you guys do and I love Cougars. Plus there are other wild cats in addition to the cougar that are mountain lion. So name me at least 2. If you're correct, we'll pick your name randomly and announce the winners next week, just like that. All right. That's gonna do for this week's show. E-mail us at the applebite@cnet.com. Thanks for watching. I'm Brian Tong and we'll catch you guys next week for another bite of the Apple

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