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First Look: Helio Drift
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First Look: Helio Drift

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While the Helio Drift may not be as attractive as the Helio Kickflip, the Drift's high-end multimedia features, Bluetooth, and GPS capabilities probably make it the best handset that Helio has to offer.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:02 >> I'm a Nicole Lee associate editor a and this is [inaudible] the new Samsung slider phone made for the new Helio carrier. This is a cool little slider phone. It's all black all around as you can see. It's actually pretty attractive. Nice form factor, compact and light weight, a really gorgeous screen on front here. on the right spine are the dedicated camera button, the charger jack and the headset jack. On the left spine are the volume rocker, a play - pause button, a voice memo recording button and a micro SD card slot. On the back is the two megapixel camera with the self [inaudible] and flash. One of the cool things about this Helio Drift phone is that it is the first Helio phone to have GPS capabilities, so there's Google Maps for mobile built in. There's also a feature called body beacon which lets you broadcast your location to your friends so that they can find out where you are and come hang out and things like that. There's also MySpace mobile integration, there's a music player, there's a lot of web functionality. We do really like the flat keypad here. It's a little hard to press, a little slippery. But all in all it's a pretty attractive phone, very good features. The GPS capability is worth the price alone, I think. So this is probably the best Helio phone that you can get just because of the Goggle Maps for Mobile feature and the Buddy Beacon feature. My name is Nicole Lee and this has been the Helio Drift. ^M00:01:27 [ Music ]

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