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Health trackers in full force at CES 2014: CES 2014

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CES 2014: Health trackers in full force at CES 2014

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CNET's Bridget Carey and Scott Stein look at the many flavors of health-tracking bracelets unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show.

-We're at CES '14 and we're back with a look at fitness tech and fitness bands, and how they've evolved at the show. Now we have a lot of changes that are going on. I've got on my wrist right now, you know, I've got the Nike FuelBand SE. -Scott, you're always like a walking cyborg with-- -Yeah. -that much-- -And you-- -stuff you got on. -and-- Bridget Carey is here with me. We're taking a look at this. The Nike FuelBand SE, I've always got a couple of these. The Fitbit Force. You've seen a lot of these. They've got pedometers. Now they're increasingly adding heart rate monitors to a few of them. They track what you're doing. They track your lifestyle. What else can they do? Well, a lot of these are starting to incorporate some other new technologies to add in to the mix. Maybe it's notifications, like a Pebble or a smart watch. Maybe it's something a little bigger, like lifelogging. Maybe it's some other new way to show the experience. So, we've got a few new products here. Just-- -Some have screens, some don't have screens. It's-- -Right. -pretty interesting. -Yeah. It's whatever you want. Maybe you clip it off wearing your shoe. Maybe you wear it on your arm. Maybe you clip it on your chest. Everybody is exploring this and there are so many at this show. You've heard people putting fitness-- just fitness bands everywhere. It's putting fitness tracking in every single item-- -And everyone wants-- -at the show. -to have something that kind of tracks your health. I think people getting-- -Yes. -more comfortable with the concept of wearing something that involves tech. Now you're seeing LG, Sony and others. Here's one that Sony announced the other day. -Yeah. Now this is the concept for the future. It's not just a product per se. It's called Core. And Core, you know, we've seen a lot of products pop out and attached. It is Core is this little-- -Yeah. This is just a rubber bracelet holding the Core. The Core is the white part. -That's Core. And this is the smart band that goes around it. And the idea with Core is that, yes, it's tracking your movement. It's tracking potentially, your sleep, but it's also tracking your lifestyle. So this is going into lifelogging. Sony has this pretty elaborate app that they were demonstrating that looks at you maybe, "How many photos you take?" or when you're playing video games, or movies. So, it's like sort of a full, well, you're full body lifestyle picture. Obviously not-- Those aren't all on fitness. But the idea of you get a picture of how much you're doing, keeping everything in balance, maybe having fun, maybe doing fitness. I wonder if this is gonna be paired with PlayStation at some point and have some-- -Oh-- -sort of experience with that. -oh, that would be kinda cool. Oh, yeah. I mean, like, I mean gamification kinda lends itself to fitness, right? -What do you-- I mean we'll also see how they feel-- you've never-- you haven't-- I mean, I don't know if you've seen this or not, Bridget, but tell me what you think, you know in terms of-- -Well-- -like the fit and feel-- -it does-- -of band. -it does remind me of Fitbit because of-- -Yeah. -the rubber nature of the bracelet - the fact that there's no screen on it. But I was checking if it fits my thin wrist 'cause you know, gotta care about that, you know. And it does, you know, so-- -It's a nice design. -it's very light, you know-- -Yeah. -I would probably get one in pink or something because I like a little bit of flair. -I like the little silver-- I like that little metal-- -I do-- -button [unk] -and it was easy to clip sometimes, with some of them you have a hard time, you know, getting them open and close, but it looks like-- -Yeah. -it looks like it'll take a beating too. -This is a surprise. I mean, everything's a surprise at CES, but I mean, this is particularly, you know, that Sony announcement was a surprise. There's also the SmartWatch, too that Sony has. So, there is a full-fledged smart watch that Sony's making. So this is another item in the ecosystems exploring [unk] a little different. -Oh this one. -Yeah. -It's got a little more-- -This-- -a little more tech into it. -now this is the LG Lifeband Touch. Yeah. So the LG Lifeband Touch actually feels much more kin to something like the Nike FuelBand- -Yeah, 'cause it's hard on it. It's-- -It's hard. -It's not as flexible as like Sony's. -And this does have a display. It's AMOLED display and it's swipeable. Swipeable? Oh, there we go. You got a various functions. -Uh-huh -It could swap, you know, it can actually track-- -I could-- -you know, calories-- -see it's-- -pedometer. -it's like has little icons and numbers and extras so you can scroll through different facts, like walking-- -Yeah. -steps and how many-- how much calories you've burned. -And this actually just slides on your wrist. It's semi-flexible here. -Let me see. -Here, go ahead. Pop it on. Now-- -I could just slide it on, really-- -the idea with this is again it's semi-smart, so it-- -Now is there more than one size? 'Cause it's a little loose-- -Yes. -Okay. -There are multiple sizes because you can't resize that. But it will actually pair with your phone and you will be able to receive notifications. You'll also be able to do two-way communication, which is something that we haven't really seen in bands. You can actually-- there's a social gesture with this. So if you're getting a phone call and you don't want the set-- the ringing to go off. You just put your hand-- -Like that? -over the Lifeband Touch and it actually-- -Like-- -mutes the call. -I want to ignore your call. -Exactly. So it communicates back. There are few bits of two-way-- first take on this is in a video at CNET, too. So some two-way Android and iOS it gives as a standalone. And that's not it. It also pairs with heart rate monitors. So LG has gone ahead and made their own heart rate monitors that fit in a pair of earphones. These are heart rate monitor earphones. -And where does it-- where is it sensing your pulse on the-- on the headphones? Like-- -It's-- -how does it-- -it's very subtle. It sounds like a totally wacko idea, first, if you notice-- -Well, if you're running, you don't wanna wear something all the time. Like-- -Right. Well, it's actually smart because it attaches here. They look like--They're meant to be regular, nice-- you can try them on-- high-end earbuds and-- -Yeah. I'll take my other earpiece off. -the sensor is right there on the top. It's just a little-- -Yeah, it-- -innocuous band. -looks round and so it's comfortable. It doesn't fall out. -And it communicates via Bluetooth. Now this can be used as regular Bluetooth earphones or you can do the heart rate monitor element. And has a subtle clip and you then you use them in association with the band. Interesting idea - you could also just put the heart rate monitor in the band, but that's something LG didn't seem want to pursue right now. But this also has an altimeter, that-- -Yeah. -oh, you're wearing a lot. -Yeah. -It's like wearing a [unk]. -I got so many things I'm hooked up to. -And that's another idea. LG has not really entered the wearable space. So this is the beginning of a-- of a lifestyle wearable move from that company, pretty big company. And then, we've got an interesting entry. An example of surprise companies entering wearables. This is from Razor. The gaming-- -The gaming company. -PC company. -Yeah. -The is-- this is the Razer Nabu. Now, this again has a look that's reminiscent of something like a FuelBand-- -Uh-huh. -and actually, interestingly adopts the same idea of "the buckle contains the micro USB charge port" so you don't have to carry a dongle with you. And this also gets notifications. Promise of connecting with iOS and Android. Track you fitness. Track your sleep. But it also has two screens-- -So it's kinda like trying to be the best of both worlds, like it's health monitoring but it's also, like-- -Right. -oh, did I get a text message. Did I miss something on Twitter? -Now, this is, I mean, this is a prototype. So it's being developed. This is what the final version should look like. This is the working prototype right now. And, here you go. Press the button-- -I like the-- -up here. -colors of the prototype. -Yeah. You actually wear it on your wrist with the smaller screen on the outside. And you get a little icon that lights up here that tells you maybe an incoming call is happening-- -Uh-huh. -or tells you what mode you're in. And then, if you don't wanna tell anyone about the incoming calls, you just look underneath-- attach on here. These are-- I can't do it with one hand, but they're-- -Yeah. -This is the early buckle technology, but underneath it will actually tell you who's calling and you can get the information right there on it-- -So, if you wanna see who's calling you do like a Spiderman thing. And if you want to check the time-- -Exactly. -you can do the time thing. -Well, it actually shows a fair number of text. It's not just one line across. It's almost like, you know, hitting towards a full tweet. -Uh-huh. -Not just that, but there's an idea here for a social handshake technology. -It sounds like a lot of these are like, "All right. Gotta find a new way to talk with your body. Here, I gotta turn a call off-- -Right. -while holding myself. And now, what else do you do for-- -So if you wear one, and I wear one, and then, "Hello Bridget. How do you do?" And I shake hands with you, and then we're following each other on Twitter all of a sudden. Or we've sent a friend request to LinkedIn. Now, you know-- -That will be interesting at a tech conference like this. I mean, we're shaking a lot of hands and exchanging business cards-- -Yeah. -when we're here. -It's interesting idea. -"Here. I'll give you my business card." And you do like a special high five. -You will have to get that person to buy a Razer Nabu in order to do that. -Yeah. -But these are launching very soon. There's a developer cost of $49 and then there will be an unspecified price, be a little higher. We don't know what it is. It's a totally new entry. And there'll be some interaction with Razer Comm, the communication system on Razer gaming. Maybe some sort of, like notification thing if your friend is trying to ping you for a game. -Do you think gaming tied into these wristbands and everything is gonna be like the consumers will be more interested in? -I think gamification would be great, or maybe making games out of it. You look at-- look, Sony - PlayStation, they make PlayStation, here's a fitness band. Razer makes a fitness band. We don't see a lot of people making games other than Nintendo with Wii Fit, you know, Wii Fit U. Where are those games? That would be a great idea. -Uh-huh. -Hasn't even been announced yet. -I mean-- I mean Nike FuelBand tries-- is starting to try that, you know, but-- -Yeah. -But you'll just see where it goes. -Well, that's the thing. Software and services in the future, and I think you're looking at the next steps of slightly smarter bands that also act a bit like smart watches. -Uh-huh. -I'm Scott Stein. -And I'm Bridget Carey. -And that's a look at the next generation of fitness tech here at CES 2014. Thanks. Thank you--
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