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Have you heard? Space gets loud on the latest CraveCast: Crave

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Crave: Have you heard? Space gets loud on the latest CraveCast

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They can't hear you scream in space, but that doesn't mean there are no sounds coming from the cosmos. The CraveCast crew investigates and discusses a hot new space game, a super DIY space dad and saddling up a real-life comet.

[MUSIC] Welcome to the Cravecast, I am Eric Mack in Taos, New Mexico, which is in the Milky Way Galaxy somewhere. In the solar system around a big ball of fire. And I'm joined by Kelsey Adams, Bonnie Burton, Jeff Struckman, Stephen Beecham at Cassina Studio in San Francisco. And Michelle Star, all the way from Australia, with a very appropriate surname, and she's up very early tonight. Or, this morning. I don't even know. What is. It's 5 a.m. It's 5 a.m. there? Yeah. Yay. Well, and, I'm looking perky and bright-eyed, I'm very impressed. And, in case you haven't noticed, today's CraveCast is all about space. This summer has been great for space-watching here from earth, we've had dazzling meteor showers and supermoons and Hollywood, of course, has been raking in big bucks with a movie about a tree, a raccoon and a frat boy who guard the galaxy. I take that back. And there's NASA and Elon Musk. [LAUGH] And that's an [CROSSTALK] We're talking about the man I love. In actual space exploration. But to kick things off, there's a deep space mission that's being run out of Europe right now that's the most fascinating to me at the moment. That's the Rosetta mission. Which launched, I think it was like ten years ago. And it's basically a spacecraft. It's got a little probe on it. And it has rendezvoused with a comet somewhere on the edges of the solar system. And it's preparing to send its little probe, which is called Philae, down to the surface. It's going to drill itself in to the comet. You can see some pictures of it there. And it has, the comet has a crazy Russian name that I can't pronounce or remember. But the lander will actually drill itself in and hitch a ride on that comet, with Rosetta kinda you know, riding along side, and they are going to go around the sun. This is like a cool. Or use the awesome space mission that we haven't heard that much about, I guess perhaps cuz it's out of Europe and and not NASA this time around. And my American geographic edumacation tells me that Australia's part of Europe, I believe. [LAUGH] So Michelle. [CROSSTALK] What did that video- What about you guys- I thought that video was Australian. I'm like it looks just like a satellite. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Mm. Oh. I'm actually heard that it is- United States education at work. Outer space- [LAUGH] Desert place [INAUDIBLE] Hey Michelle tell us, there's a, there's gotta be a space station occupied by Australian astronauts too, right? We don't actually have a space program. Oh. Crowdfund that. [LAUGH] Yeah, no. I, I don't know why we've never had one actually. But, we've just had a, a lot of budget cuts announced to science funding over here anyway. So, not likely any time soon. Mm. [CROSSTALK] Well- Are people keeping an eye on the Rosetta there? Yeah. It looks. Oh you mean in Australia. I thought you meant those guys right there. [LAUGH] That's in Europe. Oh right. [LAUGH] Well, I'll throw it out to anyone. Have any of you guys been tracking this? What do you think? I have not been tracking it. I'm just now learning about it but I will track it now because I love stuff like this and I love when we learn about other. Countries that actually are doing stuff, because I mean I think when you live in the United States you just, you're just, you think NASA's it. You don't realize there's all these other countries with space programs, and, and that they're are doing some pretty crazy and exciting stuff. So I'm excited to learn more about this. So what's the goal of attaching it to the comet? What's, what's that gonna accomplish? I think they [CROSSTALK] common. Yeah. >. They just want to- [INAUDIBLE] yeah to, I mean, to, to study the actual composition of it and to see you know, how it breaks down, because you, you got, basically like a big rock of a chunk of rock and ice that was gonna go around the, the sun and you know, slowly. Melt away, part of it. And so I think to actually see that process up close, and all these things kind of help to figure out how the universe was formed, how the solar system and our galaxy was formed. That's kind of always the, one of the goals of this kind of research. And then I suppose it will inform future. Apocolyptic, apocolyptic movies were. [LAUGH] Oh, thy don't do research. That's silly. [LAUGH] Though when I bring up my story, I will bring up a plot that I think Michael Bay, if you're watching this is you're movie, so I'll wait. There you go stay tuned. I have to wait till the, I have to wait till the real science stories done. Before I talk about my science stuff. Because mines never really that scientific. So yeah. Alright we'll get, we'll get through all this real science stuff. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So Rosetta it's currently the craft is currently scanning and studying this entire exterior of this comet trend. And figuring out the best place to. Land of the lander, which should be happening later this fall. And we'll definitely be covering that on Cnet and Crave so keep an eye out for that. But I want to get to the really fascinating stuff that we've been cover on Crave about space recently and Michelle has this awesome piece that's up on Crave. and, you know? If there's one truism that we know about space. It's, that, in that void, no one can hear you scream. And, that's because it's an airless vacuum, of course, with nothing for the vibrations of the [INAUDIBLE] sound to travel though. So, therefore, there's no sound in space. But that doesn't mean that there's no way for us to actually. Peerspace, at least that's what i've learned from Michelle's fascinating piece. It's about sound data from space, and, and how we've been gathering it. And what we're gathered up in recent decades. Michelle you want to kind of take over and explain your story for us? Okay so we have a bunch of probes out there. And they have instruments like, plasma wave detectors. That they use to to sort of measure. Different sort of areas of space. The plasma, the gases. You know? The, the particles that are out there. And they send back, wave form information. Which they can then sorta convert into sound. So it's not actually a sound, but it sounds pretty cool, anyway. It's, it's molecules reacting to different things in the, you know in out in space. Right? It's molecules reacting and bouncing off each other that we're hearing right? Yeah. Well we have some. Pretty much. There's also solar winds and solar flares, and. Because there's, there's a really cool one called the Dog Horrors which is like particles heating the magneto sphere above us. So it sounds like birds chirping. Yeah, it sounds like frogs. Yeah, frogs in space. I knew it. [LAUGH]. That's actually soothing. It is, really. Like, it's like whales, I think. Yeah. Yeah. Kind of like really high-pitched whales. [LAUGH] Yeah. Oh, even better. [INAUDIBLE]. I can't wait til Aphex Twin remixes that. [LAUGH] Do you have the Saturn one there? That one's a lot less complicated. Oh, yeah, the Saturn one is amazing. The Saturn, I have Voyager, let me see what I have here. I have Voyager, and wait, what is this one. No, this is the Plasma. Which one is the Saturn one? Is it this one? yeah. [NOISE] Wow, that's great. And you don't have to pay ASCAP fees. Yeah. Right. And that's great that that's real that's not like you know, some crazy moog or something. Yeah, sounds totally like 60s synthesizer. Yeah. Well there was like a whole genre of music that does spacey sound music based on this stuff. I know in the 90s, and during college radio there were quite a few because I played it all [LAUGH] but I remember this. And then if you go online you can listen to a lot of space. Themed type stuff. Like think drone zone, has that on some FM and stuff like that. So there's a lot of people that like want to take all these sounds and then put them on online radio and then remix them. I really was joking about Affix Twin but he does have a new album coming out. No, no Square Pushers at a whole album that's out yeah just like this. Yeah you never know [LAUGH] you know never know. That's where musicians get their inspiration that's in space. I wanted to clarify for someone who left a comment on this. Article that yes we understand that there isn't actually sound in space. Michelle explains that quite clearly. This is sort of a, a translation of that information so that we can experience it as sound. It's kind of like plotting something as a graph, but, much prettier. Yeah. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] in the same way. In the same way we don't hear radio waves you know, flying through the air at all times. But then when you you know, digitally or analogally take them in and translate it into sounds. Right. Same procedure. Yeah, that's exactly what it's like. Yeah. Michelle, I love the movie Forbidden Planet. Do you want to talk about that? You mentioned that in your article. Oh yeah. Sorry I was listening to these noises and thinking like it really reminded me of that film. Cuz, you know, I've loved that film for years and years and years. So, I did a bit of reading about it. And, You know, obviously they had never heard any recordings from space what they used to do was it was Louie and [UNKNOWN] and they would make the music together. He would make the circuit, and she would make the actual compositions. So she'd go through the tape that they would make from Louie's instrument. And then she cut them up and put the sounds together. And, yeah. The idea was just to find the sounds that sounded like nothing else on earth. And apparently, that ends up sounding rather much like space. [LAUGH] So cool. I love that. Yay. [LAUGH] Right. You guys wanna hear a black hole real quick? Yeah. Yeah. Duh go for it let's hear it. That's what I would imagine a black hole would sound like. [LAUGH] Yeah, exactly. [LAUGH] Like a dish washer. Just like a dish washer. I love that that's a thing. [LAUGH] Yeah. Dishwasher in space. Sounds like the ocean Or the ocean, yeah. Now somebody's gonna to appear, standing in the middle of that. [LAUGH] There better be a robot waving. It's gonna be Chris Cornell with his guitar. [LAUGH] Chris Cornell with his guitar. Please make that happen. I listened to several band in the 90s that, that sounded exactly like that I'm pretty sure. Yeah, me too. I know. I'm having this. [UNKNOWN] moment. That's like I need to like dig up my vinyl of the 90s of space sound. So well that's on, I think it was, I remember when Mondo 2000 the magazine had just come out and they did a whole profile on space music composers. And it was, that was when I first learned about it, so. Yeah, elder the internet speaking now. [LAUGH] 90s fun. Bonnie, tell us what Abraham Lincoln was really like. Oh, he was such a hipster. [LAUGH] That beard was totally fake, by the way. We're getting off tangent, this is why we need the, okay, stand topic, serious news, because I've got some non-baby serious. News later Well, well so definitely check out Michelle's pieces up on Crave right now. What is it called the spooky sounds of space yeah. The headline is the spooky sounds of space look for it on cnet.com/crave. There's more videos to listen to and watch there it's super awesome And also I, I would. I suggest too if people wanna comment in that article of their favorite, maybe favorite composters that use space music? That might be kind of a cool discussion to start, on that article. Because I know there's a lot of musicians that use like space music. So, I don't know, just putting it out there. Square pusher, my favorite. Yay. Alright, so moving on to space games. Why not? So tells us a little more about this game Extra Solar you have been looking into and that you're working on a post about for Crave as well. Yeah, I'm obsessed with Extra Solar, and the only reason I haven't posted about it yet is I really wanna do it justice but first I wanna give a quick shout out to Super Hero Workout, if that's okay. Beechum? Hit it. That was super hero workout. Trying to make us exercise. Product is in suit and ready for calibration. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] You have to watch this. OK pilot, time to power up. Get that generator singing. [MUSIC] Okay can you turn the volume down now. So this supposedly comes out today for ION. And later in fall for Android. These are the people who make Zombies Run. Oh okay. I'm getting some weird feedback in my voice. I don't know can you. I think it's some Skype thing. Don't worry about it. Okay good. So these people are really good at making games that hook in your imagination. And that feeling of smugness, I mean pride, that you get when you work out. [LAUGH] And convincing you that you're really helping people. You're not just getting fit. You're a hero. And So Zombie's run is really good for that. And it looks like superhero workout is gonna be like that, too. But I'm on Android so I'm going to have to wait for months to find out myself but if you're on IOS go find out. But wait. Does it come with radioactive powers? Because that's really how those superheros get in shape. The superhero they're thinking of is Iron Man so it's not. Oh so you have to die first. Ummm, and about that...when your heart has to explode' cause that happens to me at the gym. I would personally love the wonder woman workout with the bolts and bracelets and running sweats, but this is more of an iron man workout. This is obviously a perfect way to. Train astronauts amid budget cuts or even [LAUGH] Australia's nonexistent space program. Yeah, Michelle, this how you start all your astronaut training is through this. And by the way, I never liked the Zombie's Earth thing because if you watched. Walking Dead, you know that how most of the time they survive is they just push fat or more out of shape people in the way of the zombies, so that they could get away. Well, I have found that people who are big zombie aficionados Yeah Don't love the game the way I do, but Okay For me as a non zombie person, it's the best thing ever Yeah And I'm a big fan. Cuz to me to survive anything, it's just hanging out with people in worse shape than you. [CROSSTALK] You know you don't have to be the fastest. You just have to be faster than one person. [LAUGH] How do I find them. Yeah. I don't know how to find him. Yeah. Sorry. I don't know anybody in worse shape than me. [LAUGH] Well, clearly Walking Dead zombies did not have superhero workout. But the zombies in World War Z did. [CROSSTALK] Oh yeah, okay. But they're big superhero zombies. They can run up walls. Touche. Oh I could do that. [LAUGH] Touche. Obviously you've done the workout? No, no, I'm on Android. I don't have any [CROSSTALK] Oh, so. It's supposed to come out today. Oh. Can we talk about extra-solar now? Because. Do it. And we're running out of time. Okay. Beecham? All right. Do you wanna watch. The Exoplanetary Research Institute, today's leader in propulsion technology, communi. All right. I like it. It's kind of like Disney Land, like Star Tours. [LAUGH] So, this is just giving you some background for the concept of the game. The idea is you get to pilot like a Mars rover, but it's not on Mars. It's on some. Recently discovered far away planet. And a private organization is sending rovers there, and citizen scientists like you get to pilot a rover around, and take photos. Could you? Yeah I was checking on the photos, it's really cool. Yeah I linked you to some, could you put those up now? Yeah. Forget the trailer, ignore the trailer, let's move on. No time [LAUGH] Trailers are cool. We're not gonna die, it's okay, just slow down a little bit, you're freaking me out. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I love this game more than anything. Is there a plot twist, like it turns out a private organization is secretly trying to, you know, blow up the planet or exploit its resources or something? Well That'll bee cool. As soon as you start in the program you get contacted by a hacker who tells you that they think there is some kind of conspiracy with aliens. ooo. And spoiler. I'm just going to tell there is some kind of conspiracy with aliens. So. [LAUGHTER] The whole game takes place in a browser window So you not actually getting phone calls to your home phone. You don't have to pick that stuff out of your own email. It is contained. Which, some people object to but I think it's nice. And so you watch this story unfolding by listening to voice messages, by quote unquote decrypting documents. Things like that. But the. The main, the main thing you do in the game is, you schedule moves to your rover. By just dragging some cross hairs. It's very simple. And then every time your rover stops on this planet, it takes another photo. The map that you use is actually satellite footage of the planet, so you can see real. It's really cool. Anyway. [LAUGH]. And, and then you tag things that look interesting, which is something to do in real stuff like NASA, NASA projects like Solar Zoo. You tag something that looks interesting. The data goes back to the lab. there's, this is all happening in real time. So there's a break in the between when you take photos, and after you send info to the lab, there's a break while they analyze it. And then they tell you what you found. And so you're kinda helping scientists figure out how life works on this planet. That's your goal. You didn't know there was a conspiracy. The conspiracy's kind of, a side note to me. But it all comes together and it's. What I love about it that I really wanna get across is, you actually, it asks very little of you. You actually do very little. but, you know, you could only do if you move the day and they're very simple. But somehow that creates this huge sense of investment. I mean, I remember this one night when I couldn't sleep. I was lying in bed in the dark knowing that my Rover at that moment was also in the dark. [LAUGH] Climbing, climbing a slope. You know Wow. on an alien planet to take photos of bio luminescent plants. And that rover's so far away and it's never coming home. But those pictures are going to the next day when I sign in. The pictures are gonna be there for me. You know and it's, it really gives you this illusion that is really wonderful so. Extra solar is what it's called. It's by Lazy Eight studios. And they're kind of struggling right now I think to, to get attention and, and get more. More users so they can come out with seasons 2 and 3. Seasons, oh I should explain. It's free. It's a completely free game, that you can play on your browser. But you can pay to speed a few things up, and if you're impatient by nature you're gonna do that. [LAUGH]. I've, I've got some family, hooked on it now at this point too so we're all just. I like how you're starting a space cult on this now. [LAUGH] This is great. You're like I, I want to, it's amazing. You're L. Ron Hubbard. And, and the other great thing about it, is it's basically the glamor of science without the work. You know. I love it. Lets' see. If,if you're like me and you miss, miss studying science in school but you just, you didn't devote your life to that. You know, now you're, you're out. You're not doing science anymore but you, you kinda missing it. You think it is really cool. You like to read about science in a shallow kind of way. Right. So playing with game is like you get to participate in the most amazing scientific discoveries of our time. Love it. Love it. While doing hardly anything actually. That's awesome. You know. [LAUGH] Perfect. So, so, so I wrote up a little blurb here. I'm just gonna read it to you. I wont pretend I'm making it up. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes space, maps, remote control toys, pretty pictures, conspiracy theories, epistolary narratives, speculative biology, and anything that lets you feel smart also allowing you to be, extremely lazy with a short attention span. Just like school. That, you just described the 90s. [LAUGH] So The 90s. Right there. Extra Solar. Look it up. It's cool, yeah, extrasolar.com. And it's all in the browser? Is it on any other platforms? No it's, well you can look at it on your phone. They've actually done some special rendering to make sure the photos look really great on your phone. But it's hard to actually tag things. So you can't Rover when you're in line at the DMV. You can look at, you can like, check it out and look at it, particularly if you have a tablet. You're definitely in business. But it's, yeah, it's mostly meant to be played on desktops. And oh and you can download all the photos as hi-res wallpapers, it's great. Oh yeah those are awesome, I've seen a couple of them. You guys are such evangelists, I love this. Oh I'm a fan I'm excited Kelty, this is great. I don't talk about stuff I don't like, so Unlike me [LAUGH]. So yeah. Browser-based. You can ask to be notified whenever something new happens in the game. You can have that sent to your real-life email, or you can tell it not to do that. So it's completely up to you whether you want it to impinge on your life like that. Cool. Yeah. Right on. So that's, that's it. Cool, I've been trying to figure out what this reminds me of, it seems like several games from the past, but I can't. Mist, Mist? Yeah, there's that came up, yeah. But some, I don't know the particularly the faux crowd sourcing thing, that. Yeah, I don't know I like it, I feel like if we ever reboot Last. Star Fighter, this is what the plot's gonna be. Oh. Just saying. I'm always thinking movie plots. Sorry, people. [LAUGH] Yeah. All right, can we talk about my superfluous space news? [LAUGH] Please? Please. This week in superfluous space news. Before we run out of time. So do you wanna do Hello Kitty first, or NASA dad? Yeah. Okay so Hello Kitty I. [LAUGH] This is one of those stories that came across my, hey, I love Hello Kitty. I love. Space, and it's a story about how they want to celebrate Hello Kitty's anniversary in Japan. I think it's the fortieth, as well as getting kids excited about satellites. I have a weird feedback, so if you hear me like with feedback, that's just extra spacey. Just pretend it's me in space. [LAUGH] Anyway, so you can send a message I think now til I think September. I'm not sure. It says in the article. That I wrote. [LAUGH] that you can send us all these messages, for Hello Kitty to, who's trapped in space by the way. This is the saddest video I've ever seen. And I don't know. I think those are our messages sending, to her to transmit in space. And all I keep thinking is, an alien race is gonna see this. They're gonna think Earth is nothing but cute cartoon cats and they're gonna invade and kill us all. That's what I think when I see this video And this music will be playing. This music is sad, it looks like she's trapped, like she's the last thing on Earth, and she can't get home. Like this is a sad little movie that should be made about Hello Kitty, dying in space alone with her teddy bear. Goodbye Kitty, [LAUGH] Goodbye Kitty. Oh, so long cat yeah. Goodbye kitty. I love it. Aww. Jeff, way to bring down the room. That's my job. It also reminds me of [INAUDIBLE] right. But anyway you can send messages and they'll pick up, one message a day to transmit through the satellite in Japan. And it can be in English or it can be in Japanese. But I just keep thinking yup, this is how we all die, is aliens find this message and think we're defenseless cats and they just come get us. And then the other story I, I wrote was the dad who built the NASA simulator for his two sons. He had already built a mission control desk, which I reported earlier- [COUGH] in the year. But this is to tie into the mission control desk, cuz he has two sons. So of course they each need something. So one of the sons can play in the simulator as an astronaut, and has all the buttons and bells and whistles and video, and all this great stuff. And it, he explains in the video how he built everything. It's it's one of those things too, where it's gonna make you hate your dad. Because your dad didn't build this for you. [LAUGH] So. Hey! My dad was a great cook. Okay? Yeah. So if you've got a dad that didn't build this don't blame him. Just, if you have kids now it's up to you to make this for them. Oh thanks. No pressure. [LAUGH] So no pressure. But now it's up to you like to make this. And Jeff Highsmith is ruining dads for everybody else. Because he's the best dad in the world. Cuz he built this amazing emulator. Yeah, he's making, did a how to on this because Yep! There's a how to, Making me look bad. Yep, there's a link that links you in the article that's from Made Magazine that's a full how to and there's a video that kind of speed through it Yeah. And he shows you all the little. The things that he did. But I mean he's got like a video from NASA of the Apollo space mission so his kids can reenact the Apollo space mission with- That's cool. All the problems that they had. [LAUGH] And there's like even a- In fact he used to have more kids. Yeah, it's just, I- [LAUGH] I feel like- One of them's lost [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGH] I feel like we should ship this dad to Australia, to start the- [LAUGH] NASA of Australia, cuz I think he could just can build all of it, cuz he's already . Made this, all these simulators. I feel like he's, he's gonna be the guy that saves us when the aliens attack cuz of the Hello Kitty messages. Does he have a job? 'Cause this looks like it took a lot of time right here. Yeah, I feel, I feel like he's one of those dads that never sleeps. He's a stay at home? Yeah. Like he's making all dads look bad. Anyway, if you wanna check it out or if you wanna make it yourself or if you live. By yourself, like me, and you just kinda want to have this in your living room to hang out in, then I highly recommend it. Oh my god. That's sop cool. Yeah, it's got all; the sound files. Look at all that. Look at all the bells and whistles. Oh my god. Yeah. Even the rocket sounds. Like, I'm waiting for his next video for make to be that he actually built a space ship that's going to space [LAUGH] With him and his kids. Now, Bonnie, this has a motorcycle helmet audio system. Yep. A robot arm and Yep. LEGO pieces, right? Oh my god. Yep. See? There's the robot, robot arm, so they can actually. Actually do payload deliveries, all that stuff. Look at that. Look at that video. The great irony of this is that it took him so much time to build it that he had to sacrifice three months worth of time [LAUGH] in reality. [CROSSTALK] You know what, I think. No, I think he's the kinda dad that has his kids help him build things. Like they probably all know how to make all those. Look at his kids are like freaking out. You can hear the squealing of joy, cuz the waste dump is actually a toilet. Found. They're happy that they can see their data again. Well no, wait. [INAUDIBLE] Waste stomp is a toilet sound, so every time they flick it, they call it Mr. Thirsty, because that's what the astronauts called the toilet, Mr. Thirsty. I know, it's great. That's also what they called it at space camp. Wow, the [INAUDIBLE] controller for the arm. Look at that. We should probably stop playing this video so we all. Stop feeling insecure. [LAUGH] About our craft. Look at that. I, I drew pictures with my daughter. Yeah. That was something, right? I know. Something. So do the welcome mat. Yeah. Oh, the welcome mat. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on, Jeff. Oh so there's this welcome mat. This is a real long discussion here. I saw a welcome mat online that I wanted to get. And it happened to be space related, so I figured I'd mention it. There's a link in the [INAUDIBLE] there you go. Oh look there it is. I actually want this thing. Only $15. I know, right? It's on thinkgeek, yeah? One small step. Yeah, thinkgeek, I just went ahead and told my mom, just get me gift cards, because that's pretty much all I'm going to buy. Aww, I love it. See, that's so much more cheerful than the Psycho shower curtain. Right. Yeah. [LAUGH] I feel like that's. That's-You learn something from that, as opposed to, maybe, training everyone to being serial killers. Maybe space is more- And then I can feel inadequate when I realize that my feet are smaller. Aw. When I, you know, whatever. [LAUGH] Lee is wearing a big moon boot. Yeah. Yeah, well. Who wears moon boots in the shower anymore? Oh, this is a welcome mat not a shower mat. Oh! I mean- You've never been there. Technically, it could be a shower mat. It'll be a second mission- In my, oh, I'm sorry. I thought it was like, the kind of a towel that you put right underneath by your bath when you come out of the shower. Think Geek, get on that. I want all- Oh, they, they- Space stuff for every room. Yea, they got tons of- Well, have you seen their shower set that's a- Oh. Star Trek transporter? Oh, yea, yea, yea. Yea, Yea. Oh, let me look for that. God, if only. Yea. Yea, its- It's got the curtain and the rug. It's amazing. Should I look at Showers? [LAUGH]. Star Trek- Yeah. Shower- Yea, just Goog- It's in the Home Section. Just Google it. Google Shower and Star Trek. See what images we get. Ok, let's see. [LAUGH] I wouldn't mind that board game- This is all Think Geek stuff. Mini Bridge, you know. Yeah. I'm not seeing the Shower Scene. Yes, Think Geek now has to send us everything, cause we mentioned them. I think we- [LAUGH] I think we have somebody to hit up- There, there, there, no. As a possible sponsor. The Grape Cast. Yea, really. Oh, yea. Steve's in good hands. I mean- Oh, did you see it? Or Steven, as we also call you. Yeah. [LAUGH]. That's right- There it is. There. Yea. Right here. Yea. Yea. Oh, my God. That's brilliant. Isn't that awesome? That's great. Curtains and drugs- Aw. [LAUGH] Yea That's great. And if you're late for work, you can just say it's Scotty's fault. Yep. That's brilliant. I love that. Yay, Think Geek. So, yea. Oh. I'm glad we did spacey stuff that was factual and also shower related. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Yes. I really feel like having some astronaut ice cream right now. I know. Well, you actually have some, right? Did you bring it? No. Oh. Oh. I may have eaten it. You know, that is something I do want to ask astronauts. If they actually eat that stuff in space, or we've been lied to this whole time just because someone made that by accident and they just called it astronaut ice cream. [CROSSTALK] They totally eat it, they totally do, cuz the other astronaut stuff is terrible. Yeah? So you got the astronaut ice cream, you got me. I don't know. Next time I meet an a, next time I see Buzz Aldrin, I'm gonna ask him about that. Cuz I'm not gonna ask him about the moon landing. Cuz he always gets asked about that. I'm gonna ask about hey, is that ice cream thing for real? [LAUGH] Hey, What's your favorite Tang flavor? [LAUGH] Aw. Crave writer Amanda Kuzer comments that she has that doormat. Oh. [CROSSTALK] Cool. Okay. Great minds thinking alike there. Yeah. Excellent. Did we? Did we cover? Did we cover all the space news were were supposed to today? I think we have. All right. We did. We did. Were we working on any other spacey stuff? On our way out the door here? Aaah, I am actually gonna see if I can do an interview with someone from NASA about questions they never get asked. Like, Wow Yeah, and I, and I think that, that's something that we need to cover, and I only have a couple of contacts at NASA so I just want to book them. So I'm gonna see if they'll do a crave interview of bizarre questions that aren't necessarily factually stimulating [LAUGH] for anyone studying space but just curiosity type stuff, This is great. no pun intended. Yeah. [LAUGH] Buh, buh, buh. Oh, for those of you who use IFTTT [LAUGH] Oh, I love it. If this, then that, it's an automation. Sort of service for free that you can use. They just recently got a space channel that combines info from NASA and some other sources that I haven't heard of. And it'll tell you things like, you know you can, you can have it push a notification when the season changes on Mars or every time the ISS posts an update. Its It's eating up a lot of data on my phone right now cuz it's so fascinating. It's pretty cool. So, you might want to check that out. Yeah. Oh, and I did want to mention, I think SETI was down for a while cuz of all the wildfires. So again, Hello Kitty messages may be the way we contact each other. Thank goodness, yes. Well, while SETI's slacking off, go ahead and go over to the Hello Kitty page. But I would appreciate if people comment on the article of what messages they would like to send, keep it clean. But yeah, I would like to, and not make it be mean about me, but. Yeah, no troll messages. Hello Kitty doesn't like trolls or yeah. I'd like to see Michelle again before we go cause she's from Australia and that's really exciting. Yeah, Michelle. Hi. And it's 5 a.m there, so everyone should tweet at her. I'm so touched to, to join us. And you forgot to show your cat when we were talking about Hello Kitty. I feel like that was the perfect moment to show your cat, but your cat probably knew that. Well, she, she left. Yea. Yea. Cat. Yea. She got bored. Well- Cats for you. [LAUGH] Or really quickly, before we go, I want to give a quick shout out for folks to look for my, Toad the Wet Sprocket interview. also, it's pretty, probably the only Toad the Wet Sprocket interview on CNET. If you search for that. In the actual interview the lead singer talks quite a bit about space stuff. He actually did a solo album called Secrets of the New Explorers. It is a privatized space exploration themed concept album and and I highly recommend you check it out. And if you join the space elevator consortium, you will get a free copy of it and they're having their conference next week in Seattle. So that's all the space elevator news you needed to know. But that album is really crazy. There's songs about like space elevators and solar flares, and. Privatized space travel. So anyway, check it out. This really is, this really is a 90's podcast right now. Eric also, Eric also did a post about what it was like interviewing this guy from which I learned that Eric actually loves the lead singer of Toad the Wet Sprocket. Almost as much as I love extra solar. Aw. I love Toad the Wet Sprocket. You know what, I saw them live in the 90's and I loved them. Me too. I was never a fan then I saw them live and I was like I"m a fan now. Yeah, I think I saw them with Barenaked Ladies or something. I love that band. Yeah, Toad the Wet Sprocket is great. Good for them. I'm glad that they're doing spacey stuff too. There back, yes, Yay. so yeah, that's the crave cat for today, thanks everyone today for joining us. We'll do it again next month. Thanks to Michelle Star for, again for joining us all the way from Australia. And for funny Burton, Kelsey Adams, Jeff Sparkman, and Steven Beacham, I'm Eric Mack cnet.com/crave. It's the place to go for spacey news and more. We'll see you next time. [MUSIC]

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