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Gadgets: Harmon Kardon GPS-810

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Gadgets: Harmon Kardon GPS-810

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The Harman Kardon GPS-810 is a unique in-car GPS device, and Brian Cooley had a chance to play with it.

^M00:00:01 [ Music ] ^M00:00:02 >> Hey folks, Brian Cooley from CNET Car Tech and of course we see a lot of navigation units, both the ones that are built into the dashboards and a whole lot of PND's as they call them, portable or personal navigation devices. Here's one from Harman Kardon; it's got a couple of new tricks you may not have seen before, one of which for sure I think is gonna surprise you and it's over here. Now that is controlling the navigation unit; as you see I've got a ring I can turn, I've got a press button right in the middle and I've got these four compass buttons around the perimeter here that let me go up, down, left, right and choose features that are on the screen. This is a wirelessly connected controller. This guy here gives you the ability to have your hands nearby and the Nav unit where ever it needs to be on the dash to get the ergonomics just so. Plus it's a fund toy to play with. On the bottom right of the screen I have a tab called source. If I hit the right button on the controller that corresponds to that--and there we go; there are my various sources. You can load up music on this onto an SD card up to 8 gigabytes on that one; here's photos, there's videos and of course the all-popular Bluetooth hands free mode; this is also a Bluetooth hands free rig for your Bluetooth compatible phone. Now there I'm playing a song, and this does have built-in speakers but you're gonna wanna use either the FM transmitter or a patch cord to go Aux out to Aux in in your dashboard. Now if go back to navigation now while the music's playing--check this out, I've got my route on the screen and on the bottom I have my basic information of the audio or the media I'm playing. Now while I'm in my routing I also can flip back and forth from main screen routes, bottom tab media; hit that and I go the other way around. There are a lot of other features going on here including live traffic through what's called TMC which uses clear channel FM transmitters in all the major Metros around the country; different than XM Nav traffic, there's no fee you pay. This guy's about 600 bucks, that's list, I'm sure you'll find it for less on the street; and it's called the GPS 810. Just came out top of November. I'm Brian Cooley. Thanks for joining us for a quick look at this new navigation unit from Harman Kardon. ^M00:02:02 [ Music ] ^M00:02:05

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