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First Look: Hands-on with Samsung's Milk Music
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First Look: Hands-on with Samsung's Milk Music

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A new online radio service that promises 200 curated stations, no ads, no login.

I'm Dan Ackerman and we are taking a first look at Samsung's Milk Music that is a new streaming music service that works on Samsung devices. It's free, doesn't require a login, you just download it and you start playing. It's a radio style service, kind of like Pandora or iTunes Radio. It's got 200 curated stations with 13 million songs. The back end is actually from Slacker, an existing radio service, but the interface and how you interact with it is all new in all Samsung and that's what makes it a little bit unique. It starts with this gigantic jog wheel over here and you can move your finger along the outside of the jog wheel and very quickly jump between the 200 stations. Then if you put your finger on the inside of the jog wheel, you get a much more sort of fine tune control where you can just go station by station like this, along the outer wheel here, you can have up to 9 genres at a time. You can actually adjust that by going into the menu here and you go to customize dial, and then I can say I don't want country on my dial but I want, you know, Land, and then if you go back then you'll see that the wheel itself has changed and you get access to these stations instead. If you want a quicker view, there's a little pull down here and you can go through all the different stations that are available on your jog wheel, you know, jazz has like nine stations but rock has like twenty, so like [unk] for example, you can find, you know, deeper flexes of music in some genres rather than others. Of course, I never find exactly what I'm looking for, so I went and created this station. For instance there was no bossa nova station, so I went and created one by entering a couple of names. I can edit it here and add more artist in my station and then we'll create a station that's based on that kind of like Pandora does when you enter a song or an artist or a genre. Here you can do artist and songs but not genres. By default it names my station after the first artist I picked but I went in and edited that and just turned into a bossa nova station and we can find that by going up here to My Stations and you'll find it right there it is. So, each station lets you do six skips per hour and that's per station. So, if you're going out of skips on one station, you could just skip for another and you get another six and the first one resets after an hour. And each station has a series of controls where-- those are right down here, you swipe up from the bottom of the screen. So, one feed here will switch between more popular songs and less popular songs that you want more sort of like album cuts versus hot singles and it will adjust the mix. Newer songs versus older ones. The slide here just call it new but it really means newer songs here, older songs here, and of course favorites if you pick a song to favorite and you can tag any songs you hear as favorites. You'll here them either more often or less often. Obviously you have to pick a bunch of favorites in order for that slider to have a lot to do. So, the positive for the unusually named Milk Music where you can get around this big genre wheel, this jog wheel very quickly, that's kind of cool and it access a lot of music fast, it's free to use and there's no ads to get indicational promo spot for Slacker but that's really about it. The catch is it's only for people who have certain Samsung devices like the Galaxy 4, the upcoming Galaxy 5, the Note 3, the Note 4, the S4 Mini, basically any of the current Samsung devices this will work on. You download it through the Google Playstore but if you have another kind of phone, you're just gonna have to use another music service. So, I'm Dan Ackerman and that is Milk Music from Samsung.

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