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CES 2012: Hands on the Line 6 Mobile Keys

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CES 2012: Hands on the Line 6 Mobile Keys

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Bridget Carey tickles the ivory (not real ivory) on the Line 6 Mobile Keys.

Hi. I'm Brigitte Carey with CNET here at the ShowStoppers event in Las Vegas with the 1st look at the (??) viewing here. It's called Mobile Keys by company called Line 6. And what it is, is a very portable easy solution that's completely powered by a bus to this iPad here. This is the 1st keyboard that's completely bus powered. So what that means is that if you wanna have a jam session on the go, this is a really easy solution. And here we have a 49 key model that is a $199 and it's connected to this iPod running garage band. They also have it connected to the speaker here because you wanna be able to hear it but you could connect this to headphones and just have your own personal jam session. There's also a smaller model on the side here that's 29 keys for 149 and here it's connected to an iPhone. This works on any IOS device or even a Mac or PC and works with the wide range of software. So although garage band is on here now, it can be pro tools or it could be something that is as simple as the keyboard learning program for kids. There's a wide range of what you could do with this. It's the company that also made something for guitars called (Line in?). It just came out in December. This company also makes devices for the guitar. Just this last month they have a device called (Mogul?) and also by line fixed and it is the interface for your guitar that just does all the cool effects for you and it plugs right into an IOS device as well. The Mobile Keys are scheduled to come out in February for cnet.com. I'm Brigitte Carey at ShowStoppers in Las Vegas.

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