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Hands-on Sony HDR PJ760, a camcorder with a projector: CES 2012

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Picking the Fitbit that's right for you
2:21 May 6, 2016
Looking for a fitness tracker? CNET's Dan Graziano breaks down which Fitbit you should buy.
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How to back up Android SMS messages to Gmail
1:02 May 6, 2016
Here is how Android users can back up important SMS and MMS messages to Gmail with a simple app.
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The future of the Internet of Things with Intel's Bridget Karlin (Tomorrow Daily 360)
42:43 May 5, 2016
We deep dive into that floating pod house, drone "fireworks" shows and IBM's quantum computing experiment. Also, we welcome Intel's...
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Sonorous III headphones boast understated design and sweet tonal response
1:57 May 5, 2016
The Final Audio Design Sonorous III headphones exceeded our expectations for comfort and audio quality and serve as an excellent introduction...
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Siri's original creators are launching a Siri killer
1:04 May 5, 2016
Viv is a virtual assistant with the kind of artificial intelligence a lot of the current voice assistants are missing.
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Tim Cook: The iPhone 7 will give us "things we can't live without"
6:06 May 5, 2016
Apple Music and iTunes are getting a revamp, the Apple Watch is just getting started, and Phil Schiller teaches us Apple grammar rules.
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Hacker gives away millions of email passwords for a few compliments
2:40 May 5, 2016
A mountain of password credentials were traded online for free, and now major email providers are scrambling to notify people impacted....
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Connected features outshine cooking in this Samsung oven
1:52 May 5, 2016
The Samsung NE58K9850WG slide-in range has built-in Wi-Fi that lets you control your oven for your phone. Unfortunately, the appliance's...
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